Weekend Link Love



What a week, you guys! I had a gorgeous evening out on Friday munching on Japanese food, and then spent the whole day yesterday painting our front room. There's still a way to go to get it how we want (tell me where to get nice cushions!) but I'm so happy with how the decorating is going. Magnolia is really the worst, am I right? There's also been a cake party, and I beat my personal best at Park Run. Whew! And I still had time to read all of these bad boys:

  • Big Bang Theory and Sexism - not sure I agree with the whole article, but definitely something to think about. 
  • Emma interviews the inspiring Bangs and A Bun - loved the point that high school hierarchy doesn't dictate the rest of your life - the popular, pretty girls don't get to win everything forever, there's space for everyone in the real world.
  • Some awesome non-awesome real-life social media updates from Yes and Yes's fantastic readers. A someone who has spent a large part of the weekend curled up on an uncomfortable desk chair trying to get through a dissertation, whilst Paul paints the front room - I appreciate the mundane.
  • If you don't read Eat the Damn Cake, you are a damn fool, it's pure brilliance. I loved this post on 'the things men say about women in front of other women' (You guys, this is totally why I was annoyed about you 'rating' female athletes during the Olympics. Take note.)
  • I make no secret of my desire to own a cat, but maybe this will finally persuade my landlord that having one is beneficial to my health - 9 exercises you can do with your cat.
  • Essential advice for life: 7 ways to look better in photographs
  • Fat-shaming is real. A lesson in never straying into the comments. And in how badass Chloe Angyal is.