A Walk In The Park

I am not, nor have ever been, a sun worshipper. I am quite content indoors, thank you very much, and when the sun is scorching, there's a lot of pressure to be outside. The grass is itchy, there are bugs, and I burn rather than tan. Inside there is Internet connection, and comfortable seating, and temperature control. But I do love the sunshine - which is why spring is my perfect season; who can resist the first few rays peaking out behind the clouds? It's been a long, dark, damp winter and so when the sun finally begins to shine, you've got to seize the opportunity whilst you can.


When I lived in the South, I wasn't bothered about the outdoors. But something has happened to me whilst I've lived in Leeds - rather than dreaming of penthouses and city living, I'm yearning for Hunters, a wax jacket and a beagle curled up in front of the fire. So a romp in Roundhay Park in the crisp sunshine sounded pure perfection.


There is a lot of urban sprawl here in Leeds, and the towers and industrial estates can't necessarily be described as picturesque. I love this city, but having grown up in the Home Counties where every drive into town is lined with rolling fields and market stalls selling strawberries at the side of the road, the concrete and the traffic gets me down a bit.

So what a joy to have the beauty that is Roundhay Park right on our doorstep. A five minute drive, if that, and you can wander around duck-filled lakes, run across green pastures and pine after all of the gorgeous dogs let off their leashes. And after all that? You can snuggle in an armchair next to the fire at the Roundhay Fox, a gin and tonic in hand and excellent company to well, accompany you. Who can say better than that, eh?

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