5 Podcasts to Listen To This Autumn

5 Podcasts to Listen to This Autumn // Amy Elizabeth

I am a podcast obsessive. I sometimes think about starting a podcast about podcasts, because I just love them so much. I am religious about listening to all of the ones I subscribe to, which means that I am still working my way through episodes from July (insert cry-laughing emoji here). But, I can’t resist when I find a new good one, so I am doomed to be forever behind. Here’s a few of my new favourites which are perfect for upcoming cosy nights in, and days spent bossing it in the spirit of the new school year. 

Hello Friend

I listen to a lot of podcasts by bloggers, and this one by Bethany Rutter really stands out as something different. As per the title, this podcast is just conversations with her friends – and she has some damn interesting friends. From street food traders to booksellers to feminist, body-positive comedians, I was super stoked to have been introduced to all of these rad new people via this podcast. Bethany has a really lovely interview manner, and these are exactly the conversations I love to have with my friends – a mixture of joy and whimsy with serious topics and political chat. If you want something to cosy up with on autumn evenings, this is perfect.  

What She Said 

Autumn is the perfect time for new creative projects, and if you’ve ever thought about getting into blogging (or maybe getting more serious about your blog if you’ve already got one!) then this is the podcast for you. Lucy interviews interesting women from around the blogging world (particularly travel blogging, if that’s your jam – although the lessons are useful for any kind of blogger) and gets them to share their wisdom and top tips. I really loved the episodes with Sophie Cliff and Siobhan Watts but I’ve found something useful from every episode I’ve listened to so far, and now that I have a little bit more brain space for blogging, I’m excited to apply what I’ve learned! 

My Favourite Murder

Autumn is a time for spooky stories, and whilst I’m not sure this podcast will give you chills, it is packed full of true crime tales that are real life horror stories. It’s also surprisingly funny, given that it’s also about gruesome murders most of the time. Don’t get me wrong, they keep it serious when it comes to the actual murder part and are always respectful of the victims in every case, but the chat in between between the presenters (Karen and Georgia) is what keeps me coming back for more. If you like your true crime with a side order of catchphrases, in jokes and cat chat then this is the podcast for you. 

Made of Human

I want to say the best thing about this podcast is Sofie Hagen’s voice, which is just wonderful, but that’s not true (although her voice is warm and delightful). It’s not true because there are so many best things about this podcast: the list of guests, the slightly off-the-wall questions, and the friendly conversations that cover everything from feminism & fat positivity to comedy and dating. This podcast is all about connection and making you feel like you’re not alone, which is a lovely thing, don’t you think? 

Never Before with Janet Mock 

Intimate and in-depth conversations are the order of the day during this season, and Janet Mock delivers some incredible ones in this new podcast. I love Janet Mock and her no-holds-barred interviewing style, which reveals more about both the host and the guest. Plus her list of guests is seriously impressive; from Lena Dunham to Joanne the Scammer, you’ll definitely learn something from this podcast, as well as getting to know some huge cultural figures just that little bit better. 

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5 Podcasts to Listen to This Autumn // Amy Elizabeth

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5 Podcasts I’m Obsessed With Right Now

5 Podcasts I'm Obsessed With Right Now // Amy Elizabeth

If you’ve ever spent time with me in real life, you’ll no doubt have heard the phrase ‘I was listening to this podcast…’ (and probably rolled your eyes at it, too…). I have never been a big music fan, but podcasts? There are so many great ones out there, and it can be hard to keep up now that so many are publishing new episodes weekly, but whilst I’m happy to leave some in my queue for a long journey or to accompany a mammoth baking session, there are a few of my favourites that jump straight to the top of the list every time, that I just can’t wait to listen to.

Buffering the Vampire Slayer 

The rumour goes that babies can be soothed by the sounds they heard when they were inside the womb, so I’m hoping this little bubba of mine is slowly becoming indoctrinated into loving the sound of badass ladies discussing pop culture and dismantling the patriarchy. Starting with the Buffering podcast – a must-listen for Buffy fans everywhere. Kristin and Jenny are rewatching and discussing every episode of one of my favourite ever TV shows, and writing a song to go with each one. I can’t listen to this podcast out in public, because otherwise people will look at me very oddly when I burst out laughing at their commentary. But it’s not all jokes, 90s wardrobe analysis and awarding a weekly sexual tension award, there’s some serious discussion of gender, sexuality, race and culture. Buffy has a lot of depth (and is probably the reason I’m a feminist to this day…) so there’s a lot to chat about – and I only love the show more now. 

