Learning to Finish What I Start

Neven Krcmarek

I am full of ideas. A week doesn’t go by that I don’t dream up a new creative project or business venture, and I often have my fingers in many pies (both literally and figuratively, if you’re talking about the time when I decided I wanted to open a pie shop…). There are not enough hours in the day for all of the things that I want to do, experience and learn. But, despite being full to the brim with plans, goals and dreams, I rarely execute them – and when I do, I rarely finish what I start. I have a whole box full of half-finished knitting projects, a Google Drive full of sentences and plots from stories and blog posts that never got written and a never ending to do list with items that have never gotten off the ground. I have talked about starting a podcast and a supper club, new blogs and websites, and all sorts of other things – but before I start anything I have to learn to finish. 

I think my problems with finishing my projects are many; for starters, I am a perfectionist so I am often afraid to start or get too caught up in the middle of the project when it’s not going exactly how I imagined. In my head, my supper club is a triumph, my podcast a raging success and my craft projects perfectly executed. Of course, you can’t get to success if you don’t start in the first place or if you give up halfway through. Logically, I know that, but I get stuck in my own head at the crucial moment and bottle it, once again.

I also have a short attention span, and I always find that creativity begets more creativity so it is when I am in the middle of a project or venture that I have even *more* ideas and the new ideas are so shiny and exciting that the current one gets abandoned in favour of pastures new. So I never give myself the opportunity to really grow and improve, or the satisfaction of a final product. I have a tendency to take too much onto my plate, so each thing doesn’t get the attention it deserves and so takes much longer than it needs to, which doesn’t help with that short attention span. I get greedy, imagining myself fulfilled by a plethora of creative pursuits, surrounded by the fruits of my labour (most of which are praise-based, I won’t lie to you…), when it would be far more sensible to take on one thing at a time and really master it before moving on. 

Over the past month, I have thought about giving up this blogging challenge on many occasions. Blogging is probably the only thing I have really stuck at for any length of time; I am a blogger right down to my bones and it comes naturally to me to type out a few hundred words on whatever I’m thinking or doing at that moment. It is a quick endeavour, when done imperfectly, and so it provides that satisfaction and feeling of achievement that I strive for in other pursuits. But even then, I faltered every time it became a little bit tricky – when I didn’t have a post lined up for the following day and a full roster of activities with Benjamin making it difficult to sit down and type something up. There have been moments where I’ve lacked inspiration and even more where I’ve lacked the confidence. I like to think I’m pretty good at the words part of blogging, but blogging has moved on so much from when that was the most important part and there are so many other bits where my skills or execution are lacking. I am determined, for once, however, to finish what I have started and I am learning, slowly, the benefits of doing so.

With just a few days left in October, I am looking forward to the breathing space that will allow me to see other projects through that have been hanging over me for months, if not years. I am annoyed at myself for not coming to this conclusion earlier, because I have so much less free time and opportunity to pursue my greatest plans with Benjamin needing so much of my attention, but maybe that is a good thing as it will focus my mind on those that I really want to finish and let the others fall by the wayside. Watch this space, my friends – I’ve got a few things up my sleeve… 

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7 Blogs I Read Everyday

Mikayla Mallek

I think I maybe like reading blogs even more than I like writing one. I’ve been reading blogs for well over ten years, from back when blogs were more like online diaries and my friends thought I was weird for liking them (I kind of feel a bit smug that blogging became so big… I always knew it was great). Many of my favourites from then are now defunct whilst still others have moved onto pastures new, old monikers forgotten in favour of slicker, fancier websites. Times have changed, man. But I do still love to read blogs and will forever recommend my favourites to you – which is exactly what this post is about! I follow a lot of blogs but when my Feedly gets too full I will often skip over other posts and head straight to those from my very favourites… 

Captain Awkward

If you’ve ever come to me with a problem, I have probably either recommended this blog to you, or regurgitated advice that I read on there. I know without a doubt that reading Captain Awkward religiously for the past few years has made both me and Paul better people. I am more compassionate and understanding, better at setting and keeping boundaries, stronger in my communication. And I didn’t even write in with a question! (Although I have been tempted to on a couple of occasions…). I have always loved an agony aunt column, and this truly is the kindest and best one out there on the Internet. It will change your life, I guarantee it. 

