A Day in the Life: October 2017

Day in the Life // Amy Elizabeth

Jazmin Quaynor

1am – Ben wakes up for a bottle so I dash downstairs to make one with the Tommee Tippee machine, hoping I can get back up and put it in his mouth before he starts squawking. No such luck this time, but he settles quickly when it’s finally in his mouth and drops back to sleep within 15 minutes. 

5.15am – Repeat Step 1! Usually this is Paul’s turn, but he had a long day yesterday and looked after Ben yesterday evening whilst I went to a work party, so I let him have a lie in and feed Ben again. Once again, when satiated with milk he drops back to sleep within 20 minutes. I hope and pray that he’s this easy forever, whilst knowing that he definitely won’t be… 

6am – Paul’s alarm goes off and I hear him get up but go back to sleep and don’t hear him leave for work. 

7.30am – I wake up briefly and think about getting up for a shower whilst Ben is still asleep, but fall back to sleep. Not going to lie, I feel a bit jaded after a few wines at my work party last night. 

8am – Ben wakes up and immediately screams for food. I run downstairs to make a bottle, and regret not getting up for a shower half an hour before. Thank my lucky stars that Ben is not yet moving and still finds it relatively fun to just stare into space, so I leave him in his Snuzpod after he’s eaten and dash into the shower for five minutes. 

8.30am – It takes a lot longer doing your make-up when you’re also trying to entertain a baby. I’m stopping after every step to make faces at him to try and make him laugh. It only occasionally works… 
9am – It’s time to get Ben dressed! We’re off to Rhyme Time with some pals today, and the library is always baking hot so whilst I dress him in a jumper, I make sure he’s got a short vest underneath so he can stay cool. 

9.15am – I leave Ben on his play mat to have a kick around and make myself some toast, and steal a handful of Malteasers from the cupboard. Whilst I’m just finishing my second slice, Ben decides he’s tired and starts to complain loudly. He’s recently started to fight sleep, so needs a dummy and a little bit of rocking to go off but he’s getting better at staying asleep when he’s put down, which is a win. Accidentally step in my toast whilst I’m walking him around the room so I have to awkwardly take my sock off whilst holding a baby so I don’t get butter on the rug… 

9.30am – Ben is asleep so I work on today’s blog post and send a few emails. I also pack my bag for Rhyme Time. 

10.15am – Ben wakes up hungry, once again. We’re pushing it a little bit for time so I give him a bottle and text my friend with the other hand that we’ll be a little late. 

10.30am – Ben’s finished his snack so I change his nappy and pop him in his little bear suit for in the pram. Run around making more bottles, taking dummies out of the steriliser, brushing my teeth etc. 

10.40am – Finally get out of the house and have to jog up the hill. Get stopped by an elderly lady who wants to have a chat about how cute Ben is and tell me about her own children.We’re running late, but I don’t want to be rude so talk to her about travelling to Kenya with her 10 week old way back in the day for a few minutes before wishing her a good day. 

11am – Meet up with my friend Katie, her gorgeous boy Walt and her sister who’s visiting for the day. We tackle the giant hill and chat family dramas on the walk to Rhyme Time. 

11.20am – We’re a little late so squeeze into the corner ready to sing Alice the Camel (my favourite) and do the Hokey Cokey. 

12pm – We wander around Sainsbury’s and consider our options for Halloween costumes and Christmas jumpers for the bubbas. There’s really no sense of urgency when you’re on maternity leave so we probably spend a bit too long there… Ben falls asleep on the way home. 

1pm – I get home just before the postman arrives with a present from my friend Amy, who’s coming to visit on Monday. I open it whilst making a bottle for Ben as, of course, he’s hungry again. 

1.15pm – Once Ben is fed and happy, I leave him on his play mat again and make myself some soup. I eat it sat on the floor with Ben so I can make faces and shake rattles at him. 

2pm – We try a little bit of tummy time, and it takes about a minute before Ben gets annoyed. Time for another nap… 

2.15pm – I run around and do all my boring chores – mostly laundry and tidying the kitchen. Try to call the hairdressers to change my appointment but they don’t pick up and then totally forget to do it later on. That’s one for tomorrow. 

