Bank Holiday Sunshine

Shall we all just be massive cliches and chat about how good the weather was on Monday, shall we? Let's throw in a quick moan about how the sunshine seems to have abandoned these shores as well, just for good measure. But it really was beautiful on Monday, wasn't it? And it really sucks that it's rainy now, doesn't it?

It is at least considerate of the sun to show up on a Bank Holiday, so we weren't all cooped up in our offices on the first truly warm day of the year. I managed to escape the clutches of my dissertation just long enough to enjoy the late afternoon sun in Roundhay Park, and it was truly glorious. England is so pretty in the sunshine. Leeds is even pretty in the sunshine, would you believe it?

roundhay park

Moments like this are pure perfection. Easy, simple, no pretention. Drinking ready-mixed G&T from a can, sitting on dustsheets and eschewing style in favour of comfort. It's not glamorous, but it is fun. Relaxing. Life-affirming.

Sometimes I wonder whether we're living in the golden time of our life - that this little family that we've built from a mishmash of people who come from farflung places cannot last. Call me a pessimist, which is not usually something I can call myself, but things have got to change, haven't they? As people move away, marry, have children, the group dynamic will shift. A bit like the last episode of Friends, we will hand in our keys and swear to stay in touch - but will we?


It doesn't really bear thinking about. For now, it feels perfect. So we bask in the sun, dissect the dating efforts of single members of the group and marvel at the efforts of the BMF-ers jogging through the park. Oh, and coo over this gorgeous dog who was sitting nearby.

great dane roundhaypark2Utter bliss.