Housekeeping: October

We’ve always been pretty good at keeping our things clean and tidy, but now that we’re homeowners there are even more tasks to add to the list to keep our house up to scratch. It’s easy to forget the bigger tasks that need doing just once or twice a year, so I thought I’d start sharing the things we’re doing each month to keep everything up and running, spic and span! 

Sort our Autumn / Winter Wardrobes 

Due to space issues, we store away our autumn/winter clothes during the summer and it’s getting to be time to get them back out again. So this month I’ll be shaking out all of our jumpers and coats, putting away shorts and summer dresses, and doing a general wardrobe declutter and tidy. This will also mean getting rid of maternity clothes for me (yay!) and checking which clothes no longer fit me. 

Get the Garden Ready for Winter 

We live next to a whole bunch of giant trees, which means that our gardens get covered in leaves at this time of year. Pretty for Instagram, not so good for the grass. So we’ll be using our new leaf blower thing to clear that all up before everything becomes a quagmire, and cutting the grass for one last time before winter. I’ll also be moving my pot plants to a less rain-logged position, if I can find one! (We do live in Leeds, after all). 

Have the Gutters Checked 

We’ve got a small patch of damp coming into the back of the house so we’ll be getting our gutters checked over to make sure that’s not the problem. All those aforementioned leaves could definitely be clogging stuff up, at the very least. This is probably good practice before the serious winter weather comes, no matter what the state of your gutters, though!  

Flip the Mattresses 

You’re supposed to do it once a year, but who ever remembers? This month I’m going to make sure I flip the mattresses on our bed and the spare bed for extra snuggly sleep on these dark nights. 

Clean Out the Freezers & Restock 

I stocked up our freezers (we also have one in the garage for a bit of extra storage) with various bits and pieces before Ben was born, and whilst a lot of those meals were helpful in the early days, there are definitely some bits lingering that either need eating up or chucking away. A little freezer audit will help me see what we’ve got in and maybe what we need to add for some lazy evenings in the future. Freezer cookies, anyone? 

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  • Always freezer cookies! This is such a good idea. There are always those niggling chores that I don’t *really* want to do, but that need to be done, and putting them out there is a great way to get accountability. So in that spirit, I really need to clear up the leaves outside, pull up the weeds in front of the door and clean the windows!