3pm – Ben wakes up for a bit more food, followed by a bit more play time. It’s at this point that I text Paul about how the day is dragging… I’ll be impressed if anyone is still reading at this point! I half play with Ben and half make a food shopping list for the weekend. Text some pals about preferred pizza toppings for our pizza-making party next week. 

4pm – Time for another nap… It’s harder to put Ben down this time so after trying a couple of times I give in and let him sleep on me. Pop Gossip Girl on to entertain me, and text a few more people about meeting up in the coming week or so. Staying in the house for even half a day is driving me a little insane already. At one point, the door goes with a parcel (I ordered Robert Webb’s book last night) so I have to get up carefully or risk disturbing my sleeping baby. 

5pm – Another round of food for Ben whilst we watch Gossip Girl together. I explain the whole Blair/Chuck situation to him, but don’t think that he really cares… 

5.30pm – We’re now on the countdown for Paul to get home so we go upstairs and stick on the Cheesy Hits playlist on Spotify so we can have a singalong whilst I fold the clean laundry. Ben is in the best mood he’s been in all day and laughs a lot when we sing Mambo No. 5. 


6.00pm – Paul comes home and jumps in the shower. He tries to teach Ben to hold his Sophie the Giraffe ‘chew toy’ so he can gnaw on it, but he’s not quite at the ‘grasping’ stage yet. Paul takes Ben downstairs whilst I finish sorting the laundry and straightening things out. 

7.00pm – I put the duck we’re having for dinner in the oven and then it’s time for our bedtime routine as Ben is getting pretty grouchy. We’ve been pulling it forward by a few minutes every night and this is the earliest we’ve put him down so far. Might regret it when I have to get up straight after going to bed, but you’ll never know if you don’t try! We give Ben a bath together and I get him into his pyjamas whilst Paul makes him a final bottle for the day. 

7.30pm – Paul reads us a few pages of Harry Potter whilst I feed Ben, and then we pop him down to sleep. He must be tired as he falls asleep almost straight away. 

7.45pm – I finish making dinner (hoisin duck stir fry) whilst Paul watches his favourite show… The One Show. We eat dinner and watch a rerun of A League Of Their Own. Have to avoid the Piers Morgan episode even though it has Roisin Conaty on, too, because although we love her we’re boycotting all things Piers Morgan. 

8.30pm – I finish writing up this blog post and we discuss vegan cheese. Get distracted learning how to set up a podcast. 

9pm – I make myself a chocolate pudding and pour a glass of wine. Treat yo’self 2017. 

9.30pm – I pick up my knitting project for a little bit whilst we watch Grand Designs. (So middle aged. So middle class). I’m working on the Dream Blanket from Knits Please in navy but it’s slow going at the moment… 

10pm – Bedtime! I’ll be woken up again in a couple of hours so I take off my make-up, put on my PJs and go to bed. Hopefully until at least 1am tomorrow! 

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Using One Second Everyday for Memory Keeping

I’ve been using the One Second Everyday app every day for almost a month now, and I am *obsessed*. It’s my favourite thing right now, and I find myself rewatching the video time and time again. It’s, unsurprisingly, mostly little snippets of Benjamin right now and seeing his little faces and his hearing his little noises is such a joy. We have hundreds of photos of him, but video captures all his ways so much better – even in just one second snippets. It’s only been a month, but I can already see myself carrying this on all year. And I am rarely that committed to anything. It’s just such a good way of memory keeping, and it’s already teaching me a lot that I could really do with applying to my other creative projects… 

Start Now

I meant to start when Ben was born, but in the newborn haze it was impossible and it just fell out of my mind. Also… he wasn’t very interesting in the beginning. Now he’s moving and smiling, and it makes the video so wonderful to watch. I started on a random day that wasn’t significant in any way, and without any previous video-making experience. If I had waited until I was great at making videos or until an important date, I would be missing all of this gorgeous footage of my beautiful baby boy. You can decide which date to start your final video, so even if you feel like your first attempts aren’t the best, you can just keep them to yourself. But I have a feeling you won’t want to… 

Think About the Big Picture 

There are some of these video clips that I *love*. There are some that I really don’t like, and still more that are just, well, okay. You’ve only got one second and you have to do it every day, so it’s hard to get something groundbreaking for every single second. But it’s not about the individual seconds, it’s about the finished video. All together, even the clips that I don’t like make a big picture that I absolutely adore. It can be easy to get bogged down in the detail, when really it’s all about that finished article. 

