September 2017

Feeling so much joy every time Ben smiles. 

Obsessing over using the One Second Everyday app. 

Watching the Baywatch movie and enjoying it as much as I knew I would. 

Rewatching Gossip Girl and The Gilmore Girls. There’s a lot of time for Netflix right now.

Visiting my aunt’s house (for maybe the last time before they knock it down and build an incredible new one!). 

Singing all sorts of silly songs. Alice the Camel is a current favourite… 

Surviving my first night solo with Benjamin. 

Booking a getaway in January on a whim with some of our best pals. 

Finding a rhythm to my days with Ben. We’re starting to get the hang of this… 

Learning to make pasta at Leeds Cookery School (more on this soon!). 

Packing away Benjamin’s 0-3 month clothes and…

Getting out all of his 3-6 months stuff, already! 

Going on some mammoth walks! Gotta get out of the house somehow… 

Closing my eyes whilst Ben had his first set of injections. He was a total champ, though.

Buying my first ever pair of Levi jeans. They’re worth every penny. 

Celebrating the wedding of two sweet friends in Newcastle.  

Planning to blog every day in October. Wish my luck! 

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5 Podcasts to Listen To This Autumn

5 Podcasts to Listen to This Autumn // Amy Elizabeth

I am a podcast obsessive. I sometimes think about starting a podcast about podcasts, because I just love them so much. I am religious about listening to all of the ones I subscribe to, which means that I am still working my way through episodes from July (insert cry-laughing emoji here). But, I can’t resist when I find a new good one, so I am doomed to be forever behind. Here’s a few of my new favourites which are perfect for upcoming cosy nights in, and days spent bossing it in the spirit of the new school year. 

Hello Friend

I listen to a lot of podcasts by bloggers, and this one by Bethany Rutter really stands out as something different. As per the title, this podcast is just conversations with her friends – and she has some damn interesting friends. From street food traders to booksellers to feminist, body-positive comedians, I was super stoked to have been introduced to all of these rad new people via this podcast. Bethany has a really lovely interview manner, and these are exactly the conversations I love to have with my friends – a mixture of joy and whimsy with serious topics and political chat. If you want something to cosy up with on autumn evenings, this is perfect.  

What She Said 

Autumn is the perfect time for new creative projects, and if you’ve ever thought about getting into blogging (or maybe getting more serious about your blog if you’ve already got one!) then this is the podcast for you. Lucy interviews interesting women from around the blogging world (particularly travel blogging, if that’s your jam – although the lessons are useful for any kind of blogger) and gets them to share their wisdom and top tips. I really loved the episodes with Sophie Cliff and Siobhan Watts but I’ve found something useful from every episode I’ve listened to so far, and now that I have a little bit more brain space for blogging, I’m excited to apply what I’ve learned! 

My Favourite Murder

Autumn is a time for spooky stories, and whilst I’m not sure this podcast will give you chills, it is packed full of true crime tales that are real life horror stories. It’s also surprisingly funny, given that it’s also about gruesome murders most of the time. Don’t get me wrong, they keep it serious when it comes to the actual murder part and are always respectful of the victims in every case, but the chat in between between the presenters (Karen and Georgia) is what keeps me coming back for more. If you like your true crime with a side order of catchphrases, in jokes and cat chat then this is the podcast for you. 

Made of Human

I want to say the best thing about this podcast is Sofie Hagen’s voice, which is just wonderful, but that’s not true (although her voice is warm and delightful). It’s not true because there are so many best things about this podcast: the list of guests, the slightly off-the-wall questions, and the friendly conversations that cover everything from feminism & fat positivity to comedy and dating. This podcast is all about connection and making you feel like you’re not alone, which is a lovely thing, don’t you think? 

Never Before with Janet Mock 

Intimate and in-depth conversations are the order of the day during this season, and Janet Mock delivers some incredible ones in this new podcast. I love Janet Mock and her no-holds-barred interviewing style, which reveals more about both the host and the guest. Plus her list of guests is seriously impressive; from Lena Dunham to Joanne the Scammer, you’ll definitely learn something from this podcast, as well as getting to know some huge cultural figures just that little bit better. 

