Why Do I Blog?


I have loved blogs for as long as I can remember and I have so enjoyed seeing the world of blogging growing and changing over the years. That people can now make their livelihoods off of this crazy thing we do on the Internet? Blows. My. Mind. Blogs are becoming a real and viable alternative to traditional forms of media, and the potential for the creation of exciting and inspiring content is incredible.

Blogging has been a very central part of my life, and continues to be so. When you live in a small suburb in the Home Counties, connecting with a variety of people becomes possible through the Internet - and that has taught me a lot and opened my mind to things I would have never even considered. Reading blogs means you can get good advice, an alternative opinion and a thought-provoking idea all in one place. So many of the things that are important to me I have found through blogging. Friends. Feminism. My boyfriend.

When I first started blogging it was mostly as an outlet for the ramblings of an angsty and slightly pretentious teenager. I came for the platform and stayed for the community. A lot has changed since then, both for me and for the world of blogging. Blogging is now about the production of quality content, for networking and the building of a career. My online diary style blog was no longer what I wanted, and hopefully is lost to the depths of the Internet forever (*cringe*). I have stopped and started with a variety of blogs since then, but never stuck with one for long. I want to stick with this one.

So I've been thinking about my motivation behind this blog. Why do I want to blog?

I've got something to say and I want to join in the conversation.

I love the community of bloggers. I love the sharing of ideas and inspiration. I love the conversational aspect of it - I love to talk, to anyone and about anything so what better place to do it? You can connect with so many people instantly and the growing connection of social media platforms makes blogging the perfect springboard into those conversations.

I want to create and not just consume.

I have been a blog reader and blog lover for what seems like forever. I have loyally followed excellent and not-so-excellent blogs. And at some point it seems rude to consume without creating. And not just that, by inhabiting this corner of the Internet you are bound to get inspired - why not do something with that inspiration?

I've always wanted to be a writer. 

I have always dreamed of writing, and always assumed that it would be some part of my life. I wanted to be an author, and then a journalist and now I want to be a blogger. To me, blogging is the best form of writing. It is social and democratic and independent and varied. Plus, I am only working for free for myself, and not for a newpaper corporation. Seems like a much better deal.

I'm a little bit narcissistic. 

This doesn't get discussed very often, but blogging is narcissism. Sure, you might want to share all your great wisdom and chat with other bloggers, and all of that legitimate stuff. But posting photos of yourself all over your blog? Presuming that what you have to say is worth some one else's time? It's a little bit narcissistic, is it not? And I am as guilty as any.

I think the question should actually be, why wouldn't I want to blog? Why do you blog?