50 Things To Do On A Rainy Day

Cute rain print from Cosas Minimas Etsy Shop

So it's been raining solidly in Leeds for two days now. We're on flood warning. When the weather is like this, the temptation is just to stay indoors and sleep until the sun comes back. But we live in Britain, and rain is par for the course. So rather than getting depressed by the greyness and the dampness of the world outside, here are a list of things to fill the time and lift your spirits!

1. Bake some bread. Pretend you're on the Great British Bake Off

2. Have a bath, bonus points if you light some tea lights.

3. Make some soup. Watch this space for a Mexican-inspired vegetable soup recipe.

4. Plan a holiday - real or fantasy.

5. Build a fort.

6. Paint all your nails a different colour.

7. Have a wardrobe clear out. Donate things to charity.

8. Learn to crochet.

9. Dye your hair. Check out these tips for candy coloured hair.

10. Start a blog. I recommend Wordpress.com as a good starting point.

11. Make a mixtape. Either with a real life tape, or try 8tracks for a digital version.

12. Sew on any buttons which have come loose on your clothing.

13. Hold a wine tasting.

14. Watch an old weepie movie. Or a new weepie movie.

15. Read a new book. Or an old favourite. Check out my Book Club for recommendations.

16. Write a letter to a far away friend or relative

17. Knit a scarf. Or a jumper if you are better at knitting than me!

18. Start a scrapbook. Or a collage if a scrapbook is too much commitment.

19. Read through your old magazines and then recycle them

20. Make a cheese board. Check out these tips from A Beautiful Mess.

21. Take cute pictures of your pet. Write 'I Can Haz Cheeseburger'-style captions to go with them.

22. Make a Pinterest board of sunny pictures. Or of autumnal colours to really get in the mood.

23. Write a list of things you are thankful and grateful for.

24. Make up a new cocktail. Or make a favourite one (try a Caiprinha, for a taste of sunshine)

25. Watch retro kids cartoons on YouTube. I recently rediscovered Sailor Moon, and it was as good as I remembered.

26. Write a poem.

27. Make a budget (I know, but we all need to do it!)

28. Bake a bunch of Toblerone Brownies. Or any other kind of brownie you fancy.

29. Learn the Gangnam Style dance. And then practice until you've got it nailed.

30. Read through the archives of your favourite inspirational blogs. Be inspired.

31. Do 50 push ups.

32. Make a luxurious brunch of pancakes, bacon and maple syrup.

33. Instagram a bunch of self portraits. Pretend you're on Next Top Model.

34. Try a new make up look. Youtube has some great tutorials.

35. Plan your outfits for the rest of the week. Iron them if you feel like it.

36. Watch a scary film and hide behind your popcorn.

37. Learn how to say please and thank you in 20 different languages.

38. Bake a pie. There's no better time to eat pie than when it's raining.

39. Go outside in your wellies and splash in some puddles.

40. Moisturise your whole body in something that smells of vanilla and cocoa butter. Or your own favourite flavour.

41. Meditate.

42. Do a spring (autumn) clean. A Thrifty Mrs has some great tips.

43. Try Internet Dating.

44. Do some de-cluttering.

45. Search for a new job. Or think about ways you can work for a promotion at your current one.

46. Learn a dramatic monologue, just in case. Extra points for Shakespeare.

47. Discover a new boxset. Have you tried 30 Rock? I hear Dexter's pretty good as well.

48. Do a rain check on social media channels

49. Alphabetise everything - CDs, books, tins of soup...

50. Make your Christmas list.