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5 Podcasts to Listen to This Autumn // Amy Elizabeth

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Green Eggs & Ham from Student Eats by Rachel Phipps 

Like a lot of people, I imagine, I learnt to cook at University. I could definitely fend for myself before I left home, but it wasn’t until I had to make all my own meals that I started getting more interested in food and cooking. And, in fact, it wasn’t until I lived with my wonderful friend Emma in my third year, who is a fantastic cook and taught me a lot, that I started to experiment more and get a bit more adventurous in the kitchen. Some of my fondest University memories are of making meals together in that house, and it really sparked a love of cooking that I have carried with me ever since. (Remind me to tell you my actual fondest University memory some time; it involves teaching a celebrated feminist classicist to use a Dyson hand dryer…). 

Although not everyone is lucky enough to have an Emma to guide them through, University really is the perfect time to start getting comfortable in the kitchen – which is where Rachel‘s book comes in ever so handy. Student Eats is a collection of simple and delicious meals for students (unsurprisingly) and anyone who’s starting to find their way in the kitchen but needs a bit of inspiration and a helping hand. With Fresher’s Week coming up, it would make a great gift for the student in your life, or a handy addition to your cookbook shelf if you find yourself stuck for quick and easy meals in the week. 

In fact, it’s also a pretty useful book to have on hand when you’re a new mother and need some fast meals that you can whip up in the space of nap time. There’s actually a lot in common between new students and new mothers now I think about it… erratic sleeping patterns, not really having a clue what you’re doing, and reliance on takeaways to name but a few. So although I consider myself a rather competent cook, I’ve been reaching for this book to get some ideas for easy lunches – like this Green Eggs & Ham. It’s a delicious combination of parma ham, rocket, eggs and pesto, all piled on top of a toasted English muffin. Perfect for a brunch or lunch (or really any time if you’ve lost track of time due to sleep deprivation…). Not only is it pretty delicious, it’s also a filling meal that you can make without creating a whole lot of washing up – another thing that’s good for new parents and students alike. Student Eats is full of little gems like this one, and I know I’m going to be reaching for it for some inspiration a lot in the coming months! 

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How to Practise Self Care As A New Mum


Being a new mum is totally all-encompassing, and it would be so easy to let yourself slip under the overwhelming tasks that come with motherhood. We have been very lucky with our baby; he has been very chilled out and easygoing, which has really eased our transition into parenthood. So take this advice with a pinch of salt; there will be times when you can’t practise or prioritise self-care, when your baby just won’t allow for it. But I find that I’m a better parent, a better wife and a better person when I take care of myself, so it’s something that I’ve been really conscious of during this first six weeks, and here’s what’s been working for me… 

Gather Your Gang  

This has been the most important part of self-care for me. Whether it’s your own mum popping over for the day to give you a break, or just a WhatsApp group of other parents who you can use as a soundboard during the night, having a gang of people around you during this time is crucial. That gang obviously include your partner, too, and whilst it’s tempting to think that you know your baby better than anyone (which you probably do), handing them over to your other half even if they don’t rock them to sleep exactly the way you would will give you the time you need to look after yourself. Accepting help is hard at any time, but it’s essential to your survival and self-care. 

Let Them Be 

This maybe controversial, but I let my baby cry if I really need to. I’m not into ‘Cry It Out’ as a parenting method, but if I really need the bathroom or to grab a drink, then I let him cry whilst I sort myself out. I only do this for things that take a minute or two, but it’s easier than trying to juggle him whilst I make a sandwich – and there’s no way I can care for him all day without eating. It felt really wrong the first couple of times (that cry really is piercing…), but ultimately I always go back within a couple of minutes to give him a cuddle (or whatever else he needs) and he’s hardly neglected in the grand scheme of things so I figure we can both live with this arrangement.  

Prioritise the Basics (But Don’t Forget Everything Else) 

Everyone has their own priorities when it comes to self-care. I find that I feel a hundred times more capable when I’ve had a shower in the morning, so rather than sleeping when he sleeps, I prioritise getting clean. In fact, I’ve not really napped since he’s been born – I’d personally rather go to bed early with him rather than napping in the day, but for other people a nap might be the lifeline they need to get through the day. You know yourself best, so whether it’s a cup of coffee or a short stint of yoga, prioritise the basics you need to get through. 