Joy the Baker

If you like delicious things, and I’ll bet you do, then Joy the Baker is the one for you. She is a truly delightful human who champions butter and sugar, drops pop culture references into her recipes and is an expert at making pies. I have made many of her recipes and they have all turned out excellently. I often find one of her recipes pops up in my feed and I am inspired to make it that very same day, such is the delectability of her food photography and writing. Her books are also often pulled down from my shelves, and her Instagram Stories have convinced me that she *needs* a cooking show. 

Sophie Cliff

Sophie is kind of an old-school blogger, in that she is all about the writing. Whilst her photos are pretty, too, if you want something juicy to read every day then you need to get yourself over to her blog. She shares everything from honest life updates to travel diaries and fashion posts so you’re bound to find something you love there. She’s relentlessly positive, even in the face of adversity, unfailingly honest and just a generally all round lovely lady. Her blog feels like catching up over coffee, which makes it the perfect morning read!

Hannah Gale

I know I’m not the only one who loves Hannah’s blog; she was named Blogosphere Magazine’s Blogger of the Year after all. If you’ve not visited her blog then you’re very behind the times; her writing style is so refreshing and her flat lays are always on point. Hers is a true lifestyle blog, with everything from nostalgic lists and interiors to beauty & fashion posts, updates on mental health to easy recipes and musings on this online space we all occupy. She’s currently pregnant and I’m really looking forward to her posts on motherhood as I’m sure they’ll be as funny, honest and heart-warming as all of her others. 

Oh My, I’m Inspired

I am biased because Jess is my sort-of-sister-in-law but I absolute adore her blog. I have always admired that Jess has such a strong sense of self, and it really comes across in what she blogs about. She’s recently discovered minimalism, which has been so interesting to follow along with, and dedicates her time to charitable efforts and a bit of knitting. All of which are relevant to my interests – and if they are relevant to yours, too, you need to check her out. I’m also very in awe of her strong aesthetic – I need to get on that myself! 

A Beautiful Mess

I’m not a religious reader of this blog, but it’s one I come back to time and time again. If you’ve been around the Internet, I’m sure you’ve come across this mega-blog run by sisters Elsie and Emma. One of the original and best, they’ve got a team writing recipes, craft projects, fashion posts, interiors updates and plenty more besides but it’s their personal posts that I always love best. Elsie is currently in the process of adopting her daughter from China, and I’ll definitely be following along as they bring her home. 

Yes and Yes

Last, but certainly not least, Yes and Yes is written by Sarah, who is who I want to be when I grow up (even though she’s not all that much older than I am…). It’s smart, funny, and full of great, practical advice for women who want to be kinder to themselves and the world. I love her True Stories interviews on Mondays and I have so much time for hearing about how Sarah has designed a life that she truly loves. Her archives are full of gold, so if you’ve got some free time then I would recommend a delve into them! 

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Why I’m Blogging Every Day in October

[Photo Source]

So, call me crazy but at the end of last week I had the mad idea to sort-of join in with Blogtober and blog every day in October – the first being today, of course! I don’t think I can follow all the prompts from the official challenge, so I’m just going to aim to put *something* up on this blog every day. Whilst to the untrained eye, that may not seem like a whole lot of work, but anyone who’s ever written a blog knows that’s quite a big commitment. But I think the time is right for a few reasons… 

I Need a Challenge 

I know you’re supposed to spend your days on maternity leave soaking up every precious moment with your baby, but it turns out those precious moments are interspersed with quite a few dull ones. Whilst it’s wonderful to spend time with Ben, he’s still sleeping an awful lot during the day, so I have quite a bit of time on my hands. I’m not someone who wishes they never had to go back to work; I already miss the challenge (and the camaraderie) of my job, but whilst I am the main carer of my tiny little one, I need to find some challenges and projects to keep my brain occupied that I can do at home. And since blogging is my main hobby, it’s the obvious first place to look for a new challenge – and what’s more challenging than going from an occasional blog post every now and again to completing one every day? This is definitely going to test my productivity and time management, but what better time than when I’m at home pretty much all the time?

