Marvelling at how big Benjamin has become this month. 

Loving all of his little smiles and giggles. 

Having our photo taken by the wonderful Jenna – I can’t wait to share the snaps! 

Acting as a bridesmaid for the very first time.

Weeping and laughing at the speeches, dancing on the dance floor and smiling all day at the wedding. 


Wishing I was back at work… (Am I allowed to say that?) 

Failing at the last hurdle for Blogtober (but with good reason – see above bridesmaiding duties!) 

Writing 27 blog posts in one month, which isn’t too shabby, though! 

Making plans for #NaNoWriMo… and feeling a bit nervous about it… 

Bingeing on Gossip Girl and Gilmore Girls. 

Picking pumpkins in Pontefract

Visiting Hadrian’s Wall and Tynemouth beach on our jaunt up in Newcastle. 

Being brave for my flu shot… I think pregnancy might have (slightly) cured my needlephobia… 

Spending the weekend in Nottingham watching Strictly with Ashley and Kirsten. 

Making pizzas on a Tuesday night with some of our best pals. 

Buying a new pair of glasses 

Reading Harry Potter to our boy at bedtime (and crying at almost every chapter!). 

Looking forward to Christmas already… 

How about you? 

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Counting down the days until our little one’s arrival…

Being showered in lots of love and presents at my beautiful book-themed baby shower. 

Feeling very slow and heavy! 

Drowning in baby-related admin and appointments. 

Finishing work for the year (but already sort of wanting to go back…). 

Loving Master of None and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt being back on our screens. 

Learning to do laundry now I’m a housewife! 

Celebrating Paul’s 37th birthday with chocolate cake. 

Scoffing Poffertjes at Eat North with my family. 

Travelling down South to toast my Grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary. 

Getting fancy at Bettys with Emma for a long overdue catch up. 

Signing off on our last NCT class… but not feeling much more prepared. 

Writing a birth plan and realising that it’s all getting very real… 

Making the most of peony season with plenty of bunches. 

Googling every little twinge + ‘sign of labour?’ 

Needing to fill up the bath more to try and cover the bump… 

Enjoying the sunshine, but also feeling rather glad that it’s gone for a little while. 

Getting butterflies that we’ll have a baby by this time next month… 

How about you?

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Starting the New Year with some of our favourite people in Wales. 

Seeing our baby for the first time at our 12 week scan! 

Arguing over baby names, already. 

Celebrating my 27th birthday with a brunch party. 

Wearing maternity jeans for the first time. 

Being a bit of a homebody – much needed after a hectic end of 2016. 

Knitting with my first every Stitch & Story kit (and it won’t be my last). 

Welcoming two new babies into our friendship group (and stealing as many cuddles as possible!). 

Baking with rhubarb as much as I can. 

Taking down the Christmas decorations and giving our bedroom a bit of a refresh. 

Shivering every time I go outside – who so cold, January? 

Attending a sweet friend’s hen do, and looking forward to the wedding in February. 

Starting to plan my first ever hen do as a bridesmaid! 

Re-watching Buffy, inspired by the Buffering podcast

Perfecting a recipe for raspberry cheesecake brownies, that I can’t wait to share! 

Despairing at the news on a daily basis. 

Feeling empowered and hopeful at all of the coverage of the Women’s March. 

Writing more blog posts than I have in month – and feeling inspired for even more. 

Resolving to take more photos and share more on Instagram in 2017.

Getting back on my yoga mat for some Pregnancy Yoga. 

Trying not to make my whole life about being pregnant right now! 

How about you? 

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