Halloween Pinterest Challenge: Vampire Bite Cupcakes

Last week the lovely Elly put out a challenge for bloggers to recreate a Halloween pin, to see if her suspicions that Pinterest is full of inspirational, but unachievable pins is in fact true. She's definitely not the only one with such misgivings - although I love the pictures of beautifully decorated rooms, mouthwatering recipes and cute DIYs, I'm pretty sure nothing in my life looks glossy enough to be on Pinterest. So I decided to recreate these spooktastic, but fairly simple, Vampire Bite Cupcakes:

Once I investigated further, there was actually no recipe to be found - so I was completely winging it! The original cupcakes are actually from Sugadeaux Cupcakes and are described as a vanilla cupcake with jam centre and bloodied fang marks. But, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to make my favourite cupcakes of all - the queen of all spongy goodness - the red velvet cupcake topped with cream cheese icing. This was perhaps my first mistake, as they are rather than a vanilla cupcake, and somewhere along the way I forgot to add the bicarbonate of soda and the vinegar, which meant the final product was not as spongy as I would have liked.

If you want to have a go at these cupcakes yourself, you can find the recipe that I used here. I promise that if you do it properly and actually follow the recipe, you do come out with a lovely dense sponge with a hint of vanilla, topped by the beautifully creamy icing. Despite the baking mishap, however, I powered through - the decoration is, after all, the most important thing here!

The first thing I learnt was to wait for the icing to set completely; if it is too gooey then you won't be able to make a proper hole and the red food colour will run everywhere. Once the icing was set, I just used a wooden barbecue skewer dipped in red food colouring to make the little fang marks. I was a little too cautious with the first one, just scraping the top of the icing, but I soon found the best way was to plunge the skewer straight down to the bottom of the cupcake to make a proper round hole. It wasn't actually all that difficult, which is kind of why I chose this pin to recreate rather than a more complex one like these broken glass cupcakes.

So you want to see the final product, right? Here it is!

I was pretty pleased with them - they certainly don't look as fancy as polished as the original, as you can see, and I wish I had remembered all of the ingredients for the sponge! However, I wouldn't be ashamed to serve them at a Halloween party, and they've all been devoured now - so they obviously got the housemates' seal of approval! So overall, a definite TREAT to eat and decorate but a little TRICK-y to get looking Pinterest ready!

You can check out everyone else's pin recreations by clicking on the Trick or Treat banner at the top of this post. Have you ever tried out a recipe from Pinterest? How did it go?