I Want to Commit to Blogging 

I have invested a lot of time and a fair bit of money into this blog, but I’ve been unable to commit to it properly for various reasons so I often feel that it’s stagnated a little bit. Unsurprisingly, my blog tends to do better when I’m putting up content regularly but I haven’t kept that up for years – so here’s my chance to kickstart the whole process again. Blogging has been a hobby of mine for over ten years, and it really makes me happy. I don’t kid myself that it’s ever going to be my job (and I actually don’t think I would want it to be, even if the opportunity arose) but I do want to take it more seriously. I love the conversations and connections that blogging brings, so blogging more often will hopefully add even more to my life over the next month! 

I Want to Improve my Blogging Skills 

My attentions have very much been elsewhere over the past year (and even longer, if I’m honest) so my blogging skills are a little rusty. I can still knock out the words relatively easily, but all of the photography and social media stuff that comes alongside the writing could definitely do with some improvement. Whilst I don’t expect to become professional level within a month, getting back into the swing of things and forcing myself to do things that feel a little bit uncomfortable right now won’t go amiss when it comes to polishing those skills a little bit.

I Have A Lot of Ideas 

Or rather, I have about a month’s worth of ideas – so why not use them all at once? I don’t think that every one is a total winner but needing a new blog post every day will hopefully stop me from overthinking everything and just *get it done*. I’m not someone who often harks back to the ‘golden days’ of blogging, as I’m not sure that they really were as great as everyone likes to remember, but I definitely used to be less bothered about what I posted on my blog. There were years where I would blog almost every day, about anything that came into my head – and whilst that’s not sustainable long term, I do want to recapture a little bit of that spirit. I find that creativity often begets more creativity, so I’m crossing my fingers that as I go through the month I will have even more ideas and will be inspired to blog more regularly going forwards. 

I Want to Find A New Path 

As I have grown, so has my blog. For a while it was almost exclusively a food blog, and there were the days where I was eating out in Leeds much more often and that was reflected in my blog. But right now I am a new parent with new priorities, so whilst those things will always be a part of my blog, I’m hoping that by trying to blog every day for a month I’ll help myself find more of a voice and a direction for where I want to take this blog going forward. It’ll always be my personal diary of sorts, but that could take so many different angles and I’m excited to see what comes out. 

Are you ready? Let’s do this. 

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5 Podcasts to Listen To This Autumn

5 Podcasts to Listen to This Autumn // Amy Elizabeth

I am a podcast obsessive. I sometimes think about starting a podcast about podcasts, because I just love them so much. I am religious about listening to all of the ones I subscribe to, which means that I am still working my way through episodes from July (insert cry-laughing emoji here). But, I can’t resist when I find a new good one, so I am doomed to be forever behind. Here’s a few of my new favourites which are perfect for upcoming cosy nights in, and days spent bossing it in the spirit of the new school year. 

Hello Friend

I listen to a lot of podcasts by bloggers, and this one by Bethany Rutter really stands out as something different. As per the title, this podcast is just conversations with her friends – and she has some damn interesting friends. From street food traders to booksellers to feminist, body-positive comedians, I was super stoked to have been introduced to all of these rad new people via this podcast. Bethany has a really lovely interview manner, and these are exactly the conversations I love to have with my friends – a mixture of joy and whimsy with serious topics and political chat. If you want something to cosy up with on autumn evenings, this is perfect.  