Don’t Sweat It 

There are a couple of days that I didn’t get to get a clip of video, and some where I had more than one – so I just used one from a different day to plug the gaps. Every video of Ben is precious to me, and it doesn’t really matter if it wasn’t taken on that exact day – especially when we’re not doing anything of note. I want to get as much variety as possible, but ultimately this is about capturing our real life. I know that when I look back in even a few months time, I won’t be criticising the fact that I didn’t have a new video each day or that there were too many of him on his play mat, I’ll just be looking back on those memories and smiling. 

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How (and Why) I Make a Five Year Plan

How (And Why) I Make a Five Year Plan // Amy Elizabeth


Cathryn Lavery

Why Make a Plan? 

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that no one can predict the future. You cannot make a concrete plan for the next year, let alone the next five years. Five years is such a long time, and even if life doesn’t throw you any major curveballs, you have no idea what you will want and feel or even who you will be in five years time. 

However, I find having a five year plan to be useful for helping to make decisions and put in place the foundations for where I’d like to be in the future. This isn’t a concrete plan; for the reasons cited above, it has to be a flexible one but if you want to make things happen then you need to start today, and it’s a whole lot easier to start when you know what you want the end goal to be. Five years is a long enough time that you can make some serious progress, but also not so long that you don’t need to start looking at working on those dreams right now. 

Our First Five Year Plan

Paul and I are just coming to the end of the first five year plan that we made together; the basic tenets of which were to get married, buy a house and have a baby, all of which we’ve managed to achieve. This isn’t a humble brag, it’s just an acknowledgement that it was only by setting those goals and then working towards them that we got to where we are today. We’ve also been lucky, don’t get me wrong, but having some concrete aims definitely contributed massively. 

I don’t believe that things happen by accident; you need to make them happen. If you want to buy a house, you need to start saving. If you want to have a baby, well, you know what you need to do. It helped to have those goals in mind when we were faced with decisions; for example, it wouldn’t have been a good idea for me to switch jobs last year when I was contacted by a recruiter, mostly because I love my current job but also because I knew that it would be easier to take maternity leave when I’ve been working somewhere for years than it would at a new position. 

So now we’re ready to make a new five year plan, and this one is a little trickier. Getting married, buying a house and having a baby are all obvious milestones for your twenties and thirties; they’re hardly out of the ordinary. But what’s next? Well, that’s what we’re working on now. 

How We Make a Five Year Plan

To make our plan, we mostly just do a lot of talking. It’s not one big, regimented sit down discussion, but a series of chats about various areas of our life and where we’d like to be. We start with the things we *know* are going to happen (as far as you can ever know anything). That’s going to be different for everyone, and some people might have nothing concrete. For us, that looks like my going back to work after maternity leave and Ben starting nursery, some landmark birthdays (30 for me, 40 for Paul) and Ben eventually starting school. All being well, those things will definitely happen within the next five years, and in various ways they impact the kind of plans we want to make.

Then we go through all of the areas of our life where we want to make goals. Some of the areas are individual (career, in particular) and some are joint or family goals. Some are goals for right now and some are for in a few years time. But after all of our discussion, we usually come to an agreement on what we want to work towards in each area, from travel and other fun plans to financial and career goals. That’s when the fun starts. Once we have our goals down on paper (or just in our heads), we start thinking about what steps we can take today / this week / this month / this year in order to make them happen.

This isn’t a one-time process; it’s constantly being revised over the course of those five years as circumstances change and *we* change. We’re not working on all the goals all the time, but we bear them in mind in the course of our life and let them guide us. 

What’s On Our Next Five Year Plan (So Far)

A lot of our goals are financial ones right now; we’ve had an expensive few years due to weddings / house buying / baby so now we’re looking to channel our efforts into savings and, potentially, investments instead. We’re not fully set on exactly what this looks like, as it’s so dependent on other factors, but to start with we need to build back up that three-month-salary buffer that everyone in the know says you need. This is going to be a lot easier when I’m no longer on maternity leave, so it’s on the back burner for now. 

