My name's Amy... 

By day I’m a Digital Marketing Manager and by night I’m a blogger, baker, knitter, reader and podcast addict. I’m an ENFJ with a heavy emphasis on the E, and I’m never happier than hosting a dozen of my closest friends in our home. I live in Leeds with my husband, Paul, our son, Benjamin, and our cat, Tuna Fey. 

This blog has been many things over the years. It's been a catalogue of all of the places I love in Leeds. It's been a place to share my love of cooking and all of the recipes I otherwise would have forgotten. It's been a diary as I endured pregnancy and became a mother. It's been my constant companion.

I am passionate about many things. Aren't we all? This blog is a collection of all of those things; from motherhood and family to recipes, crafts, books and interiors. It's a little snapshot of my life, just as it is right now. I believe that we can have it all, just not all at once. And this is me trying that philosophy on for size.

Join me, won't you? 

Our Story

In 2009, Paul sent me an email after months of reading my blog. He made me laugh, and has done every day since that first email. Later that year, I travelled to Leeds so we could meet in person and the rest, as they say, is history. 

In 2011, I moved to Leeds, and I hated it. I started studying Gender Studies, and I loved it. By the time I finished that degree two years later, I was almost as much in love with Leeds as I was with Paul, and this blog had a lot to do with that. 

In the following years, we travelled to Barcelona and Iceland and Edinburgh and went to see the stars at Kielder Water. We ate out in Leeds, a lot. I moved jobs to work in digital marketing, which is the second best thing the Internet has ever brought me. (Paul is the first. Podcasts are the third.)

In 2015, we got married in this wonderful city that we call home. My sister came to live with us for a year. We went on honeymoon. I read a lot of books. 

In 2016, we bought a house and I had to live without a kitchen for 2 months. I'm not sure who was more annoyed about it; me, or my colleagues who had to constantly hear me whining about it. We renovated our house, mostly, in the first few months, which was good because I fell pregnant not long after. Spoiler: I didn't like being pregnant. But...

In 2017, Benjamin joined the team and we've never been happier. 

And who knows what the future will hold? 



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