Last week I had the utter privilege of attending BettaKultcha in the Town Hall, and I have been raving about it ever since. For those not in the know, BettaKultcha is a regular event held here in the lovely city of Leeds, where speakers give five minute slideshow presentations on a topic of their choice. A couple of friends were performing, so I happily booked my ticket, not knowing what to expect. The room was buzzing as we settled into our seats and waited for the spectacle to begin.


A few hours later, I left the event completely high on life - I babbled to Paul all the way home about what I had seen, and experienced, and I was so giddy that I couldn't sleep when I got home. Passionate people are my favourite. I don't care what you are passionate about, but I want you to tell me about it - other people's enthusiasm is so inspiring and very catching. I had laughed at tales of pet psychics, I had sat enthralled at the sound of a musical saw, fascinated by Elly's talk on the language of fashion, and shed a tear at a ukelele version of Coldplay's Fix You. A true, ragtag bunch of presentations with something for everyone. The highlight, of course, was Maria Millionaire storming the stage with a drag-style exercise routine. Go Beyonce or Go Home, indeed.

I can't enthuse enough about the evening. It is one of the greatest things to be part of such an event, to share in the passions of strangers and to be in a room full of people experiencing exactly the same thrills and chills that you are. I also get a bit soppy about community organised happenings like this - average people entertaining each other, slagging off Michael Gove and supporting each other in what is actually a rather scary endeavour - 370 people is quite a large audience! Everyone gets five minutes to speak, about whatever they want, regardless of who they are or what they're about. How brilliant is that?

I have already booked my ticket for the next show (March 11th) and I suggest you do the same! Oh, and if you want to see some far better photos than I managed to take, Lee Watson's are just fantastic.