The Happy List

smiling dog


I'm sure many of you know the pain of doing a dissertation. Some of you may even share the pain of doing a dissertation whilst also working a full time job. Fewer of you, but there still may be some, will probably know the agony of doing a dissertation, a full time job and running a blog on the side. It sucks, doesn't it? I'm pretty glad I don't have kids at the moment, because I think that's the only thing that would tip me over the edge - working mums in education, I salute you! Either way, I am a bit miserable with it. Sitting inside all weekend, working 10 hour days whilst the sun is shining, people are barbecuing and then not even being able to stay out late and party because I have to get up the next day and do it all again? Truly sucks. It makes me anxious and stressed, so I am snippy with Paul, headachy with bad skin and generally not that much fun to be around. So, instead of wallowing (which is fine, and I do indulge in on occasion) I am writing a happy list, to remind me that things are not so bad after all. This too shall pass, as my grandmother always says, and I will be free to enjoy the fruits of my labour in no time at all.

So, on to the list!

1. My little family 

Paul is ace. I know everyone thinks their boyfriend is the best, otherwise you wouldn't have chosen him as your boyfriend (hopefully) but Paul is definitely best for me. He supports me even when I'm grumpy and no fun because of stress, which I really appreciate. On top of that, the cat might hate me right now, but she is super cute. The other day she hugged her own tail. It was adorbs.

2. The work of Joss Whedon

Whilst he's not perfect, Joss Whedon's work is generally pretty awesome. Buffy totally taught me to be a bad-ass feminist, and rewatching it recently just reminds me of how good this show is. It really is the bomb-diggidy. Plus, I've started watching Firefly which is also pretty great. At the end of the long day, it's nice to switch off and unwind with a show which doesn't infuriate my feminist/leftie sensibilities too much. Yes, I know I'm bourgeois and pretentious.

3. Leeds Loves Food

I've got a jam-packed schedule full of exciting things to do in the next week, most of which are because of Leeds Loves Food. What a great idea - just celebrating the amazing diversity of food we have in this fair city by putting on lots of offers and events. All culminating, of course, in the big show at Millennium Square - a must-visit this weekend for those that are around.

4. A crisp glass of Pinot Grigio

Betraying my ultra-middle class sensibilities here, but I am partial to a Pinot Grigio, and a really cold, crisp glass of wine does make me happy.

5. Twitter

It's shallow and silly, but Twitter makes me pretty happy. Sometimes it enrages me, but I like being able to keep up with everything and everyone at any time of day. Having little snippets of conversation with lots of people is fun, and I like the connection it brings. I know that people bemoan the modern world for alienating us, but I've met some ace people online and they brighten up my day.

6. Sunshine

Even if I can't go out in it, it still makes me happy to see the sun streaming in through the window. It finally seems to be summer now (fingers crossed) and hopefully I'll get to enjoy it a little more before it goes away.

7. Really good books

I'm a literary snob (this list really isn't painting me in the best light, is it?), I'll admit it. But when a book is so perfectly crafted that it literally takes my breath away (Ian McEwan, I'm looking at you), it brings me the most exquisite joy. I actually like really dark books, which shouldn't make me happy - but the fact that they exist and are so brilliant brings me joy.

8. Lovetub Sticky Toffee Pudding

I've not got much to say about this one apart from that it is entirely delicious. Go get one.

9. Suffragettes

Bad-ass women who said 'no' to the man? During the Victorian times?! And fought the police in those ridiculous dresses?!? And never gave up, and supported each other, and started the sisterhood thing, and just generally were incredible and inspiring?!?! Thinking about it makes me happy. It also reminds me of all the fabulous feminist people in my life, and how they all carry that spirit now, which totally makes me extra happy.

10. The Classical Mean Girl tumblr

I've linked to this before, but I think it bears repeating that this is really the greatest thing that the Internet has ever brought me. Better than Lil Bub, better than Ryan Gosling not eating his cereal. Better than everything else ever created. It combines my love of Tina Fey's cult classic with my love of the ancient world, and it reminds me of some really awesome times with my Classics buddies at Uni. Like the time I taught Froma Zeitlin to use a Dyson Airblade and then had free sushi. It was the best.

See? There's not much to be sad and anxious and stressed about after all.