Leeds College of Art and Design End of Year Show

Yesterday evening we headed to the Leeds College of Art and Design end of year show 'Revealed' for a bit of culture to add to our week. We went last year in support of a friend, but were so impressed we vowed to make the trip again this year. Thankfully I spotted an advert for the show on Twitter and we managed not to miss out.

The entrance to the Advertising exhibition / Womb Series by Annie Driver

It's an absolutely fabulous exhibition, with a little something for everyone. You can browse advertising, fashion, graphic design, furniture, photography, animation, sound design, textiles and all manner of arty and creative things that I wish I could turn my hand to!

Confidence: Transvestism by Rory Doyle

Another by Emily Nicolle Bailey

My personal favourites were the millinery section (how do you even decide you want to do a degree in hats? I'm glad people do though, they're certainly impressive!) and the textiles and surface design exhibition. We missed that part out last year, because it's right on the top floor and away from everything else, but I was so glad we found it! There were some stunning fabrics that I wanted to drape all over me, and adorable wallpaper that would be perfect in my dream house! Highlights also included the 'sculpture' of a dead man's head with gooey bits falling out of a broken skull which turned out to be made out of cake, which was made by Victoria Wilkinson.

The Graphics Design Room / The Fashion Room / The Advertising Room

All in all, a fabulous (and free!) way to spend an evening. It's open for the rest of the week, so if you get a chance to pop in then I would urge you to, you definitely won't regret it. If not, maybe you have an art college near you that will be opening its doors soon? It's worth keeping an eye out if this is your sort of thing, let me know what fun things you get to see!