The Great British Bread-and-Butter-Pudding Off

I am a competitive person. I admit that it is not my most attractive quality, but if you've ever seen my family play games at Christmas, you'll know that we all hate to lose. But I do know where my strengths lie - I could beat you in a spelling bee, but certainly not in any kind of sports-based challenge. Cooking, however? That's something I'm proud to be (pretty) good at.

So when I was challenged to a bread-and-butter-pudding-off by my good friend Stu, I was feeling pretty confident. This was something I could win - but I wasn't about to get complacent. So I rolled up my sleeves, and got stuck in to the Guardian's recipe for the perfect bread and butter pudding - tweaking as I went.

There were sacrifices along the way...

breadandbutter1But his death was for a noble cause. There was cinammon, freshly grated nutmeg, a real vanilla pod, rum (instead of brandy), brioche, all that good stuff. I couldn't lose.

breadandbutter2The panel of judges were primed and ready:

breadandbutter4 breadandbutter6And after a tense, and rather comical, blind taste test, the results were announced.

Remember how I said I couldn't lose?

Well... I lost.

To this pudding:

breadandbutter3And to this face:


And that, boys and girls, is a lesson in hubris. Stu went for the Mary Berry recipe, which had orange zest and dried cranberries in - and I'll admit, it was delicious. Damn cranberries.

Next time, I shall not fail.