Feeling a little overwhelmed. 

Wearing my dungarees all the damn time. 

Loving the lighter nights and the bursts of sunshine we’ve been having. 

Cooking a couple of roast dinners. 

Getting my bridesmaid on and organising a hen do! 

Celebrating my new tumble dryer! Adulting at its best… 

Buying our new car (can you tell we’re nesting?). 

Laughing until I cried at the All Killa No Filla live show. 

Lathering this moisturiser on now that I’ve got a proper bump! 

Trying to practice a bit more self care

Moving a lot slower than before! 

Feeling baby kicking more and more every day but… 

Stressing when I don’t feel him quite so much! It’s a rollercoaster, this pregnancy lark. 

Learning more about copywriting with the wonderful Elly

Watching Ali Wong’s Baby Cobra, Garfunkel & Oates, and Big Little Lies

Taking some of my favourite Instagram pictures of all time. 

Starting the countdown to maternity leave… 

Receiving a wonderful email letter from my Grandad about this post

Scoffing Mini Eggs. It’s basically compulsory at this time of year. 

Going on a pizza date with Paul at Pizza Fella

Winning the work bake off! (At long last…) 

How about you? 

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Learning to like red wine. Am I an adult now? 

Sipping prosecco & eating fish tacos with my female colleagues

Celebrating the lighter evenings. At last! 

Bringing the sunglasses out for the first time this year. 

Making ramen and bread and pies. Easter weekend, FTW. 

Enjoying all the Easter chocolate. Lindt bunnies are my jam. 

Re-reading the Georgia Nicholson series. So many memories. 

Wearing all the nude lipsticks. 

Getting back into running. Slowly but surely. 

Reflecting on International Women’s Day. 

Spending the day in London with some of my favourite people.

Travelling first class, baby! 

Trying to save money. Not very successfully… 

Sobbing over A Little Life. So, so sad. 

Waiting to get the keys to our new house. 

Feeling frustrated about how long we have to wait! But also excited. 

Discovering some new podcasts. Does anyone want a list? 

Sending love to my Grandad for his 80th birthday. 

Being the last person to finish Making a Murderer. Say what! 

Stuffing my face with Chinese takeaway with my in-laws. 

How about you? 

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(Photo by Death to the Stock Photo

Experiencing a bit of writer’s block. 

Feeling very loved at my hen do. 

Cutting out hundreds of paper hearts. 

Baking hot cross buns (unsuccessfully…). 

Making my own gyoza (more successfully…).

Playing with a baby kitten (but still loving Tuna the best).

Recording more podcasts with Emma – you can listen to us on The High Tea Cast

Posing awkwardly for engagement photos in Leeds city centre. 

Enjoying impromptu dinners with some of my favourite girls. 

Spilling soy sauce down my white shirt at Little Tokyo. 

Loving my new Naked 3 palette. So many pretty colours. 

Recovering from a nasty cold. Hopefully the last of the year. 

Shivering … because our boiler has broken. 

Eating lots of salad. Feeling smug about it, too. 

Reading food magazines. It’s nice to see food photography on paper. 

Waking up to bright mornings. I have never been so grateful for sunshine. 

How about you? 

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Recovering from the worst cold I’ve had in years. I’m glad to have my voice back.

Watching Breaking Bad. We’re close to the end now. No spoilers please.

Smiling at the sight of so many daffodils. They’re my favourite.

Enjoying the warmth of the sunshine (sometimes) and the longer hours of daylight.

Crying at ‘The Commitment’ by Dan Savage. I’m an emotional wreck.

Posting our Save the Dates. It’s getting real now.

Coveting pastel pink hair, always.

Baking with lemons. A lot.

Walking in Roundhay Park. The best.

Looking forward to a trip to Harry Potter Studios. Finally.

Knitting baby blankets. So many new tiny people in my life. 

Adding spinach to pretty much every meal.

Feeling zen after morning yoga sessions. So good.

Contemplating my summer wardrobe. Without the funds to buy it…

Craving Dorshi’s dumplings. So sad to see them leave Trinity Kitchen

Travelling to Harrogate to spend time with Emma. So much fun.

Spending time in London with some of my favourite people. So good to catch up.

Cringing at Mother’s Day cards. Why so twee, card companies?

Using my slow-cooker pretty much every weekend. Best. Invention. Ever.

Hanging new art on the walls. Our little gallery is coming together nicely.

How about you? 

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Want more? Follow me: Twitter / Instagram / Bloglovin / Pinterest

Three Little Goals – March



Whilst I may have stated my intention to be more conscious throughout 2014, I’ll admit that for most of the last two months my focus has been far from conscientious. Rather than enjoying and thriving, I have mostly been enduring January and February, longing for some sunny skies and the ability to leave the house without immediately turning into a block of ice. From general ramblings around the Internet, I think I’m not the only one who’s felt this way. With the clear skies and slight rise in temperature that we’ve had over the last week, I can already feel a bit more of a spring in my step and now that March is here it’s time to stop making excuses and crack on.

I’m setting myself three little goals for the month of March, to try and kickstart myself and get me back on track. It feels easier to work on a couple of things than to try and overhaul everything at once, and I’ve tried to pick goals that are concrete and achievable. I don’t want to end up using my intentions to punish myself – I want to work on creating habits that will ultimately lead me to the life I want to live. There’s that rumour that it takes 21 days to make a habit, so a month should be more than sufficient in this case!

Create a Morning Routine 

I am actually a morning person; I work better in the morning and once I’m up and showered I’m usually pretty perky. I don’t drink tea or coffee, but I am fairly energetic in the morning – particularly when compared to the evening.

However, over the winter I have let my morning routine slip – it has been far easier to stay in bed until the very last second, hiding from the world under the duvet, than to jump out of bed and actually make something of the morning.

I long to be one of those super-efficient people who wakes up ridiculously early so they can work out, prepare meals for the day, eat a healthy breakfast and still have time to have a leisurely read of the newspaper.

I’m realistic enough to know that I’m not going to bound out of bed on Monday morning just because I’ve set this goal, but I do want to work on establishing a morning routine which sets me up for the day ahead. Starting with…

Eat Breakfast

This is a major one for me; it ties into the first but I think it needs its own separate goal because, as we all know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I don’t eat breakfast most days, which is a terrible habit to have slipped into. For the month of March, I will endeavour to eat proper breakfasts every day.

Go Running

I’ve only been on a handful of runs this year, and they have ranged from the traumatising to the energising. I do always feel better once I’ve been on a run, even if it is only due to a sense of smug satisfaction. It’s a free way to move my body and since we’re on a money-saving kick this year, that is a very big win; however, without the added financial motivation it’s something that can easily fall by the wayside in favour of nights sat in front of ‘Breaking Bad’ (no spoilers please).

One of my over-arching goals for this year is to create an exercise routine that I don’t hate and can actually stick to – I’m never going to be a spin-classing, marathon-running gym bunny but I want to be healthy and fit so aiming for three runs a week is achievable for me. Maybe I’ll amp it up as we go through the year, maybe I won’t but for March, that’s enough.

What are your goals for March? 

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