Kirkstall Deli Market

It is far too easy to get carried away going into Kirkstall Deli Market. A shopping list at the very least, and preferably a budget. We were out of cash within about half an hour! Far worse than going to the supermarket when you're a bit peckish and ending up with a basket full of goodies, there were so many tempting morsels and this foodie was powerless to resist!

Buffalo burgers, gourmet sausage rolls and scotch eggs, brownies of every conceivable flavour, bruschettas, chocolate and mango tart, all of the cheese, chutneys, posh teas, pies and that's just what I can remember off the top of my head!

And what better setting to hold such an event? Kirkstall Abbey is gorgeous, and it deserves to filled with the hustle and bustle of a busy marketplace. It would be such a shame to let this space go to waste, and given my obsession with delicious food I can think of no better things to give it purpose! There were plenty of customers of all shapes and sizes, including to my delight, an awful lot of puppies! I did feel like I should be wearing Hunters though...

At one stall we got seven different cheeses for a tenner, can you even imagine? One of them, a cheddar and port number, was bright pink! Perfection.

I also picked up some stuffed mushrooms and creme brulees from Salts deli (the latter is waiting in the fridge for dinner tonight, cannot wait!). And with four brownies for a fiver, how could I resist? I'm hoping to recreate the delicious toblerone brownie I had next weekend so watch this space! Oh, and a strawberry chilli dessert sauce that was both delicious and surprising!

I fully admit that I am a cliché. I will rave about buying locally sourced, organic, artisan produce until the cows come home. I know that it is expensive and not an option for many people, and I do usually shop in Sainsburys! But given the opportunity to support people who *really* love food, who make such beautiful products? I am so there. And you should be too. Once a month, in the gorgeous abbey - why not give it a go?