Weekend Link Love



This has been a strange week, hasn't it? Super sunny bank holiday lounging on Monday right through to a rainy day on Saturday. It's not all bad though - I went out for Turkish/Greek food last night, and stuffed my face full of halloumi. I've also started watching Firefly this week, and I think I might like it - even though I was originally only watching it so Paul would let me watch Buffy Season 3. Joss Whedon really is a genius, isn't he? So are all these lovely people:

  • How incredible does this trip to South Africa look? Let's all go next summer!
  • The Guardian Northerner blog has a great list of food clubs in the North for you to check out, and if you're looking for a supper club in London, why not try GrubClub to find a pop-up restaurant near you?
  • I've been waiting to get my hands on the recipe for Turkish Bean Stew (Kuru Fasulye) ever since my friend Sezan first cooked it for me. Now she's started a wittyly named food blog I can relive the joy of our student kitchen dinner parties.
  • The Bloggess officially wins the Internet. She kindled my love for Wil Wheaton, made me shout 'where's your goddamn twine, Nathan Fillion' whilst I'm watching Firefly, and her blog has made me cry (in a good way, kind of) more times than I can remember.  Her Rules for Life are some of the most sensible you'll ever see - and the most silly.
  • Do you remember how I'm obsessed with 'Girls'? Well, now I'm obsessed with these open letters to the characters of the show, written by the fabulous Kelly Williams Brown of Adulting fame.
  • Be careful where you post your number, this might happen!
  • In case you didn't hear the biggest news of the Internet this week, I'll tell you - Allie Brosh is back, with this incredible post about depression which made me laugh and cry and just have so many feels, which is ironic given the subject of the post. Either way, I'm glad she's back. And 4,000 comments is less than a day tells me that I'm not the only one.
  • These loaded cheddar hot dogs look the bomb-diggidy. Let's all stuff our faces with them and watch trashy movies.