What She Said 

Autumn is the perfect time for new creative projects, and if you’ve ever thought about getting into blogging (or maybe getting more serious about your blog if you’ve already got one!) then this is the podcast for you. Lucy interviews interesting women from around the blogging world (particularly travel blogging, if that’s your jam – although the lessons are useful for any kind of blogger) and gets them to share their wisdom and top tips. I really loved the episodes with Sophie Cliff and Siobhan Watts but I’ve found something useful from every episode I’ve listened to so far, and now that I have a little bit more brain space for blogging, I’m excited to apply what I’ve learned! 

My Favourite Murder

Autumn is a time for spooky stories, and whilst I’m not sure this podcast will give you chills, it is packed full of true crime tales that are real life horror stories. It’s also surprisingly funny, given that it’s also about gruesome murders most of the time. Don’t get me wrong, they keep it serious when it comes to the actual murder part and are always respectful of the victims in every case, but the chat in between between the presenters (Karen and Georgia) is what keeps me coming back for more. If you like your true crime with a side order of catchphrases, in jokes and cat chat then this is the podcast for you. 

Made of Human

I want to say the best thing about this podcast is Sofie Hagen’s voice, which is just wonderful, but that’s not true (although her voice is warm and delightful). It’s not true because there are so many best things about this podcast: the list of guests, the slightly off-the-wall questions, and the friendly conversations that cover everything from feminism & fat positivity to comedy and dating. This podcast is all about connection and making you feel like you’re not alone, which is a lovely thing, don’t you think? 

Never Before with Janet Mock 

Intimate and in-depth conversations are the order of the day during this season, and Janet Mock delivers some incredible ones in this new podcast. I love Janet Mock and her no-holds-barred interviewing style, which reveals more about both the host and the guest. Plus her list of guests is seriously impressive; from Lena Dunham to Joanne the Scammer, you’ll definitely learn something from this podcast, as well as getting to know some huge cultural figures just that little bit better. 

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5 Podcasts to Listen to This Autumn // Amy Elizabeth

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Living up in Leeds, it often feels like London gets all the attention. All the shiny new openings, the exciting events and all of the praise. Now, don’t get me wrong, there is a lot to love about London – but there’s also a lot to love about Leeds! London doorways and murals and shopfronts are ten-a-penny on Instagram – with people making pilgrimages to the floral haven outside Liberty London and the candy-stripe houses of Notting Hill just to get the perfect Instagram snap. And don’t get me wrong, I’ve liked as many photos of Peggy Porschen’s as the next girl, but I think it’s time to give some credit to my own city. We’re not just a gritty city, we’re a pretty city, too – and I’d love to start seeing more of that side of Leeds over on Instagram. 

Siobhan Ferguson launched the #prettycitylondon project many moons ago, and you can see the fruits of her labour over on the @prettycitylondon account; and, of course, it didn’t stop there. There are plenty of people out there who want to share the pretty side of their own cities, and you can see snippets of them over on @theprettycities – but Leeds is sorely lacking in representation. And there’s only one way to fix it…

A post shared by Ciara (@thegirlbeforedawn) on

Whilst on maternity leave, I’m hoping to get out and about across the city far more than usual so I’m planning to snap my own #prettycityleeds photos but I’d love to get the ball rolling with some help from all of you – I’m sure there are plenty of pretty pictures of Leeds lurking out there, so let’s join them all together and show the world that Leeds is pretty darn, well, pretty! You just have to look up when strolling along Briggate, or pop down a side street in Chapel Allerton or Headingley, or take a walk in Roundhay Park (to name but a few locations) to prove that. So, hashtag your snaps of Leeds and I’ll share my favourites over on Instagram and on this blog. Leeds, I know you’ve got this… 

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Introducing… Readers Gonna Read


Hey pals! As you may or may not know, I’ve been working on a new book blog behind the scenes – and I wanted to show it off to you! Don’t worry, this blog isn’t going anywhere, I just wanted a place where I can share all my bookish thoughts & reviews without bothering those who aren’t interested. Eagle-eyed viewers may remember me taking on a ‘100 books in 2015’ challenge last year and, not to exaggerate, it changed my life. Now reading is a major part of my day and I’m constantly thinking and talking about books, so Readers Gonna Read is just an extension of that. I really hope you’ll follow along as I’m bursting with book-loving ideas and want to share all the very best reads I’ve found with you all. Happy Reading! 