However, there is a caveat to that… When you get a chance, don’t forget the things that make you feel good that aren’t just the very basics. For me that’s baths, reading books, blogging and baking (like the good 1950s housewife that I am…) – so when I do get a chance, I try to remember to do the things that make me feel like myself rather than just a mum. 

Get Outside 

That first trip out is so daunting. I was so anxious I almost cried, and we were only walking ten minutes up the road. I *did* cry the second time we went out to the park, because I just felt so overwhelmed. Home feels safe and easy, but being cooped up is no good for your mental health (or at least, it’s not for mine). It gets easier to leave the house, and I’ve been trying to at least go on a short walk each day. A bit of gentle exercise combined with some fresh air, and you’ll feel like a whole new person, I promise. 

Eat Out (and Stock Up on Snacks) 

Obviously budgets are a little tighter than usual when you’re on maternity leave, but if you can afford it then an occasional lunch out is a great form of self care. Even if you have to eat with one hand whilst juggling a sleeping baby, someone will bring you food to eat and then clear up after you – which is pretty much a miracle, isn’t it? 

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Celebrating a whole month with our little Benjamin.

Marvelling at how much he (and we) has changed already. 

Seeing him smile for the very first time (and having a little cry about it!) 

Feeling like we’re starting to get a handle on this parenthood thing (very, very slowly…)

Playing host to a whole bunch of visitors, who are definitely here to see us and not our new arrival… 

Plundering my new cookbooks (Student Eats and The Savvy Cook) for midweek dinner inspiration. 

Flexing my craft muscles for the first time in a while (helped very much by Jess!) 

Covering my eyes during this season of Game of Thrones. 

Enjoying fancy afternoon tea and pottery painting in York for a lovely hen do. 

Making the most of being able to eat cheese, steak & sushi again.

Searching for a dress to wear to a wedding next month… without much luck! 

Planning a capsule wardrobe for autumn/winter – it’s a dream not being pregnant! 

Enjoying a long bank holiday weekend as a family of three, eating and drinking our way around Leeds. 

Taking a million baby photos. 

Googling a million baby-related topics. 

Brunching at Issho, but sadly not taking advantage of their unlimited Prosecco offer. I’ll be back! 

Sleeping less than I maybe ever have (but feeling a lot less tired than I expected to). 

Watching the new series of Bake Off with an open mind, and a plate full of cake. 

Checking out my new desk at our new office (and sort of already wishing I was back at work – if only there were enough hours to do everything!). 

Getting used to being a mum. It’s kind of the best. 

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What’s Saving My Life Right Now

New motherhood is as difficult as everyone says it is. Through all the newborn baby cuddles and tiny little onesies, there’s so much to learn and so little sleep to help your brain learn it… Every midwife and health visitor you see asks about your mood; they are angling to see if you have the signs of post-natal depression, and rightly so, but, as I have said to every one of them: I am overwhelmed, but not disproportionately to a rather overwhelming situation. I have cried over my (in)ability to breastfeed, I have worried about leaving the house and stepping into the outside world, and I have panicked about all of the difficulties to come. But I am okay. We are okay. Survival is key right now, and, inspired by Modern Mrs Darcy, here’s what’s saving my life right now… 

Whatsapp at 3am

A lot of what we learnt at our NCT classes has already been thrown out of the window just two weeks in, but there has been one part of them that has been invaluable to me – the other people that we met. Our babies have all been born now, so we are sharing late night wisdom and reassurances between us. Everyone needs a cheerleader every now and again, and having a group of people who are going through exactly the same thing at exactly the same time is very encouraging! Especially when you feel like the only person awake in the middle of the night, it’s nice to know that you’re not alone. 

Lansinoh Nipple Cream 

I haven’t taken to breastfeeding with quite the enthusiasm that I thought I would. It is without a doubt the hardest thing I have ever done. It’s emotional, for sure, but it also bloody hurts and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. Even if you do everything right, it’s a sensitive part of the body to be putting to work so soreness is inevitable. I’ve been drowning in Lansinoh nipple cream as a way to get through the first couple of weeks and the pain is already lessening. Let’s hope it continues that way… 

Kindle iPhone App 

In theory, you should spend every precious moment soaking up time with your newborn. In reality, trying to stay awake in the middle of the night whilst a baby sleeps on top of you is a little tricky without distraction. A friend recommended I download the Kindle app to my phone for those late night feeds, so I’ve been keeping myself occupied with a bit of Jilly Cooper when I need something to help me stay alert. 