We’re also looking at improving our house and getting it fit for the next ten years of family life. Depending on finances, we’re hoping to extend into the roof to make a master suite, so we can convert one of the bigger bedrooms into a bedroom-slash-playroom for Ben, leaving the downstairs as a bit more of an adult-friendly space (basically, I just want somewhere to shove all the inevitable plastic tat each evening!). We also need to get the back garden sorted, and renovate the rather sad family bathroom at the very least. We have some bigger plans for if we get all of that done, too, but I think that’s enough to be getting on with in the next five years! 

It’s not all serious, though. We’re also planning a big first birthday party for Ben; as we’re not religious we aren’t going to be having any sort of christening or baptism but we’d like to celebrate him properly with our family and friends at some point. We’re also thinking ahead to our big birthdays in 2020; chances are that’s going to be a big party and a trip to Las Vegas. We’d also like to visit a few more European cities with Benjamin, and get back to New York at least once over the next five years. 

Do you have a five year plan? If so, what’s on it? (Tell me, I’m nosy!) 

How (And Why) I Make a Five Year Plan // Amy Elizabeth

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Ben’s First Trip to the Seaside

Ben's First Trip to the Seaside // Amy Elizabeth

It was on my summer bucket list to go to the beach, but what with one thing and another we didn’t get to the seaside this year. It’s just that little bit far from our part of Yorkshire, which means it needs some forward planning – especially with a new baby in tow. But, whilst in Newcastle for the weekend it was just a short jaunt over to Tynemouth beach, so we decided to spend an afternoon soaking up some sea air (which, given the high wind speeds on the day, we definitely got a lot of!) and feasting on proper fish & chips. So Ben’s first trip to the seaside came sooner than I thought it would, although he spent most of it fast asleep in the Ergobaby on Paul. I swear that thing is a baby sedative… Luckily, it also protected him from the whipping winds and from getting sand in his eyes – something the rest of us could have done with! 

Ben's First Trip to the Seaside // Amy Elizabeth

Ben's First Trip to the Seaside // Amy Elizabeth

We only had a couple of hours in Tynemouth, so we dashed down to the shore almost immediately. As someone who has never lived by the sea, I always find it a bit strange to be fully dressed and booted when paddling, but there was no way we were getting our kit off in the cold to go for a dip (unlike to two brave men we spied doing so – bravo, fellas!). The wind was whipping up the sand something fierce, so we unfortunately had to actually ditch the beach pretty sharp-ish, but that brought us to the other reason for our visit… fish and chips! 

We decided against Riley’s Fish Shack for lunch as we wanted a bit more space to spread out with two babies (although if it’d just been us then I would have definitely gone there!), so we opted for more traditional fish & chips at Longsands Fish Kitchen instead. It was the full works with mushy peas, a stottie and a mug of tea – exactly what you want when you visit the seaside. We then took a little stroll up to Tynemouth Castle and Priory, but with our parking running out, we decided to head back to our cottage for a spot of champagne (as you do) and relaxing with our babes. That sea air really does take it out of you! 

Ben's First Trip to the Seaside // Amy Elizabeth

Ben's First Trip to the Seaside // Amy Elizabeth

I remember as a teenager, I hated days out like this one. We were often heading to National Trust properties or doing something equally wholesome and I’m sure I complained constantly like the delightful daughter I am. I was determined to have a more exciting and glamorous life as an adult, but now that it’s come to it, I actually enjoy doing all of those things that I decried as dull many years ago. It turns out that happiness really does look like a little walk on the beach, a trip to a castle and a big pile of fish & chips soaked in salt and vinegar. If only I had embraced it sooner! 

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A Quick Trip to Hadrian’s Wall

A Quick Visit to Hadrian's Wall // Amy Elizabeth

I studied Classics as an undergraduate, and it’s still one of my true loves. Give me some Greek myths or a bit of Roman history and I’m happy. My focus has always been on the literature and history, rather than architecture and archaeology, but I do love me a good ruin. So when we happened to be just minutes away from Hadrian’s Wall when staying in Newcastle this weekend, I couldn’t resist the chance to check it out. 

