Friday Link Love

Signed print by Marc Johns

So the Internet has become my job now. Well, sort of. But even so - I still love it as much as ever before! Don't you just love it? Here's some of its best bits this week:

  • Royal Holloway Feminist Society has published The Wilding and it is excellent!
  • Bangs and a Bun urges everyone to Get Off Their Ass - I'll be Park-Running tomorrow so this was much needed!
  • Fashion Blogging - Fantasy v Reality from The High Tea Cast
  • True Story - I'm An Aerialist - the lovely lady who designed this blog tells all to Yes and Yes
  • I don't ask people about their love lives anymore (how much do I want to write like Rachel Hills? She is just too good).
  • Apple Cider Vinegar seems to be a miracle worker - Sarah has five uses for ACV