Making Pasta at Leeds Cookery School

Pasta Making at Leeds Cookery School // Amy Elizabeth

I am a self-taught cook, for the most part. I have occasionally been shown a trick or two by someone with more skills than myself, but mostly I have worked out from trial and error how to make the meals in my repertoire. I like to think I’m pretty good, but there is always room for improvement – and that’s where cookery classes and courses come in. It’s been on my wish list to go to a cookery school for a long time, but they are often prohibitively expensive and so it’s always been relegated down the list in favour of other pursuits, but I suspect that is all about to change with the opening of Leeds Cookery School. 

Pasta Making at Leeds Cookery School // Amy Elizabeth

Based just outside of the city centre at The Old Fire Station, Leeds Cookery School is part of the charity Zest – Health for Life, who support vulnerable people and those living in disadvantaged areas of the city and 100% of their profits will be going towards making the charity sustainable and helping them carry out their work in Leeds. There’s a real mix of classes from beginner’s introductions to more specialised lessons from expert chefs, from cooking the perfect steak to how to run a supper club (both relevant to my interests, FYI), bread-making to making the perfect roast dinner. And with prices starting at just £45.00 for an after-work class, it’s an accessible way to improve your skills that also makes you feel a bit smug for basically donating to charity. 

They very kindly invited me down to try out their pasta making class and I, of course, jumped at the opportunity. In a little over two hours, we were given all the basics to make tagliatelle with a creamy mushroom sauce and it was the perfect primer to trying it at home (as soon as I buy that pasta maker I’ve had my eye on!). We went from flour and eggs to perfectly al dente pasta, with almost no incidents. Other than when my pasta strips all got a little stuck together… but I know how to fix that next time! Everyone was super friendly (this is Yorkshire, after all) and the class was pitched perfectly; you only needed a very basic knowledge of cooking to understand what was going on (no fancy chef’s terms here!) and there were plenty of opportunities to ask questions about everything from pasta making to which knives you need in your kitchen arsenal. 

Pasta Making at Leeds Cookery School // Amy Elizabeth

It turns out that pasta making is a very satisfying way to spend an evening; anything cooked from scratch always tastes better than the ready-made counterpart but that’s even more true for pasta. I was a little smug as I devoured my homemade pasta at the end of the evening, and I am definitely going to give it a go on my own now that I have a little bit of knowledge behind me (although they do say a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing – come back to me when both me and my kitchen are covered in flour and pasta dough…). I can’t imagine this will be the only time I will be a student at the Leeds Cookery School, either; I’ve already got my eye on some of the classes they are currently running and I know there will be some more exciting ones around the corner, for sure! 

Pasta Making at Leeds Cookery School // Amy Elizabeth


Pasta Making at Leeds Cookery School // Amy Elizabeth

Disclaimer: I attended the Leeds Cookery School for free but I was already checking out their classes before the invite very handily dropped into my inbox as they seemed like such a bargain – and I was right! 

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Living up in Leeds, it often feels like London gets all the attention. All the shiny new openings, the exciting events and all of the praise. Now, don’t get me wrong, there is a lot to love about London – but there’s also a lot to love about Leeds! London doorways and murals and shopfronts are ten-a-penny on Instagram – with people making pilgrimages to the floral haven outside Liberty London and the candy-stripe houses of Notting Hill just to get the perfect Instagram snap. And don’t get me wrong, I’ve liked as many photos of Peggy Porschen’s as the next girl, but I think it’s time to give some credit to my own city. We’re not just a gritty city, we’re a pretty city, too – and I’d love to start seeing more of that side of Leeds over on Instagram. 

Siobhan Ferguson launched the #prettycitylondon project many moons ago, and you can see the fruits of her labour over on the @prettycitylondon account; and, of course, it didn’t stop there. There are plenty of people out there who want to share the pretty side of their own cities, and you can see snippets of them over on @theprettycities – but Leeds is sorely lacking in representation. And there’s only one way to fix it…

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Whilst on maternity leave, I’m hoping to get out and about across the city far more than usual so I’m planning to snap my own #prettycityleeds photos but I’d love to get the ball rolling with some help from all of you – I’m sure there are plenty of pretty pictures of Leeds lurking out there, so let’s join them all together and show the world that Leeds is pretty darn, well, pretty! You just have to look up when strolling along Briggate, or pop down a side street in Chapel Allerton or Headingley, or take a walk in Roundhay Park (to name but a few locations) to prove that. So, hashtag your snaps of Leeds and I’ll share my favourites over on Instagram and on this blog. Leeds, I know you’ve got this… 

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Where to Celebrate Galentine’s Day In Leeds

What’s Galentine’s Day, I hear you ask? 

