Five Minutes and Fifty Years Away

This weekend, we took the long and arduous journey down South (and back again) in order to celebrate the birthdays of my mother and brother - both of whom claimed to be 21 last week. Amongst the cake, the brownies, the presents and the chaos - I stumbled across some wonderful pictures of my grandparents, which I hope they won't mind me sharing with you.


I love the romance of old photos, particularly ones of your own family. People you know and love, but in a way you've never seen them before. My grandparents have always been just that, my grandparents - but they had a whole life before I came along that I can only imagine. They have lived through a world war, through great political upheaval, through the greatest and fastest social change that the world has ever seen. From a world full of rationing and rockabilly, to iPhones and Internet.

Originally from Halifax, they fell in love as teenagers and have been inseparable since. They were married by 21, and parents not soon after. When they were about the same age as me, they too lived in Leeds - in Horsforth. As the parents of two children, and homeowners, their lives were probably entirely different from the life I live here in Leeds, five minutes and fifty years away.

Although, that being said - couldn't these two be fashion bloggers, living in hipster Chapel Allerton and obsessing over supper clubs?


I have always been incredibly proud of my grandparents. They have never seemed old to me - they have a more active social life than me, and are always rushing around volunteering, directing plays, writing novels, hosting luncheons and shooting off for holidays left, right and centre. Three children, six grandchildren, countless friends and almost sixty years of marriage. It's not bad going, eh?

grandparents3I can only hope to live such a varied and rich life, full of love and laughter. But right now, I just can't get over how stylish my grandparents were at my age - I really need to step up my game!