Things I Didn't Write About This Week



Between a full-time job, a Masters degree, and a blog, I don't always have time to write about everything I want to. So here's a quick rundown of everything I would have liked to write about this week, but didn't. Enjoy!

1. Margaret Thatcher

Anyone that knows me, knows how I feel about Margaret Thatcher. They also know that I am not one to keep my mouth shut about my political views. But, in this case, there is too much to say, and already too many voices in the melee - I'm not going to change anyone's mind with a simple blog post (at least not this time around), so I'm keeping schtum.

2. Rocky Road Brownies

They were demolished before I got a chance to take pictures so I need to rebake them before I share the joy with you! Hopefully I'll be rustling up a batch on Sunday.

3. My Dissertation Research

I was going to use this blog to publicise my research survey - but I've already had 350 replies (I was hoping for 100!) so I don't think I need to anymore. However, if you do read feminist blogs, and you like filling in surveys (me too - let's be friends) you can find it right over here.

4. Gaining Body Confidence

I've been musing over this topic for a while now, and I definitely think I have something to share. The topic of body confidence, however, is a very fraught and delicate one, so I hope that I can continue working on it and come back with something bigger and better. If something's worth doing, it's worth doing right, is it not?

5. That Dove Advert

Because the truly fantastic Kate already said exactly what I was going to (but she did it better than I could).