Making A Baby Blanket

Like all twee lifestyle bloggers, I am a big fan of knitting. I learnt to knit from my grandmother (don't we all?) and she was incredible at it. Where I would sit, tongue stuck out in concentration and making progress at a glacial pace, she would be able to have a conversation, watch the telly and make a pot roast, all whilst her needles clicked quickly together and created something perfect. Where my knitted items were wonky and holey, hers were neat and perfectly formed.


I like to think that since those days I have improved. I can still only knit things that go in straight lines (blankets and scarves are my forte) but I am quicker and neater every time I give it a go. My aim this year was to complete more creative projects, and since knitting is one of the only creative things I am in any way proficient at, it seemed best to start there. With all of Paul's friends popping out babies all over the joint, a baby blanket seemed as good a project as any to get my teeth into, so, fired up with inspiration from Elise's post on the subject, I set to and bought a big pile of wool.

Although the process was pretty simple - one row knit, one row purl until the wool ran out - I actually ended up making two blankets. One was a trial run, which turned out a bit too narrow for what I was hoping for. It was all a bit trial and error the first time around, so I adjusted my 'pattern' and went back in with three new balls of wool and the second time was perfect!


I used three balls of Sirdar Supersoft Aran Baby Yarn (Cream, Pretty Pink and Pretty Blue) and a 5mm circular needle (80 cm long). I'd not used a circular needle before, but it was *such* a good idea - it meant that I could knit the whole blanket in one go, without having to stitch anything together. I just cast on 120 stitches, and then knitted and purled until the wool ran out! Nothing more complicated than that. Such an easy and fun project, which made sitting in front of the television every night slight more productive! And it's new owner seems to like it:


What a cutie pie, am I right? I would love to do take on more knitting projects, perhaps even ones which don't end up as blankets and scarves, so any suggestions would be much appreciated!