Pinche Pinche, Chapel Allerton, Leeds

After the foodfest that was Leeds Loves Food (and after not doing any food shopping for over a week...) we decided to take a trip to Pinche Pinche in Chapel Allerton, Leeds. I've been wanting to go for a while, and having a go on their soft shell slow-cooked lamb tacos at the festival was more than enough motivation! I was not disappointed. I know that I am enthusiastic about many things, but please take my positive review seriously here, because you too will not be disappointed either.

Photo by Pinche Pinche 

The restaurant in beautifully decorated (sort of how I'd like my house to be!) with brightly coloured walls and lots to look at. It was quiet when we went in, but we were there at an unusual time and I understand it can get rather busy! Understandably, as it is reasonably priced and absolutely delicious.

The service was excellent, attentive but not overly so. We had margaritas to start, and then I had the prawn enchiladas and Paul had chicken quesadillas. Both were perfectly cooked, although I was a little taken aback by the habenero salsa that Paul had smeared all over his when I went to take a bite! He was very pleased, he hates when he orders the spicy option and it comes out milder than the stuff we make at home! I, wimp that I am, opted for the salsa verde which wasn't spicy at all so fear not if that's not your cup of tea! We also had some tortilla chips (which were beautiful) and dips, a lime and tequila dip which you could have drunk it was so good, and some spicy pineapple mayonnaise. My enchiladas were exquisite and the prawns were beautifully cooked - I'll be trying to recreate these at home but I'm not sure they'll be quite as good!

For dessert Paul had an orange shortbread with vanilla ice cream, and I had the strawberry Natillas (a Mexican custard a little like creme brulee - my favourite!) We ate them too fast for me to get a picture, however!

The whole meal (including tip) came to £50 for the two of us - which I thought was very reasonable given that at least £20 of that went on alcohol! You could definitely eat here for cheaper though, if you avoid the cocktails! All in all, an excellent meal - five stars from me (out of five, obviously!)

*Plus this means that I've started crossing stuff off've my 50 Things To Do Before Summer is Over list!