“Oh it’s only the best day of the year. Every February 13th, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it, breakfast-style. Ladies celebrating ladies. It’s like Lilith Fair, minus the angst. Plus frittatas.” – Leslie Knope, Parks & Recreation 

Invented by my idol, Leslie Knope, Galentine’s Day is celebrated on 13th February and traditionally consists of brunch, all your best lady friends and the sharing of compliments. Here’s where you can kick it, breakfast style, with your ladies in Leeds. 

Ox Club

The food at Ox Club is seriously, seriously good. For somewhere that’s listed in the Good Food Guide and the Michelin Guide, the atmosphere (and the prices) are unassuming – letting the food do all of the talking. I would highly recommend their ricotta pancakes with blueberries and honeycomb, but I definitely wouldn’t say no to their Korean Chicken or Coconut French Toast, either. Basically, get all your besties together and order everything on the menu. The only problem is that you won’t be able to do that much catching up because the food will render you silent in appreciation. It’s worth it, I swear. 


If you want a fancy lady brunch, then Angelica is the place to head. Whisk your way up in the private lift, take in the views over Leeds and enjoy their extensive range of cocktails whilst you brunch and revel in your mutual affection and awesomeness. In tribute to Ms Knope, you must have the waffles, and in tribute to me, you must have an Aperol Spritz. Get it, girls. 

Laynes Espresso 

For something a bit more low key, the newly revamped Laynes Espresso is definitely the place to head. Not only do they have a reputation for the best coffee in Leeds, their brunch menu contains such delights as Sweetcorn Fritters with halloumi and chimichurri, Toasted Banana Bread with orange mascarpone, and my favourite, Shakshuka. Not only that, but they stock cakes from the inimitable Noisette Bakehouse, so it’s going to be a party in your mouth by the time the brunch is done. Guaranteed. 

Cafe 164 

Cafe 164 is new to the brunch game, but I am ogling their small but perfectly formed breakfast menu every time I pop in for a morning hot chocolate. Basically, I need the Nectarines & Cream Toast in my face, stat. There’s plenty of choice for your vegan and vegetarian pals, and their cake selection is pretty epic, too. Plus, since Galentine’s Day is all about supporting kick ass ladies, you’ll be putting your brunch pennies into the pockets of some of the most kick ass ladies I know on the Leeds food scene. Can’t say fairer than that, can you? 

Shears Yard 

Am I saving the best until last? Only if you like your brunches with a side of unlimited alcohol (so, yes, yes I am). The bottomless brunch at Shears Yard features their signature brunch dishes, like Smoked salmon & dill risotto, Garlic & truffle creamed mushrooms on toasted brioche and Merguez sausage & spiced mixed bean cassoulet (so not your standard brunch fare – and all the better for it, I’d say) but also the opportunity to drink as much as you like from a range of brunch-friendly cocktails. Most bottomless brunches that I’ve seen stick to Prosecco or Bloody Marys, but there are some fancier options on the menu like, my favourite, Aperol Spritzes, and a delicious sounding English 75. It’s only available on Saturdays, though, so you’ll have to celebrate Galentine’s Day early if you’re heading here. 

Altogether now, Ovaries before Brovaries

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The Very Best Way to Make an Apple Pie


Like every other pumpkin-spice-loving basic bitch on the Internet, I have fully embraced the concept of ‘hygge’ this season. This Danish concept of ‘cosiness’ is having a big impact on how much I can embrace the darker days and colder temperatures of autumn.  There is no literal translation for ‘hygge’ in English, but it amounts to living simply and seasonally, finding ways to enjoy the chilly winter days rather than just endure them, and encouraging community rather than isolation. There are copious amounts of candles and hot chocolate involved, and plenty of blankets, but more than that, it’s about spending your time meaningfully, getting outdoors when you can, and spending quality time with your nearest & dearest in a low-key and switched-off sort of way. 