Aqueous Cream

Delightfully, I woke up on the second day after giving birth with a dry skin rash situation all over my chin and neck. Apparently due to hormonal changes (of course) this isn’t uncommon, as my frantic Googling revealed. Through many scary forum threads from people who’d suffered for months, I found the suggestion of aqueous cream to treat the problem and promptly sent Paul out to buy some for me. It’s since mostly cleared up, which could be due to natural changes in hormones or the cream doing its work – but either way, slathering it on helped relieve some of the ‘tight’ feeling of the dry skin and helped me feel a bit more in control! 

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine 

Yes, I know, I know. There have been some problems with these machines but as far as I’m concerned right now, this thing is a lifesaver. I want to breastfeed as much as possible but I’ve had some real problems so when he just really needs feeding there’s really no other option than a bit of formula. It’s not the end of the world – but the fact that this machine means you can have a bottle in hand in 2 minutes makes all the difference when you feel like it might be. 

Waitrose Daily Sushi Counter 

Okay, I realise this is the most middle class thing I’ve ever said – but fresh sushi from Waitrose is making life worth living right now. They opened the counter at our local Waitrose the end of my pregnancy (it’s like they knew!) and at least 25% of my meals have come from there in the last two weeks. Salmon nigri is my crack, and I’m not ashamed that it makes me feel a hundred times better when I’m exhausted and hungry. 

Gro Company Newborn GroSnug 

For the first few nights, Benjamin wouldn’t sleep if he wasn’t being held by one of us, which meant sleeping in shifts and trying not to nod off at god-awful-o-clock in the morning whilst a sleeping baby used us as a giant pillow. We figured out that he was waking himself up by thrashing his arms about, but were a bit wary of swaddling him properly with a blanket or muslin as all the advice suggests this can affect hip development. A bit of frantic Googling brought up the GroSnug – a little baby sleeping bag that swaddles the arms but leaves the hips and legs free, this assuaging some of my fears. The difference was immediate – he sleeps for a few hours at a time in this, which has already been a game changer. All three of us being asleep at the same time is a real luxury! 


Last, but certainly not least, I have to include the soppy one. These past two weeks haven’t been easy but they have been infinitely less difficult because of Paul. He has encouraged me endlessly when I am in floods of tears, picked up all the housework and kept me fed & watered when I am stuck underneath a cluster-feeding baby. I’m a bit worried about how we’ll cope now that he’s gone back to work, but luckily he doesn’t have a long commute so we only have to be without him for the shortest amount of time possible! 

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Counting down the days until our little one’s arrival…

Being showered in lots of love and presents at my beautiful book-themed baby shower. 

Feeling very slow and heavy! 

Drowning in baby-related admin and appointments. 

Finishing work for the year (but already sort of wanting to go back…). 

Loving Master of None and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt being back on our screens. 

Learning to do laundry now I’m a housewife! 

Celebrating Paul’s 37th birthday with chocolate cake. 

Scoffing Poffertjes at Eat North with my family. 

Travelling down South to toast my Grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary. 

Getting fancy at Bettys with Emma for a long overdue catch up. 

Signing off on our last NCT class… but not feeling much more prepared. 

Writing a birth plan and realising that it’s all getting very real… 

Making the most of peony season with plenty of bunches. 

Googling every little twinge + ‘sign of labour?’ 

Needing to fill up the bath more to try and cover the bump… 

Enjoying the sunshine, but also feeling rather glad that it’s gone for a little while. 

Getting butterflies that we’ll have a baby by this time next month… 

How about you?

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Summer Bucket List 2017

Summer Bucket List 2017 // Amy Elizabeth

Last autumn, I made a bucket list with all sorts of cosy delights on to celebrate the season – and I mostly stuck to it. I was partly cheating, because I’d already made a lot of those plans, but given that I was suffering with some pretty extreme nausea for most of the autumn and winter months this year, I’m still pretty pleased that I managed to cram in so much goodness. I’ve loved reading a few of the other summer bucket lists I’ve seen floating around the Internet, and wanted to make my own – but there’s a slight spanner in the works, in that I have *no idea* what the rest of the summer is going to hold for us, which makes it very hard to plan. All being well, it’ll only be another six weeks or so before we welcome our new addition (and potentially even less than that!) and everything’s going to be turned upside down. 

