Judy's Vintage Fair at Leeds Corn Exchange

Last Saturday we headed out to Judy's Vintage Fair at the Leeds Corn Exchange, and I wanted to share a few of Paul's snaps with you. What an absolutely stunning venue the Corn Exchange is! One of my favourite bits of Leeds - gorgeous architecture on the outside, with high ceilings flooding the place with light. There are cute little boutiques lining the edges and, of course, Primo's - the only place I've found to satisfy my craving for vanilla Coke. Oh, and Anthony's right at the bottom - I've been dying to try out the guinea pig menu on a Monday, has anyone been?

There was plenty of merriment to be had, with the Corn Exchange decked out in beautiful Christmas decorations, and plenty of stalls worth of goodies for every taste (as long as it's vintage!). Printed scarfs, heavy fur coats, chunky woolly jumpers and lovely mismatched crockery. Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair is just that, affordable. The fur coats were a bit pricey at around £60-80 but that's no more than you would usually pay for a coat. There were plenty of items for a tenner and under, and although there's always going to be someone that tells you about their amazing vintage find where they picked up a ball gown for only £2 at some obscure car boot sale, this seems like a pretty reasonable and easy way to shop for vintage items. Someone else has already done the work for you, which when it comes to shopping is definitely my favourite thing (see also: my ASOS addiction).

I picked up a gorgeous pair of black leather riding boots and a couple of sparkly vintage cocktail rings but I could have spent a lot more money if I wasn't saving money for bits and pieces for our new flat (!) All in all a very pleasant and productive morning! Have you ever been to a vintage fair? What are your tips and tricks for getting the most out of them? I could have definitely been more focused (and maybe I would have snagged this hat if I had been - another girl snatched it up as soon as I put it down for a second, although I think it looked better on her!).

Judy's Vintage Fair returns to the Leeds Corn Exchange on 8th and 9th December so you can experience this all for yourself! Check out all the details here.