24 Before 24

Today is my 23rd Birthday. It is the nature of birthdays that they force you to assess where you are in your life, and where you might like to be. All things considered, I think I'm in a pretty good place right now - at 23 I could not hope for much more than I have.

A wonderful job which I love, a bunch of amazing friends, a happy family, a loving boyfriend and a cute little flat in the best part of Leeds to come home to every night. Plus, I'm celebrating my birthday with a fillet steak at Blackhouse, so all in all, things are going pretty well. I've grown up a lot since this:


Would still totally wear that jumper though...

I sat down to write my '24 before 24' lists tonight, and drew a bit of a blank. There are lots of things that I could wish for over the next year, but a year is actually a very short amount of time. Plans are already being made as far in advance as September, holiday destinations agreed upon, budgets considered and to-do lists made.

On the other hand, a year is actually a very long time indeed. Three-hundred-and-sixty-five days. If I can't squeeze 24 measly things into that time, then it's a very sad state of affairs indeed. So here you have it, my 24 before 24...

  1. Finish my Masters degree
  2. Go to Iceland
  3. Do some volunteering
  4. Make pasta from scratch
  5. Try a yoga class
  6. Decorate the front room
  7. Save some money
  8. Reach 500 Twitter followers
  9. Finish knitting the blanket I started six months ago(!)
  10. Run 10k
  11. Go to Kendells, Little Tokyo and Livebait
  12. Read 10 new fiction books
  13. Go on a girls' weekend away
  14. Learn to crochet
  15. Make a piece of DIY art for the house
  16. Cook fresh mussels at home
  17. Re-learn to drive on the mean streets of Leeds
  18. Have a facial
  19. Write 100 blog posts
  20. Present at Bettakultcha
  21. Grow a herb garden
  22. Learn to cook the perfect steak
  23. Create an inspiration board for my study area
  24. Make some blogger friends

And there you have it! Meet me back here in a year, and we'll see how it's going!