Finish the nursery 

This one needs to get ticked off pretty sharpish. We’re almost there, nursery-wise, and it has been a joy to be able to do something for our son before he arrives in the world, other than just carry him about and complain when he kicks me in the ribs. However, there’s still a bit of organising left to do, some pictures to hang on the wall, and a few small bits left to purchase. I know I’ll rest easier knowing that one job is off the list, even if he won’t actually be sleeping in there for the first few months. 

Make & drink an Aperol Spritz

Is it entirely sad that I am very excited about drinking alcohol again? I swear, I have never wanted a glass of wine more than when it has been denied to me. I am contrary like that, and also, wine is delicious (and there is no soft drink that can compare when you’re eating a fancy meal). I don’t miss being drunk, and I certainly don’t miss being hungover, but I do miss alcohol. Top of my list once I’m in the clear is an Aperol Spritz – so I’m stocking up on the ingredients already. I’ve sampled them at various bars, but never made one myself, so that’s the first challenge – but the reward will be sweet (and bitter, and sparkly, and oh, so good). 

Book a photoshoot for our little family 

I have to get Paul on board for this one, but I’d really like to get some professional photos taken of our family of three (or four, if you include Tuna…). Obviously, we’ll both be snapping away once the little one arrives (Paul upgraded his iPhone especially… although I expect that baby photos was only part of the reason!) but it’s difficult to take photos of all three of you without some outside help. We’ll likely be horrible sleep-deprived over the next few months, so I’ll mark this down as a win if we manage to just *book* rather than have the photoshoot itself. I’d also really like to get some snaps of the house now that it’s pretty much done, so I’m hoping to kill two birds with one stone, as it were. 

Have our first barbecue in the garden 

Paul’s parents donated their old barbecue to us last year, but we didn’t get a chance to actually use it before the weather turned. A barbecue is a fairly low-key commitment when it comes to hosting, and I’m imagining this as a casual, spur-of-the-moment style event. I just want to sit in a deck chair with a baby in one hand (preferably having a nice nap… we can dream!), a Pimms in the other, and that delicious barbecue-y smell in the air whilst I catch up with friends. I figure that’s pretty achievable, right? 

Make some ice cream 

I’ve been collecting ice cream recipes on Pinterest for years now, but never actually taken the plunge and made any myself. Paul is convinced that nothing can surpass Ben & Jerry’s in his estimation, but I’m pretty sure I can whip something up that will at least compare favourably. And if that fails? Boozy popsicles. 

Watch the new Baywatch movie 

The Rock and Zac Efron in a cheesy summer blockbuster? I am so there. Light entertainment is the order of the day right now. 

Go to the beach 

I haven’t been to the beach in years and years, so I’d love to take a day trip to one of Yorkshire’s many delightful beaches on a sunny day this summer. Really, I’m just in it for the really vinegary chips and the slightly sandy 99 flakes. 

What’s on your summer bucket list? 

Summer Bucket List 2017 // Amy Elizabeth

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Celebrating our second wedding anniversary, a friend’s 30th birthday and reaching the third trimester! 

Napping more in one month than I have in my entire life combined… 

Growing at a rate of knots – my stomach feels ginormous to me now! 

Exploring Knaresborough with my brother and Jess. 

Scoffing scones with jam and clotted cream at every opportunity. 

Smashing my latest blood test with minimal squeamishness… for me, anyway! 

Learning a lot in our NCT classes – they should probably make you have them before you decide to have a baby! 

Barbecuing on a happily frequent basis. 

Buying plenty of bits for baby’s nursery – it’ll hopefully be done in a week or so! 

Sweltering in the hot weather, and wishing I could have a cool glass of Pimms. 

Watching a lot of new TV series – Master of None, Kimmy Schmidt and American Gods are all on our current list. 

Counting down the days until the election – I can’t stand the tension! 

Nurturing my plants back to life – I’m finally starting to see them flower, which is exciting. 

Failing to do as much blogging as I had planned. 

Welcoming a new little cousin into the world.

Binging on the My Favorite Murder podcast. Stay sexy, don’t get murdered, everyone! 

Feeling very pleased that we live across the road from a good Italian pizza place. 

Trying to guess when bubba will get here. Will June be our last child-free month or will be make an early appearance? 