Roman Britain has never captured my imagination the way that Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece have; it always seemed a bit bleak and cold (which I think it probably was) and rather than poison rooms, incest and intrigue, the history we learnt about our more direct ancient ancestors was mostly just warring with the Scots and painting ourselves blue. So far, so very British, right? That said, there are some impressive ruins and landmarks in the UK; the Roman Palace at Fishbourne was one of my favourite ever school trips.

I wouldn’t say that Hadrian’s Wall joins the ranks of the most exciting day trips you can take; what was once probably a pretty impressive wall is now more of a pile of old stones (or at least, it was in the section that we saw). That said, there is always a bit of a thrill knowing that people have been standing where you stood for almost 2000 years. It’s no mean feat to build something that lasts that long, so it does deserve a bit of reverence. It’s supposed to be an amazing walk to follow the whole thing, although at 174 miles it was a bit much to contemplate on a slight post-wedding hangover

After the obligatory posed photo, we wandered back to Heddon-on-the-Wall for a drink and eventually back to our cottage for a slap up roast dinner cooked by yours truly – so all in all, it was a rather cosy and wholesome day. And that’s one more thing ticked off the bucket list! Are there any places that you’d really like to see in the UK? I’m still yet to visit the Roman Baths in, well, Bath, and I’d love to do the Harry Potter train journey

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What We Wore to a Wedding

This past weekend, we attended the wedding of our sweet friends Joe and Cheryl in Newcastle. It was a fantastic do at Wylam Brewery (which is a great wedding venue if you’re in the market for one), and our first with Benjamin, who was an absolute champ all day and basically just slept throughout. 

It was extra fun picking out an outfit for Benjamin to wear, rather than just focusing on my own glad rags (he wore a matching outfit with his best friend Walter, who is a few months older – the cuteness was almost too much to handle). One day he’ll have his own opinions about clothes, so I’m making the most of being able to dress him up how I like – and I like to think that he’s quite a stylish baby as a result! I could have bought all of the tiny suits in Mamas & Papas but since he’ll grow out of it in a hot second, I saved a few pennies and just went for this adorable polka dot shirt and flat cap combination. He already had a little pair of navy trousers from John Lewis, too, and so the outfit was complete! 

Just a few weeks after having a baby is not the best time to be searching for an outfit to wear for a wedding and I found it a little traumatic to try and dress my new shape. It’s not so much that I’m hating my post-partum body (although I also wouldn’t say that I *love* it, either) but just that it is new to me, so I’m not sure how to dress it to its best. A little extra softness around the stomach is all well and good when you’re wearing loose fitting tops and jumpers, but all of my previous wedding outfits were bodycon so I had to search for something new. I have always thought of myself as someone who can’t wear yellow, but it is my favourite colour – so whilst it’s maybe not the most flattering ever, it makes me happy so I decided to just go for it and I’m so glad that I did. This ASOS dress was super fun to wear and dance in, and helped me feel confident when I could easily have gone the other way! 

I’ll admit it was a little stressful to have a baby with us all day; although he was super well-behaved, it meant that you couldn’t just flit off to the dance floor or to grab another drink without checking someone was watching him. It was also rather stressful getting out of the house in time (although we then got lost and missed most of the ceremony – much to my dismay!) when you’re not only dressing yourself but also a tiny person. But, as always, it was lovely to be at a wedding with so many of our friends; weddings are where I have made some of my happiest memories and I am sad that we are coming to the end of a run of them. But… not before I am a bridesmaid for the first time at the end of October! 

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My Autumn Bucket List 2017

Autumn is always our busiest season, with weekends already getting booked up; I’m pretty sure that if I’m not careful I’ll blink and miss one of the best times of year. I’ve already been soaking up all of the autumn leaves on my walks around Leeds with Ben, but last year I found that my autumn bucket list really helped me make the most of the season. It’s even more important to me to make traditions as a family now, and autumn is the perfect time to embrace all of the seasonal traditions and get 

Host our Second Annual Friendsgiving 

Friendsgiving was one of my favourite days of last year. We managed to squeeze almost twenty people into our dining room (and when I say squeeze, it really was a squeeze!) and we feasted on pulled pork, mac ‘n’ cheese and pumpkin pie. It’s rare that we manage to get so many people together, especially in the run up to Christmas, and I’d love to do the same again this year. I’m already planning the menu and scoping out some invites… Last year I had just found out I was pregnant, too, so I’m looking forward to a few Friendsgiving cocktails, too! 

