Housekeeping: November

We’ve always been pretty good at keeping our things clean and tidy, but now that we’re homeowners there are even more tasks to add to the list to keep our house up to scratch. It’s easy to forget the bigger tasks that need doing just once or twice a year, so I thought I’d start sharing the things we’re doing each month to keep everything up and running, spic and span! 

Reorganise the Kitchen Cupboards 

We bought a new cabinet to hold our plates, glasses and booze (away from reach of little people – by which I mean babies and children, rather than me!) which has necessitated a rejig of our kitchen cupboards. It’s my aim to take everything out and give them all a quick clean before reorganising them in a better order before the month is out. 

Sort Towels and Bedding

We have piles of towels and bedding in various drawers, boxes and cupboards around the house. This month I’m going to sort through them and get rid of any that we’re not going to use again, and put them all away neatly ready for the plethora of guests who’ll be visiting us in the run up to Christmas. 

File Paperwork 

We have a drawer of paperwork that needs to get organised. We tend to open our post, deal with anything important and then leave it to pile up as our paperwork folders are a little hard to reach. We need a better system, really, but for now it means we need to do a sporadic sorting session to make sure everything is in its proper place. And now is the time for that sporadic sorting session!  

Box in an Exposed Pipe

There’s a heating pipe just outside our living room door which is currently exposed; the original casing was peeling away and looked ugly so we just ripped it off when we moved in. It’s a cool copper pipe, so it actually looks quite good, but when the heating is on you can easily burn yourself on it as it gets so hot. It’s easy enough for adults to avoid, but with friends bringing around their crawling babies and Ben likely to go that way over the winter months, it’s safer to get it boxed up. 

Clean the Appliances  

Whilst we clean up spills and the like, our appliances could do with a little extra attention every now and again. I’ll be giving the microwave, oven, fridge, washing machine and tumble dryer a good clean this month so they’re in shipshape condition. 

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