And so it came to pass that we spent an afternoon making an apple pie in the very best way possible. In the morning, I prepped the pastry so it would be ready, using my trust Four and Twenty Blackbirds cookbook (seriously, this recipe has never failed me and makes the most perfect crust for your pies). With the pastry chilling in the fridge, we pulled on our walking boots and our snuggly scarves and headed over to Lotherton Hall for Apple Day! 


Because, of course, picking the apples fresh from the tree and squirrelling them home to bake your pie is the pinnacle of pie-making perfection. Armed with a couple of apple-picking contraptions, a leaflet full of apple information, and a whole lot of enthusiasm, we plundered the orchard for the very best cooking apples. It was no mean feat, let me tell you! The birds and the bugs had had their pick of the apples (not to mention the toddlers who were far more skilled at this apple picking business than us!) but we walked away with a haul of 26 apples ready for baking. 


With cheeks rosy pink from all that fresh air (we’re all office workers, we’re not used to such things…), hair slightly damp from the rather abrupt rain shower and arms full of apples, we headed back to the house for the next stage of the operation. One of my favourite parts of hygge is sharing the cooking; entertaining becomes more a communal activity than a fancy dinner party. And many hands make light work – especially when it comes to pie baking. So everyone played a part; from peeling and cutting the apples to mixing them up with spices & bitters, to rolling the pastry and pouring over the caramel and assembling the lattice on top. It was truly a group effort, and it tasted all the sweeter when we divvied it up and poured over copious amounts of cream. Truly, the best way to make (and eat) an apple pie is with friends.


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5 More New Places to Try in Leeds

Stories Cafe Leeds


Who doesn’t love a pretty local coffee shop? No one, that’s who. Scandinavian-inspired design, cakes from Noisette Bakehouse, cold pressed juice and Instagrammable scenes for days. We went to Stories on their opening weekend for coffee & cake, but I was very jealous of the dippy eggs being eaten by the couple next to us so I am definitely going back for brunch sometime very soon. 

Mr Nobody 

We ended up in Mr Nobody on a night out recently, and their Wye Valley Spritz is the cocktail that I’m now dreaming about on warm days. There’s a lovely little garden outside if the sun is shining, and the inside has some fun little pods to sit in. We just went for drinks, but apparently you can grab a pizza with your drinks and (most excitingly of all) they serve up a tasting menu downstairs that sounds pretty amazing. 

The Old Red Bus Station Leeds

The Old Red Bus Station 

This aptly named bar is right by my bus stop, and my daily peek in the window definitely makes me want to visit. Unfortunately, circumstances haven’t conspired to get me through the doors yet but I know it will only be a matter of time. It’s a multi-purpose venue serving up food and drink alongside art and music. The building is really unique, and it’s so nice to see it being used at last! 

I Am Doner Leeds

I Am Doner

Kebabs get a pretty bad name. Usually the foodstuff consumed on a night out to satisfy drunken cravings, I Am Doner is giving the kebab a makeover and making it the dish every foodie is going to be talking about. Their house special combines slow-cooked lamb, super juicy chicken, falafel and halloumi with salad, feta and various pickles and other deliciousness all wrapped up in the softest bread. It was a flavour sensation and I already want another one. 

La Casita Horsforth Leeds

La Casita 

A few years ago, I was lucky enough to dine at The Pink Shed, catered by La Casita in Ilkley. The tapas was completely delicious, but I’ve not had a chance to experience it again. Now they’ve moved to Horsforth – just up the road – we’ll definitely be taking a trip for a little Iberico pork cheek and Rioja. 

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Five Years in Leeds

leeds town hall

Photos by Jenna Woodward Photography

As of today, I’ve lived in Leeds for five whole years. In that time, Leeds has become more a home to me than any other place ever has been. I went from feeling lost and lonely in this city, to being unable to imagine myself anywhere else. It is fitting, it feels, that we moved into our new home this weekend, too. Right now, I feel a little lost in between these four walls – everything I own is in boxes (although slowly less so) and there is no kitchen and it doesn’t feel like home. But it will do, in time. One day, I think I’ll find it difficult to imagine myself anywhere other than this home that we are building, slowly but surely. 