Take Some Photos of the Autumn Leaves 

I don’t think I’ve ever spent as much time outside as I am right now; I’m taking Ben on long walks a few times a week just to get us out of the house and fill the time. Which means that I have noticed the beauty of the changing leaves more than ever before. I’m hoping that it’s interesting for him to see the leaves changing, even if he can’t quite comprehend it yet. I’d love to improve my photography, and the beautiful autumn leaves that are surrounding us on every side right now will make the perfect subject for my efforts! 

Go Pumpkin Picking 

Last year we went apple picking, and it was such a fun day. This year, I’m hoping to scope out a local-ish pumpkin patch and pick up a Halloween pumpkin ready for carving. I know that Ben is a bit small to remember anything we do this year, but I’d love for apple and pumpkin picking to become traditions that we do every year with him. If only for the adorable photos of our baby boy sat on top of a pumpkin in a pumpkin patch… 

Knit a Blanket 

I’ve started a chunky navy blanket, which I think is going to take a fairly long time to finish as it’s going to be rather large. But cosy autumn evenings feel like the perfect time to commit to a hefty craft project so I’m not too daunted. I’d love to finish it before winter kicks in properly, and so I can free up some time for Christmas crafting when the time comes around.

Keep Up with My One Second Everyday Video 

I am *obsessed* with the One Second Everyday app right now. It’s such a lovely way to capture all of Ben’s little expressions and sweet little moments. I’ve only got about 10 seconds worth right now, but by the end of autumn I should have a whole minute of video of our lives together and I think it will be just wonderful to look back on – so I’m committing to it in a big way! 

Read a Scary Book

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Halloween is the perfect time to read a scary book or watch a scary film, but I’m too much of a wuss for scary films so it’ll have to be a scary book. I might have to start now if I want to finish by the time Halloween comes around, so if you have any recommendations of spooky stories that aren’t *too* frightening then hit me up! 

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Housekeeping: October

We’ve always been pretty good at keeping our things clean and tidy, but now that we’re homeowners there are even more tasks to add to the list to keep our house up to scratch. It’s easy to forget the bigger tasks that need doing just once or twice a year, so I thought I’d start sharing the things we’re doing each month to keep everything up and running, spic and span! 

Sort our Autumn / Winter Wardrobes 

Due to space issues, we store away our autumn/winter clothes during the summer and it’s getting to be time to get them back out again. So this month I’ll be shaking out all of our jumpers and coats, putting away shorts and summer dresses, and doing a general wardrobe declutter and tidy. This will also mean getting rid of maternity clothes for me (yay!) and checking which clothes no longer fit me. 

Get the Garden Ready for Winter 

We live next to a whole bunch of giant trees, which means that our gardens get covered in leaves at this time of year. Pretty for Instagram, not so good for the grass. So we’ll be using our new leaf blower thing to clear that all up before everything becomes a quagmire, and cutting the grass for one last time before winter. I’ll also be moving my pot plants to a less rain-logged position, if I can find one! (We do live in Leeds, after all). 

Have the Gutters Checked 

We’ve got a small patch of damp coming into the back of the house so we’ll be getting our gutters checked over to make sure that’s not the problem. All those aforementioned leaves could definitely be clogging stuff up, at the very least. This is probably good practice before the serious winter weather comes, no matter what the state of your gutters, though!  

Flip the Mattresses 

You’re supposed to do it once a year, but who ever remembers? This month I’m going to make sure I flip the mattresses on our bed and the spare bed for extra snuggly sleep on these dark nights. 

Clean Out the Freezers & Restock 

I stocked up our freezers (we also have one in the garage for a bit of extra storage) with various bits and pieces before Ben was born, and whilst a lot of those meals were helpful in the early days, there are definitely some bits lingering that either need eating up or chucking away. A little freezer audit will help me see what we’ve got in and maybe what we need to add for some lazy evenings in the future. Freezer cookies, anyone? 