How about you? 


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The Art of Aggressive Friending

[Photo by Evan Kirby]

A few things have got me thinking about making friends recently. The first was Emma’s post on friend dating (featuring yours truly) and the second was starting our NCT classes. As well as learning a bit more about what this whole baby business is going to entail, everyone’s main goal is making some new parent pals for this new phase of their life. I think we were the only ones who had existing friends with babies nearby, thus making us the focus of some envy – but, as I always say, you can never have too many friends, especially when you’re about to be spending a whole lot of weekdays flying solo. Someone described NCT as being a bit like University, which for many of us was the last time in our life where making friends felt easy and natural, with everyone eager to meet new people and make connections, rather than sticking to their tried-and-tested groups and relationships. 

There’s a general wisdom that it is hard to make friends as an adult, and whilst I don’t entirely dispute that, I have actually found it to be the opposite – I have more friends now than I ever had at school or University, and I like to think that I’m juggling quality as well as quantity, because they are all ace. Part of that is purely luck; being with Paul meant falling into a ready-made friendship group (or two) and, in fact, at my hen do it seemed like almost everyone’s answer to ‘how do you know Amy?’ was… ‘through Paul’.

But… part of it is also from practicing the art of what I call ‘aggressive friending’. Now, contrary to the name, there’s nothing really aggressive or violent about this method – I like to think it’s actually quite nice. But what it does mean is not being afraid to come on too strong in the friendship stakes. If you find someone cool that you want to be friends with, tell them! What’s the worst that can happen? No one is ever going to be mad that someone else thinks they are awesome. And then, you keep telling them, not in words but in actions – inviting them to events or parties or coffee meet-ups – until they’re your new besties. I know these things are easier said than done, but I promise that it has worked like a charm for me on many occasions since I moved to Leeds, so I thought I would share my top tips with you, in case you’re looking to make some new BFFs in your life. 

Be Generous 

A cornerstone of aggressive friending is generosity. People like people who do nice things for them, so it just makes sense. Now, being martyr-ish about the favours you bestow upon your new friends will not endear you to anyone, so only be as generous as you really can be – everyone has a different threshold for this, but have an open heart and good things will come back to you. This can be as simple as extending an invitation for dinner, or buying them a drink when you’re at the pub, or even just giving them a compliment (after all, you want to be friends, so there must be something you like about them!). Do them a favour, with no expectation of a return – just merely for the joy of helping out another awesome human, and you might be surprised at what happens. 

Show Your True Colours

Paul and I have often ‘aggressively friended’ other couples together, and if you’ve met us in real life then you might understand why that might be a bit much for some people. We are both incredibly chatty, overly enthusiastic, strongly opinionated and probably talk louder than we should do in public places. (We have some good qualities, too…). That makes us really great friends for some people, and probably really not for others. But there’s no point pretending to be anything other than what we are, partly because there’s no way we can hide it, but also partly because we want friends who *want* to be friends with us. If someone doesn’t like you? It stings but at least you’ll know so you can go on and find someone who digs your particular brand of friendship. 

Make Connections 

Don’t keep all your new friends to yourself! You can expand your circle so much and make so many more new friends if you’re willing to spread the love a little bit. Introduce your new friends to other friends if you think they’d get along, or invite lots of different pockets of friends to one event and let them mingle together. You never know what connections they’ll forge with just a little nudging, and the more you do it, the more people will offer the same back to you – thus increasing your potential for new friends exponentially. This also comes under the ‘be generous’ banner; don’t treat your friendship group like a clique – let people in and you’ll find it reaps all kinds of friendship rewards. 

Take People at Their Word 

I spent a lot of time in my teenage years worried that my friends were only friends with me out of some sense of obligation, rather than any real affection for me. What I have learnt over time is that almost no one is friends with someone out of pity, so you can pretty much safely assume that if they accept your invitation or seem enthusiastic, then they are as down for the friendship thing as you are. Second guessing people’s motives will only send you into an anxiety spiral; you’ll soon know for sure if someone doesn’t want to hang out with you, because they’ll just stop hanging out with you. Don’t be pushy, but extend your invitations and compliments without fear and you might be surprised at the results. 

How to make friends as an adult - relationship and friendship advice on making friends with new people // Amy Elizabeth

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