In that time, I have become more myself than I ever have been, too. I suppose we are all becoming more ourselves every day, but I am comfortable with myself now in a way I definitely wasn’t when I first moved here. I’ve grown up here, properly, and learnt things about myself and found my way. I am grateful to this city, for helping me with that. 

leeds friends

I am also grateful to Leeds for bringing me so many of my favourite people. People who are as close to me as my family. We’re all transplants here, thrown together by luck and circumstance. When I moved here, they opened their arms to me and I hope that I have been able to do the same for others when they have made their way here, too. This family is not an exclusive one – we have our history together, sure, but that everyone is always so welcoming is my favourite thing about them.

So, Leeds. Here’s to another five years together, eh? 

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My Leeds Indie Food Picks!

Photo by Ifty Patel

Photo by Ifty Patel

Hey pals! Can you believe that it’s almost that time again? The Leeds Indie Food Festival was definitely one of the highlights of last year, and it’s back again with even bigger and better events. They’ve just released the tickets for everything so I thought I’d pull together a little round-up of the events that I’ve got my eye on… 

Photos by: • Instagram/Twitter: @tomjoyphoto

Photos by: • Instagram/Twitter: @tomjoyphoto

Leeds Feast

Paul’s been buzzing about Leeds Feast ever since last year, and he marked it in the calendar as soon as the dates were released. This is an unticketed event, so just turn up and get ready to gorge yourself silly on some of the UK’s best street food. This year it’s spread over Belgrave, Headrow House and Northern Monk Brewery – some of the coolest venues in town – and it’s sure to be a good couple of days. See you there, yeah? 

In Defence of Plants

I’ve already booked my spot for this brunch, hosted by two of my favourite foodie ladies – Sarah Lemanski from Noisette Bakehouse and Izy Hossack from Top With Cinnamon. It’s a bit of a departure for me; as suggested by the title it’s a plant-based menu, and I’m excited to try something new! 

Jessie Leong - #LIF15- The Great Edible Art Show- Eat the Art - d1b8e4dc-fcad-11e4-aebe-46bfd53c547e - Original

Photo by Jessie Leong

Edible Art Show: City of Cake 

Last year’s exhibition was one of my favourite parts of the festival, and this year The Tattooed Bakers are stepping it up a notch with an ‘awe inspiring architectural representation of our city’s cultural landscape’. Made of cake. Yep. The exhibition is running for a week, so don’t miss out on the chance to catch a glimpse of this masterpiece! 

50×50: A Night At The Spa 

This is the stuff that my dreams are made of. Truly. Sadly, I think the price tag may preclude me from going (new kitchens don’t buy themselves, unfortunately) but I’m sure I’m going to regret it when I see photos. You might already know that Norse is one of my favourite restaurants, and one of the most exciting places to dine in Yorkshire, and for this event they’re making the trip to Leeds for one night only with an ambitious FIFTY course Nordic tasting menu, matched with beverages from some of the finest Yorkshire drinks producers. Be still my beating heart… When you put it like that, it really sounds like a bargain. 

The Swine That Dines at Lazy Lounge: Cocktails and Canapes

Two of Leeds most well-respected foodies are teaming up for two of my favourite courses – cocktails and canapes! The Swine That Dines is renowned for their innovative food, and the cocktails from Lazy Lounge have been described as ‘exuberant’. Now that’s my kind of evening… 

Chef: The Experience

This was one of the best things that I did last year (second to marrying Paul, of course!) and I’ve been raving about it to everyone who will listen ever since. If you only do one Leeds Indie Food thing this year, make it this. Have you ever been watching someone cook on TV and wished you had a plate of what they’re making in front of you? Well, Belgrave are gonna make your dreams come true. Sit back and watch the wonderful, happy-making film Chef whilst being served the delicious food from the screen. You’ll be buzzing afterwards, I promise. 

