{Review} Fuji Hiro

Fuji Hiro is the worst best-kept-secret in Leeds. You would walk past over and over again and never know that inside held culinary delights you have only dreamt of. It's just not the kind of place you would think to try. Except that everyone in Leeds raves about this restaurant; its reputation definitely precedes it as one of the best budget eateries in the area. So I imagine if you are a Leeds resident, you already know what I am about to say...

The opposite of my last review, Bibis, this restaurant is all about substance over style. Basic, plasticky tables and chairs. No decoration to speak of. Menus in plastic wallets. If you weren't already expecting a brilliant meal then you would be rather put off, I'm sure. Although, there is a list in the menu of the great reviews and awards that Fuji Hiro has rightfully received.

There isn't much of a drinks menu to speak of, but this place is all about the food. Everything you would expect to see, and more, is on the menu. We elected for three starters because it was just too difficult to choose - chicken yakitori skewers, tempura prawns and beef gyoza.

What can I say? It was as delicious as I was expecting. If not more. The gyoza were the unexpected highlight of the whole meal, so definitely get some if you go! Most gyoza I have had have been in a crispy batter, but these were in a softer, more pliable batter. I was expecting them to be a bit bland because of the pale colour, but they were beautiful and I could eat them with every meal quite happily from this point onwards. Although the tempura prawn was more bread-crumbed than tempura-d, they were still absolutely delicious as well (and massive!).

Paul then went for the beef chilli men, which is basically heaven on a plate for a man who loves simple, spicy food with a lot of meat! And I went for the yaki soba, which I have always wanted to try - chicken, prawns, veggies, thick noodles and sesame seeds. It was gorgeous. Beautifully flavoured, not greasy as noodles in restaurants can be, perfectly cooked, piping hot and delicious. The only problem was, there was far too much! After all my starters I could barely get half way through the noodles, and had to unzip my trousers a little way! But, they put the rest in a takeaway pot for me, so it wasn't wasted! That's my only warning to you - be prepared for the big portions!

And there you have it. No frills, delicious food - and a meal for two with all the trimmings for £50 (although you could spend less if your eyes are not bigger than your stomach like ours!). This is the perfect time to gloat about knowing 'this little place', and watch as your dining companions go from incredulity to delight.