The 'No Homers' Burger Club

For as long as we've lived in Chapel Allerton, we've been trying to squeeze into Further North bar. A tiny, achingly cool bar just a few minutes walk from our flat - a drink in this bar has so far eluded us. Always packed to the rafters, there's never been enough space - no matter what time of day we went. But, stressed and tired after a long day working on my dissertation, I resolved that Sunday night would be the night. We would go to Further North bar, and we would eat at their Burger Club - a collaboration with the delightful Sunshine Bakery just a few doors down, where fresh, juicy burgers are brought round for you to enjoy with your beer.

We got half way there. We made it into the bar. We ordered a drink. We even managed to get a table eventually. But when, at 7 o'clock we went up to order our burgers, we were informed that the kitchen had shut early, so there were no burgers to be had. Darn! Foiled at the last hurdle!

And so we finished our drinks, went home (via Tesco) and had our own burger club! The photo quality is poor because we were hungry and didn't want to whip out the fancy camera, but trust me when I say that it was all delicious - home-made burgers (recipe coming soon!), home-made chips with Nando's sprinkles, crunchy salad and coleslaw. All washed down with a local beer for Paul, and a vanilla vodka with vanilla coke for me. Because I'm classy.

homemade burgers saltaire beer vanilla vodka and coke

It might not have been the evening that we planned, but we feasted like kings anyway - and we got to watch the BAFTAs whilst we ate, so there's that. I'm still hoping to get into the Further North burger club some time soon, but if you are as unlucky as us, remember that the 'No Homers' burger club is always open for business!