Visit Readers Gonna Read

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An Open Letter to My Blog

open letter to my blog

[Photo by Green Chameleon]

Hey Boo

It’s me. I think it’s time that we talked. Because what we’ve got going on? It’s not working for me. And I don’t think it’s working for you, either. You deserve more from me. I know that I can be hot and cold – some weeks, it’s like we’re barely apart, and others, it’s like you don’t exist. But I’ll be honest, I think you expect too much from me sometimes. It’s unhealthy, this cycle of obsession, neglect and guilt. That much I know for sure.

But you know what else I know for sure? I am a blogger. It’s just who I am. I have been blogging for around ten years – longer than I have done almost anything else other than eat, sleep, and read. Blogging is my first love, and is so much a part of my personality that I think I would be a blogger even if I didn’t have a blog.

Things have changed in that time. What was once a nerdy hobby that none of my friends understood, now blogging is a glossy career that my friends still don’t understand. Scribbled musings have given way to staged photoshoots and content creators. I started blogging before I started tweeting, Instagramming or even oversharing on Facebook (although I like to think I’m not too guilty of that one). Now? Social media is an extension of blogging, an obligatory if enjoyable extra. I’m not saying that any of this is a bad thing – I don’t like the lamenting for the ‘good old days’ without an acknowledgement of the ‘good new days’. But things are different, now.

Let’s be real – we’re never going to be professionals, you and I. That’s just not the way we work. I like the buzz of an office, the security of a regular paycheck, and the company of colleagues. Not to mention that, despite my many years in the trenches, I don’t think I have what it takes. So I want this to be fun, for both of us. I’ve got a lot going on IRL. There’s a lot of competition for my time, and I often feel a lot of anxiety about how I spend it. If I’m blogging and spending time with you, I worry that I’m missing out. And if I’m doing something else and spending time with others, I feel guilty about not taking care of you. You are selfless – you wait for me to return – but sometimes I threaten not to and that seems unfair to you. Sometimes I like the idea of a life without you – whole weekends without posts to write, emails to return, photos to take. Can you imagine such a thing? And yet, when you left me briefly earlier this year (thanks to my own technical incompetence) I sobbed as if a relative had died. I have poured myself into this space, it is a record of my life and a testament to my achievements and I couldn’t live without you.

So let’s change things up. Let’s make friends again. No schedule. No pressure. More posts that I can look back on in years to come and sigh and giggle at the memories. Less blogging for blogging’s own sake. More writing and enjoying and recording. Shall we?

You’re still my number one. Always and forever.

Lots of love


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4 Newsletters You Need In Your Inbox


[Photo by Olu Eletu]

Maybe I’m a little bit biased since I started my own newsletter to share my favourite links, recipes, shows & books with you on a weekly basis, but I really think that 2016 is the year of the newsletter. It feels a little strange, maybe, to go back to email as a medium for sharing after everything we’ve gone through on the Internet, but I’m really excited about where newsletters are going. It’s time to get in on the action – here’s a few of my current favourites: 

Lenny Letter

Wherever Lena goes, we shall follow, right? Lenny Letter is like a little online magazine filled with smart, insightful journalism delivered straight to your inbox. Some of my favourite online writers have been featured, and they’ve covered everything from interviews with female senators and trans models to personal pieces about learning to swim and experiencing endometriosis. Given that Lena Dunham is at the helm, you can expect a thoughtful, feminist leaning to all of the pieces but other than that, you never know what stories might make their way to you. It’s a joy to pause in your work day and read a little bit of this newsletter.  