Dear Prudence

Mallory Ortberg’s brand of loving, wise but whimsical advice is absolutely in my wheelhouse. I’ve been a fan of hers for years (does anyone else still mourn the loss of The Toast and they’re ‘If X was my boyfriend…’ articles?) so it’s nice to have this little snippet making its way into my ears every week. This podcast follows the usual advice column format, tackling everything from petty office disputes to some more serious topics that provoke discussion between Mallory and her steadily rotating cast of guests (my favourite episodes are the ones featuring her family members – so they’re definitely worth seeking out if you’re new to this show!). I listen to quite a few advice podcasts (I’m also a fan of Savage Love and Dear Sugar) but I find Dear Prudence the most comforting, with Mallory’s combination of enthusiasm and joie de vivre, with her focus on kindness, empathy and boundaries – alongside some more amusing and ridiculous tangents. 

Hashtag Authentic

If you’re into Instagram, chances are you’ve come across Sara’s beautiful account ‘Me and Orla’ which features snippets from her life in rural Yorkshire with her daughter. Whilst many of us use Instagram to share snaps in any which way (and there’s nothing wrong with that!), Sara’s Instagram is a thing of true art and beauty, so it’s not wonder she’s become such an expert on the platform. She’s your go to girl for Instagram strategy, and she’s sharing everything she knows in her great new podcast. If you’re a blogger, photographer or small business owner, or you just find marketing and creativity really interesting to talk about (guilty) then you’ll probably be just as hooked as I am on the gentle, fascinating and inspiring conversations that Sara’s been having with her guests. Expect big things from this one, my friends. 

Another Round

This podcast has made me laugh and it has made me cry, sometimes even within the same episode. Tracy and Heben are the hosts of this podcast, chatting about everything from race, gender and pop culture to bad jokes and great drinks. It’s like happy hour with the coolest, smartest people you’ve ever met – and their interviews are some of the best I’ve heard (my favourites have been Hillary, natch, Kelly Rowland and Margaret Cho). I’ve learnt a lot from this podcast, and with such varied content you never really know what you’re gonna get – so it has me tuning in straight away every time. Seriously, you need to be listening. 

Call Your Girlfriend 

Yet another feminist pop culture and politics podcast that I’m slowly indoctrinating my unborn child with… and I’m not even sorry. Amina and Ann are real life besties who let us in on their weekly calls where they chat about everything from serious political issues (their ‘Cheeto Watch’ is basically how I keep up with what’s going on in US politics) and gender theory, to TV shows and celebrity gossip. So basically, all the things I like to talk about in real life but no one ever wants to discuss with me. It’s the perfect mix of highbrow and lowbrow, and since they publish on a Friday, it gives me something to listen to on lazy Saturday mornings. Total winner. 

Plus, a special mention needs to happen for Witch, Please, a feminist literary criticism Harry Potter podcast, which is currently on hiatus and due back in the summer. I cannot frickin’ wait. If you’re nerdy in the same very specific way as I am (I’ve only found one person so far…) then you will love it. 

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5 Bookish Podcasts to Listen To


A happy side effect of reading so many books last year has been discovering a wonderful online world of bookish fun. Sharing your passion with an online community is one of the greatest joys of the Internet. I’m a big fan of podcasts, so finding all of these wonderful book-themed podcasts was a total win for me. Here are five of my favourites, for all your bookish needs! 

book podcasts All the Books 

This is one of my favourite podcasts full stop. In this weekly podcast, ‘well red heads’ Rebecca and Liberty discuss some of the week’s best new book releases. I always come away from this podcast with a tonne of new books on my ‘to be read’ list, so it’s a dangerous road to go down (that thing is out of control!) but it’s fun to keep up with what’s happening in the book world. I’ve found some great recommendations through this show, and it’s a total delight to listen to – I want Rebecca and Liberty to come and hang out at my house and talk books with me, but this is the next best thing. 

Get Booked 

Get Booked is another weekly show that I walk away from with a list as long as my arm of books to read. On this show, Amanda and Jenn give personalised reading recommendations for listeners who write in. There have been recommendations for teachers who want something to recommend to the teenage boys in their class, for readers bereft after the death of Terry Pratchett and for people looking for new, healthy cookbooks to try. It’s a mixed bag, but whilst they might not always be talking about your favourite genre, Amanda and Jenn make every recommendation sound like a must-read. 

Slate’s Audio Book Club

Every month, a bunch of Slate magazine critics talk about a particular book in a podcast book club that will really make you think. I’ve only listened to the episodes where I’ve read the book (H is for Hawk is my most recent) but what I’ve heard is always interesting, and gives me a new perspective. They tend to read books which are popular at the time, so you’ll probably have heard of most of them even if you haven’t read them. I’ve saved up a few for books I want to read in the future (Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff, for example) but they announce the book the month before so you can read along if you fancy it. 

