50 Things To Do Before Summer Is Over

The British Summertime seems to have finally arrived, and long may it last. Summer always runs away with me, and before I know it it's back to scarves and woolly jumpers and darkness. So to make the most of things, I'm making a list of the things I want to do before the summer is over. Care to join me? I'll be blogging my progress, and hopefully I'll be able to do all fifty before the end of summer time, officially 21 September.

  1. Drink some Pimms
  2. Have a(nother) barbecue
  3. Go strawberry picking
  4. Play in a paddling pool
  5. Catch a tan
  6. Have a proper walk around Meanwood Valley Urban Farm
  7. Learn how to do cartwheels
  8. Watch the sun set
  9. Visit my grandparents
  10. Eat anti-pasti and drink wine outside
  11. Blow bubbles
  12. Wear flowers in my hair
  13. Bake raspberry cheesecake brownies
  14. Visit Kirkstall Abbey 
  15. Watch a summer blockbuster
  16. Go on a day trip to York
  17. Celebrate the summer solstice
  18. Make my own ice lollies
  19. Go to see some comedy
  20. Buy something vintage
  21. Paint the bathroom
  22. Go for brunch on a week day
  23. Try a new restaurant, or three
  24. Dip dye my hair (temporarily!)
  25. Watch a film at Hyde Park Picture House
  26. Go on a pedalo
  27. Make a wish on a Chinese lantern
  28. Grow a sunflower
  29. Take a yoga class
  30. Eat fish & chips by the seaside
  31. Make a friendship bracelet
  32. Visit all of our friends' newborn babies
  33. Watch the sun rise
  34. Read this, this and this
  35. Go for a bike ride
  36. Clear out my closet
  37. Go for a picnic
  38. Spend some time by the river
  39. Watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show for the first time
  40. Make some of this lemonade
  41. Learn how Pinterest works
  42. Play my flute at least once
  43. Save some money
  44. Give a compliment to someone every day
  45. Watch the sun rise
  46. Go to a(nother) burlesque night
  47. Get dressed up and go for cocktails at Sky Lounge
  48. Go abroad
  49. Swim in the sea
  50. Make another list for winter

So what do you think? Will you join me in some of these things? Have you got anything that you want to do this summer?