Weekend Link Love



How was your week? I've been walking puppies and stressing over choosing a kitten, baking even more banana bread, sipping Pimms in a beer garden and enjoying the sunshine on a run around Roundhay Park. What larks! Plus, there was all this lovely stuff to keep me entertained:

  • I love these 100 Rules of Dinner - I can't pick a favourite, just read and learn them all! 
  • Salads on a stick - everything is better served on a stick, no?
  • Another reason why I should be allowed a cat. That, and the fact that my newly decorated front room has the perfect little cat nook. Damn you rented accommodation!
  • The Disapproval Matrix - lovers, haters, frenemies and critics - who is it who's commenting on you and your work, and should you care?
  • Do you live in Leeds and love barbecue food and street food and helping people? Of course you do - otherwise you wouldn't be reading this blog! Consider chucking a few quid the way of Crowder Barbecue and help two guys acheive their smokey meaty dreams!
  • A simple flow chart to help you navigate the murky waters of dating a friend's ex.
  • A brilliant post on Gwyneth Paltrow's self confidence by Rachel.
  • Another plea for your cash, but an admirable one. My sister's friend Hazel is raising money for Hospice in the Weald by shaving off her hair - a bold move for a 16 year old. You can sponsor her here.
  • I'm a Hermione fan-girl and this just proves that she is the best kick-ass heroine in Hollywood. As an aside, if I ever have a daughter I am calling her Hermione and I don't care what anyone thinks.