Girl Lost in the City 

Emma Gannon knows what’s up when it comes to the online world. She’s a journalist and writer (her first book, a memoir about living your life online is out this year) and her newsletter is stuffed full of links to the best stuff you need to be reading from across the Internet. With a focus on awesome women, feminism, blogging & life as a millennial, there’s so much to discover in just one of her newsletters – it’ll keep you busy for hours. She also shares book recommendations and an inspirational quote to set you on your way for the week. You’re gonna want to get in on this. 

The Ann Friedman Weekly 

Ann Friedman is one of my favourite writers on the Internet. Her podcast with bestie Aminatou Sow, Call Your Girlfriend, is a total must-listen, trust me. It will change your life, in the best way. In her newsletter, she shares her favourite reads of the week – they tend to be feminist, political and/or economic in focus but in a way that’s approachable and easy to read, which still being smart and thought-provoking. As well as some stuff that’s just for fun, obviously. If you want to stay clued up about the world, this is a great place to start. 

The Dolly Mail 

This is a new newsletter that’s already being talked about all over the Internet. Sent by Dolly Alderton, the Sunday Times Style dating columnist, expect stories and articles, features from other funny people around the Internet, some shopping recommendations and a recipe to top it all off. This is a delightful newsletter – this week’s story about learning to be tough had me nodding in recognition and laughing out loud at my desk – and the different sections mean you can dip in and out depending on how you want to be distracted at that moment. Just lovely. 

Which newsletters are you loving right now?

Other newsletters I subscribe to and love: Those Who Wander / Lemon & Raspberry / Eat Me with Jessica Valenti / Buzzfeed Books & Buzzfeed Longform / XO Sarah / The Friday Wishlist / That’s What She Said: Works and Words

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8 UK Food Bloggers You Should Also Be Following

uk bloggers

I’ve already shared with you 8 British food bloggers you should be following, as well as 8 more of them a couple of weeks later. I continue to discover even more wonderful food bloggers based here in the UK, and it seems a shame to keep them to myself. So, if you’re looking for more foodie inspiration on the regular then these lovelies should be your first stop. 

Candids by Jo 

Whilst Jo describes this as a lifestyle blog, there’s a strong foodie bent so I think she won’t mind appearing on this list. Originally a Bostonian, Jo crossed the pond for love and now resides in London, with frequent travels around the world. You really should be following this blog for the stunning food photography more than anything else – it’s truly a beautiful blog (and her Instagram is also worth a follow). 


Written by the delightful Catherine, Sprunting is a blog that celebrates the little things in life and has lots of lovely recipes that I’m always bookmarking for later. You may have spotted her on Humble Pie earlier in the year, too. This is definitely a happy-making blog to follow! 

Little Paper Swans

I love the style of this blog. The photos are simple and bright, and always bring a smile to my face. Written by Cathryn, you’ll be treated to simple, delicious recipes on this blog as well as a few little updates on her sweet new baby, Edith. 

Cous Cous Bang

Male food bloggers are rather thin on the ground as far as I can see. Guys who love food, where you at? Luckily Thom is representing and he won Guild of Food Writers Blog of the Year for his sterling efforts. I love the punchy style of his photography and the no-holds barred reviews. People of Leeds, you’ll be particularly interested in his cheat sheets for where to eat in the city

Emily’s Recipes & Reviews 

Emily is the queen of macarons. She has so many wonderful recipes for them on her blog, as well as a beautiful illustrated guide to help the slightly daunted (me) master these sweet little confections. That alone is worth following along for, but that’s not all this blog is about. As suggested by the title, you’ll also find lots of other recipes on this blog as well as reviews for places to eat and drink, mostly centred around the Midlands. A lovely blog, for sure.

