Herman The German Friendship Cake

My last couple of weeks has been taken up with care for Herman the German. Herman is a sourdough starter mix (he smells like beer!), that we were given by our friend Helena. He requires ten days of care, mostly just stirring but he also needs feeding with milk, flour and sugar.

At the end of the ten days, you divide him into four and pass three of the portions on to friends to look after, and to pass on, and so forth. The final portion you bake into a delicious German friendship cake!

As the Herman the German website says, he's kind of like a chain letter which gets passed around, only far less annoying!

It's a little creepy to think about how old the Herman mix that you receive is, and how many hands he has passed through, but at the same time I think that's kind of incredible!

It's an apple and sultana sourdough cake, which you cover with butter and brown sugar so it gets lovely and crunchy on the top, whilst staying moist on the inside.

We ate Herman warm with some ice cream, and kept him in the fridge so he lasted a few days.

We've sent our portions of Herman off into the world, and I'm kind of excited to think that one day he might come back to us. Have you ever looked after a Herman?