What I Want to Remember: The Newborn Days

What I Want to Remember: The Newborn Days

[Photo by Jenna Woodward Photography

How big his smile is when he first sees me in the morning, and when he sees Paul when he comes home. 

The way his face looks like a little turtle when he’s a bit disgruntled or just waking up. 

How excited he is to kick his legs and wave his arms in the air. 

That his favourite tunes are ‘Eye of the Tiger’ and ‘Row, Row Your Boat’. 

The way he clings to my top (or my hair) when I’m carrying him

His little smile and the way he hides his face when he sees himself in the mirror, as if he’s shy of his own reflection. 

How charming he is to our friends and to strangers, smiling his biggest smiles. 

That he gets hiccups when he’s been laughing too much, or gets too excited. 

The way he burrows his head into my chest when he’s trying to go to sleep

His constant chewing on his hands, which can only be interrupted by sucking on the tail of his rattle cat instead. 

How he seems to grow an inch every time I look

That his eyes seem to take up most of his face (and are the first thing everyone comments on). 

How soft his skin is and how fluffy his hair is. How little he minds when I kiss him all over. 

His shocked look every time we put him in the bath. He’s still not quite sure about it… 

How curious he is whenever we’re out and about, looking at everything with those giant eyes. 

The little sound he makes when he’s too tired to sneeze properly. It’s so pathetic and so damn adorable. 

The way he knit his hands together as if in prayer when he’s drinking his milk. The way he throws his hands over his head when he’s asleep. 

The sound of his little gurgly laugh, which is so silly and so perfect. 

How much he needs me and how much he really doesn’t, all at once. 

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