Introducing... Tuna Fey

tunafey1 tunafey2 tunafey3So, remember how we got a cat? Here she is! Her name is Tuna Fey; we went through so many celebrity puns for that one - runners-up include Kitney Spears, Uma Furman and Cindy Clawford. But, in homage to my love of both Mean Girls, 30 Rock and Tina Fey's general badassery, Tuna Fey was the eventual winner. She is beautiful - a mix of ginger, tortoiseshell and tabby.

But, she hates me. She's very timid, hiding under the sofa or in a box for the most part. Paul can just about coax her out (using parma ham and sirloin steak, she's fancy) and when it's sunny she happily sunbathed in front of our big window, hence why Paul managed to get these photos. But, when I'm around she runs away. Boo. We're working on getting her braver, and she's not even lived here a week yet, so I've got my fingers crossed that it won't last! Anyone who's had a timid cat - any tips?