Weekend Link Love


Iceland: Rainbow Volcano by vicmontol

Hello dear readers, how are you all? This week has been quite gorgeous, although tainted with a lot of political rage over the 'reforms' which have been happening. How does one go about changing the world, because knowing that would be really quite handy right now? However, I did have some time off work, which was lovely and refreshing, and meant that I could power through a whole load of academic stuff and some blogging as well. Plus, yesterday I took a trip to the Amazing Grace street food festival in Headingley. I am really excited about the 'street food revolution' that we seem to be experiencing at the moment, and I am totally psyched for this year's Leeds Loves Food Festival as a result! On top of that, we also booked our holiday to Iceland - hence the gorgeous photo of at the top of this here post. What larks it as all been. The Internet did not disappoint, of course:

  • Dear Ryan Gosling, Please Don't Leave Us. My sentiments exactly.
  • Do you have a self-hosted wordpress blog? Check out Sarah's list of her favourite plugins (Editorial Calendar has changed.my.life.)
  • I'm definitely going to be making Rachel's Green Eggs and Ham recipe for brunch some time soon! I also sampled Rosie's Broccoli and Pine Nut Pasta this week and it was dee-licious, great for a quick, easy and cheap supper.
  • A different Rachel considers the effect of cameras on our narcissism, and how the endless documentation of our lives via photography shapes our experiences, this week's definite must-read...Pics or It Didn't Happen:

    "It’s only when somebody whips a camera out that I become suddenly conscious that my body could be more willowy, my face more beautiful, my outfits more exactingly put together."

  • This is cool: What Should I Read Next. Type in your favourite book and you'll get a list of suggestions of similar stuff to read - I'm not sure that Sharon Osborne's autobiography is *that* similar to The Color Purple, but it also suggested Margaret Atwood and Maya Angelou, so I'm satisfied!
  • A very brave and thought-provoking post from Hollie-Anne - What It Feels Like To Be Infertile 
  • The 25 Least Visited Countries In The World - Interesting, for sure - but I still don't think that I'll be putting Somalia or North Korea on my 'must-visit' list any time soon!
  • I am totally inspired to make homemade falafel!
  • As I become more of a foodie, and my blog follows suit, reading about other food writers and trying to do it better is my new hobby - this Q&A with Nigella Lawson is just lovely!