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September 2017

Feeling so much joy every time Ben smiles. 

Obsessing over using the One Second Everyday app. 

Watching the Baywatch movie and enjoying it as much as I knew I would. 

Rewatching Gossip Girl and The Gilmore Girls. There’s a lot of time for Netflix right now.

Visiting my aunt’s house (for maybe the last time before they knock it down and build an incredible new one!). 

Singing all sorts of silly songs. Alice the Camel is a current favourite… 

Surviving my first night solo with Benjamin. 

Booking a getaway in January on a whim with some of our best pals. 

Finding a rhythm to my days with Ben. We’re starting to get the hang of this… 

Learning to make pasta at Leeds Cookery School (more on this soon!). 

Packing away Benjamin’s 0-3 month clothes and…

Getting out all of his 3-6 months stuff, already! 

Going on some mammoth walks! Gotta get out of the house somehow… 

Closing my eyes whilst Ben had his first set of injections. He was a total champ, though.

Buying my first ever pair of Levi jeans. They’re worth every penny. 

Celebrating the wedding of two sweet friends in Newcastle.  

Planning to blog every day in October. Wish my luck! 

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5 Podcasts to Listen To This Autumn

5 Podcasts to Listen to This Autumn // Amy Elizabeth

I am a podcast obsessive. I sometimes think about starting a podcast about podcasts, because I just love them so much. I am religious about listening to all of the ones I subscribe to, which means that I am still working my way through episodes from July (insert cry-laughing emoji here). But, I can’t resist when I find a new good one, so I am doomed to be forever behind. Here’s a few of my new favourites which are perfect for upcoming cosy nights in, and days spent bossing it in the spirit of the new school year. 

Hello Friend

I listen to a lot of podcasts by bloggers, and this one by Bethany Rutter really stands out as something different. As per the title, this podcast is just conversations with her friends – and she has some damn interesting friends. From street food traders to booksellers to feminist, body-positive comedians, I was super stoked to have been introduced to all of these rad new people via this podcast. Bethany has a really lovely interview manner, and these are exactly the conversations I love to have with my friends – a mixture of joy and whimsy with serious topics and political chat. If you want something to cosy up with on autumn evenings, this is perfect.  

What She Said 

Autumn is the perfect time for new creative projects, and if you’ve ever thought about getting into blogging (or maybe getting more serious about your blog if you’ve already got one!) then this is the podcast for you. Lucy interviews interesting women from around the blogging world (particularly travel blogging, if that’s your jam – although the lessons are useful for any kind of blogger) and gets them to share their wisdom and top tips. I really loved the episodes with Sophie Cliff and Siobhan Watts but I’ve found something useful from every episode I’ve listened to so far, and now that I have a little bit more brain space for blogging, I’m excited to apply what I’ve learned! 

My Favourite Murder

Autumn is a time for spooky stories, and whilst I’m not sure this podcast will give you chills, it is packed full of true crime tales that are real life horror stories. It’s also surprisingly funny, given that it’s also about gruesome murders most of the time. Don’t get me wrong, they keep it serious when it comes to the actual murder part and are always respectful of the victims in every case, but the chat in between between the presenters (Karen and Georgia) is what keeps me coming back for more. If you like your true crime with a side order of catchphrases, in jokes and cat chat then this is the podcast for you. 

Made of Human

I want to say the best thing about this podcast is Sofie Hagen’s voice, which is just wonderful, but that’s not true (although her voice is warm and delightful). It’s not true because there are so many best things about this podcast: the list of guests, the slightly off-the-wall questions, and the friendly conversations that cover everything from feminism & fat positivity to comedy and dating. This podcast is all about connection and making you feel like you’re not alone, which is a lovely thing, don’t you think? 

Never Before with Janet Mock 

Intimate and in-depth conversations are the order of the day during this season, and Janet Mock delivers some incredible ones in this new podcast. I love Janet Mock and her no-holds-barred interviewing style, which reveals more about both the host and the guest. Plus her list of guests is seriously impressive; from Lena Dunham to Joanne the Scammer, you’ll definitely learn something from this podcast, as well as getting to know some huge cultural figures just that little bit better. 

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