An Afternoon In York

On Thursday, almost at the end of our staycation, we took a rather rain-soaked trip to York for the afternoon. Only twenty minutes away from Leeds on the train, it can feel worlds away. The above picture is York Minster, a fantastic cathedral surrounded by cobbled streets with plenty to see and do! They're even building townhouses and apartments right next door, which I bet will be lush when they're done! After a cheeky pub lunch in Oscars, we were ready to explore!

Wandering around the cobbled streets, we head some American kids who were obviously on a school trip chatting about where to go next. It's strange to think that the buildings they were stood next to are older than all of the buildings in their entire country. We take for granted our rich history, and the beauty of places like York a lot of the time I think, and it's fun to spend the day as a tourist wondering at the cobbled streets and the olde worlde feel of the place, rather than drifting off into H&M or Pret a Manger. It's easy to avoid the real world in York, losing yourself in back streets and dark little pubs (although the phone signal remains good throughout!). I will admit that I had to take a little look in the Mulberry factory shop though. I'm weak!

York is famous for being haunted, and there are signs all over the place inviting you to come back for a guided ghost walk later at night. I am too much of a wimp to do such a thing, but I imagine that it's fantastic in such a place where there could be something scary lurking behind every corner. We had a drink in the Guy Fawkes Inn, the birthplace of its namesake, lit by candlelight. With the flickering lights and candle wax dripping over everything it's easy to imagine haunted happenings, well, happening!

In contrast, Chocolate -York's Sweet Story was a delightful place to stop a while, and as far from haunted as it may be possible to be! There is a tour, but we chose to just have a drink in The Chocolate Bar next door. I had a delicious mint chocolate choctail, and Paul indulged his new found obsession with hot chocolate, which came with various accoutrements to dip and melt. York is renowned for its history with chocolate, as the home of Nestle, Terrys (off've the chocolate orange) and Rowntree all having origins in York, so what better place to enjoy the chocolatey goodness?

So all in all, a pretty fantastic day! We came home a little tipsy and a lot damp from the rain but it was still a great afternoon. And we barely scratched the surface, there's so much to explore in York - have you ever been? What's your favourite part?