Travel Wish List

With everyone jetting off on holidays to far-flung lands and coming back tanned and full of stories about their adventures, I've been getting very jealous. With the rain lashing the windows this weekend, it's hardly felt like summer, and it's giving me the itch to go on a holiday. Sadly, time and budget won't allow for another holiday this year (we're off to Iceland in October) but a girl can dream, right?

Croatia and Montenegro





Montenegro is described as a 'Balkan gem', whilst Croatia has been a popular holiday destination for years as a different way to explore and enjoy the Mediterranean.  The natural, rugged beauty of the area, combined with the stunning architecture and rich heritage makes this a definite winner. Sometimes I look up little apartments to stay in, and gasp at the beautiful views out over the sea or the quaint little buildings.  I'd love to do a mini road trip - incorporating stops at Hvar, Split, Dubrovnik and somewhere in Montenegro so I can get a feel for the whole area. I'm not really one for lying around on a sun lounger, so I like holidays where there's lots to see and do, and where the food is fresh and delicious. Croatia and Montenegro definitely tick off all my must-haves in a holiday, so I've got my eye on fulfilling this travel wish next year. Watch this space.

Tulum, Mexico



To me, Tulum sounds like paradise. My interest was piqued by Gem's post about her Mexican travels earlier in the year, and ever since I've been obsessively looking up flight prices, find accommodation and planning what sights I want to see. Sadly, it's rather out of the budget for us right now, but as soon as I can afford it, I'm ready for the holiday of a lifetime. Sunbathing on sugary sands, dipping my toes into tropical waters, admiring Mayan ruins and gorging myself on gorgeous Mexican food. Pure heaven. Plus, I really, really want to stay in this pink house.

pink house


Boston, USA 



Maybe not one for a summer holiday, but I've been wanting to go to Boston for years. Something just appeals to me about the city - the red brick buildings, wonderful accent, the rich history, the autumnal colours (I know that's only in autumn, but can you think of Boston at any other time of year?). I want to watch a baseball game, take a trip to Harvard (can you do that?) and stuff myself silly with lobster. Or any kind of seafood really. Paul is much more of a New York lover, and is desperate to go, so hopefully we can combine the two and both get our way!

Edinburgh, Scotland 



I'm a little bit obsessed with Edinburgh at the moment. After a long weekend in early 2012, I totally fell in love with the city. The quaint little pubs in the Old Town, the stunning Georgian architecture in the New Town. All the mussels, and the whisky and the beautiful steaks. Plus, you know, that little arts festival that happens every year (one of my friends once saw Germaine Greer queuing for a show. I die.). Edinburgh is a city after my own heart, and, as much as I love Leeds, I think I would move there in a heartbreak - freezing temperatures and all - should the opportunity arise. But, until that point, we're planning another long weekend early next year and I've compiled a little list of apartments to stay in. I'm excited already!




Maria, the lovely Swedish girl who sits next to me at work, has totally convinced me that I need to be visiting Sweden. My obsession with Scandinavia will not be sated by a simple trip to Iceland later in the year, I already want more. Sweden is super hot on social justice, and the more Maria tells me, the more I want to go there. The pictures are beautiful, the people are lovely. I literally think I might move there, and I've never even been before. I'd love to go and celebrate Midsummer with floral garlands and general merriment, and more than anything in the world I want to go to a crayfish party.

Which places make your travel wish list?