Jessie Leong - #LIF15- An Evening with The House of Fu-Schnikens - 5ae44a42-fb25-11e4-a5b2-46bfd53c547e - Original

Photo by Jessie Leong

An Evening with Fu-Schnikens

Street food legends Fu-Schnikens are bringing their infamous asian cuisine to Ox Club for a one-off pop-up experience. I’ve heard theirs going to be sake, so you know it’s going to be a good night. 

Turning Tables: A Cous Cous Bang Bang Supper Club

If you’ve ever read Thom’s blog then you’ll probably have giggled at his reviews and drooled over his food. Making his supper club debut, Thom’s working with The Grub & Grog Shop to bring you five mysterious courses inspired by the Tripadvisor Top 10 and all proceeds are being donated to The Trussell Trust. Good food and a good cause? I’m there. 

Women / Art / Food: A Woman’s Place

Do you know what I love? Pudding? Do you know what I love more than pudding? Pudding and booze. Do you know what I love even more than that? Six courses of pudding with matched drinks inspired by and honouring six powerful women from the patisserie and confectionary trade. It’s almost like they made this event for me. 

Photo by Jessie Leong.  Oh, how I wish I'd bought this print last year!

Photo by Jessie Leong.
Oh, how I wish I’d bought this print last year!

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5 New Places to Try in Leeds

5 New Places to Try in Leeds // Amy Elizabeth

We can’t go a week in Leeds without something new and exciting opening its doors. I’ve lost track of the number of cafes, bars and restaurants that have opened their doors in the last year, and I certainly can’t keep up with visiting them all. Trying new things is often usurped by visiting old favourites, and the best of intentions to visit new places (or even old places that I haven’t got around to yet – Kendells and Zucco, I’m looking at you, boos) often get scuppered. I do, however, keep track of all the places that I want to go to (read: want to eat all the things at) and I know I’ll get round the them eventually! This list is actually a mixture of new places I’ve been to that I’ve not had a chance to write about before, and ones where I’ve heard amazing things from people in the know. 

The Turk’s Head 

5 New Places to Try in Leeds // Amy Elizabeth

One of Leeds’ oldest pubs, Whitelock’s, has just transformed its old function room into Leeds’ newest cocktail bar. Lord Whitney have been responsible for the makeover, so you know it’s going to be good, and the list of drinks they’re serving up is incredibly impressive – with craft beers and unusual spirits taking centre stage. This little gem is tucked away in the heart of the city centre, and I can’t wait to visit! 

Headrow House 

Anyone who’s anyone has made Headrow House their new venue of choice in the city centre, and it’s easy to see why. There’s pretty much something for everyone, from the delicious dishes being served up at Ox Club (read my brunch review here) to the rustic beer hall next door serving up their own brews, to the cocktail bar upstairs with a ‘Club Tropicana’ vibe to the uber-cool roof terrace which will no doubt be rammed as soon as the sun starts shining. Definitely one to add to your ‘must-visit’ list! 

The Hedonist Project 

5 New Places to Try in Leeds // Amy Elizabeth

You may remember the pop-ups next to Sandinista last year run by these guys – Hogarth’s Gin Joint and The Rum Shack. Now they’ve found a permanent home on Lower Briggate, and you really must pay them a visit. Their concept changes seasonally, so you don’t have long left to enjoy the whisky vibe they’ve got going on at the moment before they switch everything up. Right now, you can settle into a booth and be served exquisite cocktails that are unlike anything else in Leeds, so you really don’t want to miss this. 

House of Koko 

5 New Places to Try in Leeds // Amy Elizabeth

Chapel Allerton regulars may remember this place as ‘Grinders’, but they’ve since been taken over by new owners and given a whole new look and feel. Ally has already raved about House of Koko, and I’ve spotted them over on Lil’s Instagram so I really must get myself down to try their interesting looking menu and browse the shelves of local produce. Plus, from the looks of it, there are Instagram opportunities for days! One for a lazy Sunday brunch sometime soon, for sure. 

