Happy Anna Howard Shaw Day!

anna howard shaw dayAmazing print by Allie Fraley

Anyone who knows me will tell you that not only am I a raving feminist, but I am also a huuggee fan of 30 Rock (and anything that Tina Fey has ever done, touched, said etc. - you know she's working on a Mean Girls musical right? Right?). Which is why I choose to celebrate Anna Howard Shaw Day today.

It's not that I'm against Valentine's Day per se, I don't particularly celebrate it but if someone bought me a big bunch of roses, I'm not going to cry about it and proclaim about how they should love me all year round, dammit. However, women's suffrage and super-awesome lady comedy writers? Those are too things that I am definitely not against, even a little bit. It's a no brainer for me.

For those of you not in the know, Anna Howard Shaw was a prominent leader of the women's suffrage movement in the US, as well as a physician and the first ordained female Methodist minister there. She's a bad ass. She also happened to be born on 14th February 1847 - making this the perfect day to think about how equal rights are the bomb.

So today I will be celebrating Anna Howard Shaw day with a few episodes of 30 Rock, a well-cooked fillet steak and my favourite heart-print tights (because I <3 the vote, obviously). How will you be celebrating?