Why I’m Blogging Every Day in October

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So, call me crazy but at the end of last week I had the mad idea to sort-of join in with Blogtober and blog every day in October – the first being today, of course! I don’t think I can follow all the prompts from the official challenge, so I’m just going to aim to put *something* up on this blog every day. Whilst to the untrained eye, that may not seem like a whole lot of work, but anyone who’s ever written a blog knows that’s quite a big commitment. But I think the time is right for a few reasons… 

I Need a Challenge 

I know you’re supposed to spend your days on maternity leave soaking up every precious moment with your baby, but it turns out those precious moments are interspersed with quite a few dull ones. Whilst it’s wonderful to spend time with Ben, he’s still sleeping an awful lot during the day, so I have quite a bit of time on my hands. I’m not someone who wishes they never had to go back to work; I already miss the challenge (and the camaraderie) of my job, but whilst I am the main carer of my tiny little one, I need to find some challenges and projects to keep my brain occupied that I can do at home. And since blogging is my main hobby, it’s the obvious first place to look for a new challenge – and what’s more challenging than going from an occasional blog post every now and again to completing one every day? This is definitely going to test my productivity and time management, but what better time than when I’m at home pretty much all the time?

I Want to Commit to Blogging 

I have invested a lot of time and a fair bit of money into this blog, but I’ve been unable to commit to it properly for various reasons so I often feel that it’s stagnated a little bit. Unsurprisingly, my blog tends to do better when I’m putting up content regularly but I haven’t kept that up for years – so here’s my chance to kickstart the whole process again. Blogging has been a hobby of mine for over ten years, and it really makes me happy. I don’t kid myself that it’s ever going to be my job (and I actually don’t think I would want it to be, even if the opportunity arose) but I do want to take it more seriously. I love the conversations and connections that blogging brings, so blogging more often will hopefully add even more to my life over the next month! 

I Want to Improve my Blogging Skills 

My attentions have very much been elsewhere over the past year (and even longer, if I’m honest) so my blogging skills are a little rusty. I can still knock out the words relatively easily, but all of the photography and social media stuff that comes alongside the writing could definitely do with some improvement. Whilst I don’t expect to become professional level within a month, getting back into the swing of things and forcing myself to do things that feel a little bit uncomfortable right now won’t go amiss when it comes to polishing those skills a little bit.

I Have A Lot of Ideas 

Or rather, I have about a month’s worth of ideas – so why not use them all at once? I don’t think that every one is a total winner but needing a new blog post every day will hopefully stop me from overthinking everything and just *get it done*. I’m not someone who often harks back to the ‘golden days’ of blogging, as I’m not sure that they really were as great as everyone likes to remember, but I definitely used to be less bothered about what I posted on my blog. There were years where I would blog almost every day, about anything that came into my head – and whilst that’s not sustainable long term, I do want to recapture a little bit of that spirit. I find that creativity often begets more creativity, so I’m crossing my fingers that as I go through the month I will have even more ideas and will be inspired to blog more regularly going forwards. 

I Want to Find A New Path 

As I have grown, so has my blog. For a while it was almost exclusively a food blog, and there were the days where I was eating out in Leeds much more often and that was reflected in my blog. But right now I am a new parent with new priorities, so whilst those things will always be a part of my blog, I’m hoping that by trying to blog every day for a month I’ll help myself find more of a voice and a direction for where I want to take this blog going forward. It’ll always be my personal diary of sorts, but that could take so many different angles and I’m excited to see what comes out. 

Are you ready? Let’s do this. 

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