A Life of Geekery

If you’re after a little bit of education with your food blog, then this is the one for you. Vicki, self-described geek, adds so many little interesting tidbits into her posts alongside pretty photos and mouth-watering recipes. She’s also doing up her kitchen at the moment, and I’m excited to see the final product! 

Sophie Loves Food

Sophie calls herself a blogger, baker and burger enthusiast – which I think gives you a little taste of her blog. I’m also always a fan of fellow alliteration enthusiasts! This blog is full of sweet bakes – I recently made this pumpkin bundt cake with cream cheese frosting and it was excellent! 

Victoria Sponge Pease Pudding

Yet more baking goodness from a wonderfully named blog! This is a stylish blog with some wonderful recipes for you to discover if you have sweet tooth, including these rosemary brown butter dark chocolate cookies with sea salt. I don’t think I need to say any more, do I? 

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8 More British Food Blogs to Follow

uk food bloggers

After I shared my 8 British Food Bloggers to Follow last month, I stumbled across/thought of so many more that I wanted to share with you. It’s so exciting to see so many UK bloggers creating such beautiful photos and recipes – I’m taking a lot of inspiration from these wonderful blogs and I hope you will, too! 

Domestic Gothess

Oh gosh, this blog has such beautiful photos. I love how evocative Hannah’s images are – they seem to capture the dish perfectly and always make me want to rush out and make the recipe straight away. You’ll find a mix of different recipes on this blog, but it’s the sweet treats that will make you stop in your tracks. She’s got a lovely recipe index to explore, so I suggest you get stuck in! 

Patisserie Makes Perfect

Now, patisserie is something I usually stay away from in the kitchen (although in a bakery it’s a different story altogether…). I’m not one for finickety things – I haven’t got the skill or patience, but Angela’s blog makes me want to give it a try. There’s some seriously delicious stuff to be found on this blog – check out these Salted Caramel Praline Macarons for starters – and the fact that Angela is a mostly self-taught cook makes me think that maybe it wouldn’t be such a disaster if I gave it a go… 

Figs & Pigs

This blog is a new discovery of mine, but Rebecca and Jamie have already got me drooling over their delicious creations. Because it’s new to me, I assumed that it was new to the Internet as well, but their recipe listings suggest otherwise, with lots of good-looking things to try out. Discovering Figs & Pigs is a lesson to me to keep my eyes open! 

The Bearded Bakery

Michael is more than holding his own as a man in a rather female-dominated list (and blogging niche – where the food blogging boys at?). As well as sharing his tasty-looking bakes, he shares tales of his travels around the UK and beyond and a regular playlist to help you discover some new tunes. An all round gem of a blog! 

Amuse Your Bouche

I can’t resist a good pun, and this blog is no exception. Becca sums up her blog as ‘simple vegetarian recipes’, which is exactly what you’ll find here. This blog feels very inviting and cosy, and the recipes might even tempt my carnivore husband to risk going meat-less every now and again. Could I ask for more? 


Written by Sarah, this is more of a lifestyle blog with a foodie bent but it’s definitely one to keep on your radar for a bit of yumminess every now and again. Sarah cooks up the kind of food you’d love to come home to every night, as well as some more slimming-friendly recipes that don’t feel depressing (there’s cheese!). Just lovely. 

Wilde Orchard

Debs is a trained chef who has worked in Michelen starred restaurants and it really shows – her food looks absolutely beautiful! As well as being complete food porn, you’re bound to learn something from this blog as there are some great little how-tos. I was completely won over by her latest recipe, Roasted Pumpkin Ravioli, and I’m eager to see more from this gorgeous blog! 

London Bakes

I can’t get enough of the sweet stuff, and there’s certainly a lot to be found on Kathryn’s blog. The sidebar promises ‘sweet and lovely’, and that’s what you’ll find on London Bakes. A lot of the recipes are gluten-free, but without a lot of the faff that you often see with gluten-free foods – so this blog is a great place to start if that’s something that’s important to you, or if you fancy trying out something a bit different. 

Who are your favourite UK food blogs?

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