The Cat’s Pyjamas

We went to The Cat’s Pyjamas in Headingley over the Christmas break, because what better thing to spend your Christmas pennies on than curry? Right? It’s a sweet little restaurant over two floors with a pared back decor that reminds me, unsurprisingly, of Bundobust, if you’ve been there. They’ve got a great range of craft beers for people who are in to such things (oh, how I wish I was!) and a menu of interesting and unusual curries. I had a prawn curry which almost blew my head off, so do watch out if you’re not a fan of spice, but everything we had was delicious and I’m sure we’ll be back with a group so we can mix and match some more of their curries! 

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Brunch at Ox Club, Leeds

Ox Club at Headrow House, Leeds

It takes quite a lot for me to be excited about a new restaurant opening. I’m always happy to check out new places and try something new, but it’s quite rare for me to be desperate to go somewhere that’s just opened. Which is exactly how I felt about Ox Club. As soon as they opened their doors, everyone I know in Leeds who loves food was raving about them and I had to get a piece of it. Emma and I had dinner there about a week later, and it was everything I dreamed of and more. You can read all about it on her blog, in which she also says some very lovely things about me (blush). All I’ll say is, get the cauliflower. It will change your life. Which is no mean feat for a vegetable that I have mostly avoided when it’s not covered in a thick, cheese sauce. 

As a basic white girl, and therefore a dedicated bruncher, I was also counting down the days until I got to try out their brunch menu. It’s only available at weekends, and the thought of going into town during the Christmas shopping crush was too much for me, even with the promise of pancakes, so we waited until January and headed over to brunch to our heart’s delights. 

Ox Club at Headrow House, Leeds

Ox Club is exactly the kind of restaurant where I like to spend my time and money; it’s small enough to be intimate, it’s not fancy with its decor, save for a few copper touches and some plants scattered about, and they let the food do the talking. The smell of the grill is the first thing that hits you when you arrive, and it is wonderful – smoky and delicious. The menu changes regularly depending on market availability of produce, and features a small array of dishes that are carefully considered and cooked to perfection. There’s a reason everyone’s been raving about this place. 

Ox Club at Headrow House, Leeds

For brunch, we settled on Hanger Steak & Cheddar Eggs and their Ricotta Pancakes, which are served with honeycomb and blueberries. Our greed lead us to order a side of bacon and extra home fries, but there was really no need – I couldn’t even finish my pancakes because the portions were so generous. They were as light and fluffy as a cloud, and the blueberry and honeycomb accompaniment was surely a stroke of genius. We all need more honeycomb in our lives. Paul’s steak was perfectly cooked and tender and came with a heaping pile of silky eggs and a gorgeous smoked tomato jam. All in all, an absolutely fantastic way to start the day and one I’ll definitely be back for many times, I’m sure. 

Ox Club at Headrow House, Leeds

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Brunch at Seven Arts, Chapel Allerton

seven arts

We really got into the brunch game when we were in the States. They are on another level over there, I promise. I can only hope for brunches so decadent in Leeds in the near future. That said, brunch options in Leeds have definitely gotten better over the last year or so, as more and more people get on board with this glorious meal. It was with great interest that I learnt that Seven Arts in Chapel Allerton, a mere five minute stroll from my house, have started up a brunch menu on Saturdays and Sundays which runs until 3pm. That is the best time for brunch – it’s far more socially acceptable to get lightly buzzed after midday, and the best brunches have an alcohol accompaniment. 

brunch at seven arts

Seven is one of my favourite bars in Chapel Allerton (and in Leeds). It’s just got a really friendly vibe and, since it’s a non-profit that’s putting on some great arts events in the area, you can feel very smug after a couple of pints there. As a non-profit, their food and drink is very reasonably priced and the brunch is no exception – a plate of huevos rancheros with chorizo will set you back just £7, whilst a bacon sandwich is just £4. Everything is cooked fresh and the quality of the food is excellent, especially for the price. Although my huevos rancheros didn’t include all the traditional trappings of the dish, it had a great blend of flavours and a guacamole that even this avocado-avoider was shovelling onto her fork. Plus, perfectly dippy eggs. Is there anything better? 

hot chocolate

Of course, with the wind and rain lashing at the windows, a hot chocolate was definitely in order, too – just look at those mini marshmallows! It was the perfect Saturday morning activity (despite what I said about brunch being best in the early afternoon, we had a busy day ahead!) and we’ll definitely be back! 


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