Reading Lives 

In Reading Lives, Jeff O’Neal interviews interesting book-ish people about their life in books. These hour long conversations are part book recommendations, part literary nostalgia and part nerding out about books. I’ve listened to quite a few now, and it’s interesting to see the similarities between book lovers that crop up time and again, and the particular quirks of each interviewee. My favourite interviews so far are with Mallory Ortberg, co-founder of The Toast, Ashley Ford, Buzzfeed writer and all round incredible woman, and Celeste Ng, author of ‘Everything I Never Told You’ but there are plenty of excellent episodes in the archives for you to get stuck into. 

Lit Up 

Lit Up is a podcast about books, writers and all things literary – each episode involves an interview with an author, delving into their work and finding out more about the subject, the process of writing and everything in between. This is perhaps a bit more ‘literary’ than the other podcasts on this list, so it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s the sort of conversations I’d love to have with authors if I ever got the chance. Episodes worth checking out: Stacy Schiff on the witches of Salem, Let’s Talk about Sex with Rachel Hills and Irin Carmon on The Notorious RBG

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My Favourite Podcasts



I’ve become a bit obsessed with podcasts recently. I listen to them all the time – I’ve abandoned the radio completely in favour of kick-ass podcasts. These are my current favourites – but I’d love your recommendations, I’m still new to this!

Joy the Baker 

The Joy the Baker podcast is one of my absolute favourites. The title is a bit misleading – this is a podcast about ‘totally important non-important things’ with Joy the Baker and Tracy from the blog Shutterbean. It’s basically hilarious. It’s kind of embarrassing because I listen to this podcast when I run, and I often have to stifle snorts of laughter on my way round – I’m pretty sure that I look totally bizarre but it’s worth it. Both Joy and Tracy write food blogs, so when they talk about food it’s particularly awesome, but that’s definitely not what this podcast is all about. It’s basically just a phone call between two good friends, who happen to be hilarious and witty. It’s not going to change the world (probably) but it is light listening, it’s fun and it gets me round a 5k without wanting to die. So that’s a win.

Elise Gets Crafty 

Elise is, in my opinion, one of the best bloggers out there. I love how open, warm-hearted and real her blog feels. She seems to strike a good balance between letting people into her life – both the good and bad parts – without over-sharing. She blogs about a whole bunch of stuff – from family life, crafting, gardening to running a business (she’s a full-time blogger – sort of). This podcast is an extension of the business part and she’s been having conversations with some of the heavyweights in her industry about everything from affiliate programmes to wholesale to blog editorial calendars. My nerdy side absolutely loves this – although it’s not my business area, I love finding out more about how people run creative businesses. I think I’ve listened to the episode where Elise and my favourite blogger Sarah von Bargen from Yes and Yes chat about all things blog-related about five times already. Ah. maz. ing.

The High Tea Cast 

Sam and Leanne are hilarious, that much I know to be true. This podcast has me in stitches – if you enjoy their blog, you’ll love the podcast even more. These awesome ladies chat about everything and anything – from Dr Who to yoga, from festivals to feminism. They aren’t afraid to speak their minds or to laugh at themselves. There’s a lot of laughter on this podcast! They occasionally do interviews or guest slots with other rad people, and I really enjoy the opportunity to learn about something that I’ve not come across before. For the most part, it’s like being down the pub with your friends – if your friends were kick ass women with excellent London accents.

Savage Lovecast

Dan Savage is a controversial figure, that much is sure. The Savage Lovecast (and the accompanying column in ‘The Stranger’) catapulted him to (relative) fame and since then he’s been making headlines – both within the sex education and social justice communities and in the wider world with the ‘It Gets Better’ project which launched in 2010. This podcast is definitely NSFW – it’s a sassy, no holds barred sex advice podcast and when I say ‘no holds barred’ I really mean it. Not everyone likes Dan Savage but I have a lot of time for him – he’s hilarious, to the point and whilst I don’t always agree with his advice, it always gives me something to think about. Nowadays the podcast also has a bit of a political edge, which I suspect will only increase as the US election draws closer.

Inside Social Media 

One for the social media professionals – or just those who want to know what goes on behind the scenes – Rick Mulready interviews people from some of the biggest brands in the world to find out their tips and tricks for creating awesome social content. It’s interesting to hear from industry leaders about how they choose their social media strategies and I’ve got some great ideas from listening to this podcast. My favourite episode so far is definitely the interview with Mike Hayes from Ben & Jerry’s – a brand that I think totally nails their marketing and social media. Social media geeks, this is a must-listen!

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