7 Blogs I Read Everyday

Mikayla Mallek

I think I maybe like reading blogs even more than I like writing one. I’ve been reading blogs for well over ten years, from back when blogs were more like online diaries and my friends thought I was weird for liking them (I kind of feel a bit smug that blogging became so big… I always knew it was great). Many of my favourites from then are now defunct whilst still others have moved onto pastures new, old monikers forgotten in favour of slicker, fancier websites. Times have changed, man. But I do still love to read blogs and will forever recommend my favourites to you – which is exactly what this post is about! I follow a lot of blogs but when my Feedly gets too full I will often skip over other posts and head straight to those from my very favourites… 

Captain Awkward

If you’ve ever come to me with a problem, I have probably either recommended this blog to you, or regurgitated advice that I read on there. I know without a doubt that reading Captain Awkward religiously for the past few years has made both me and Paul better people. I am more compassionate and understanding, better at setting and keeping boundaries, stronger in my communication. And I didn’t even write in with a question! (Although I have been tempted to on a couple of occasions…). I have always loved an agony aunt column, and this truly is the kindest and best one out there on the Internet. It will change your life, I guarantee it. 

Joy the Baker

If you like delicious things, and I’ll bet you do, then Joy the Baker is the one for you. She is a truly delightful human who champions butter and sugar, drops pop culture references into her recipes and is an expert at making pies. I have made many of her recipes and they have all turned out excellently. I often find one of her recipes pops up in my feed and I am inspired to make it that very same day, such is the delectability of her food photography and writing. Her books are also often pulled down from my shelves, and her Instagram Stories have convinced me that she *needs* a cooking show. 

Sophie Cliff

Sophie is kind of an old-school blogger, in that she is all about the writing. Whilst her photos are pretty, too, if you want something juicy to read every day then you need to get yourself over to her blog. She shares everything from honest life updates to travel diaries and fashion posts so you’re bound to find something you love there. She’s relentlessly positive, even in the face of adversity, unfailingly honest and just a generally all round lovely lady. Her blog feels like catching up over coffee, which makes it the perfect morning read!

Hannah Gale

I know I’m not the only one who loves Hannah’s blog; she was named Blogosphere Magazine’s Blogger of the Year after all. If you’ve not visited her blog then you’re very behind the times; her writing style is so refreshing and her flat lays are always on point. Hers is a true lifestyle blog, with everything from nostalgic lists and interiors to beauty & fashion posts, updates on mental health to easy recipes and musings on this online space we all occupy. She’s currently pregnant and I’m really looking forward to her posts on motherhood as I’m sure they’ll be as funny, honest and heart-warming as all of her others. 

Oh My, I’m Inspired

I am biased because Jess is my sort-of-sister-in-law but I absolute adore her blog. I have always admired that Jess has such a strong sense of self, and it really comes across in what she blogs about. She’s recently discovered minimalism, which has been so interesting to follow along with, and dedicates her time to charitable efforts and a bit of knitting. All of which are relevant to my interests – and if they are relevant to yours, too, you need to check her out. I’m also very in awe of her strong aesthetic – I need to get on that myself! 

A Beautiful Mess

I’m not a religious reader of this blog, but it’s one I come back to time and time again. If you’ve been around the Internet, I’m sure you’ve come across this mega-blog run by sisters Elsie and Emma. One of the original and best, they’ve got a team writing recipes, craft projects, fashion posts, interiors updates and plenty more besides but it’s their personal posts that I always love best. Elsie is currently in the process of adopting her daughter from China, and I’ll definitely be following along as they bring her home. 

Yes and Yes

Last, but certainly not least, Yes and Yes is written by Sarah, who is who I want to be when I grow up (even though she’s not all that much older than I am…). It’s smart, funny, and full of great, practical advice for women who want to be kinder to themselves and the world. I love her True Stories interviews on Mondays and I have so much time for hearing about how Sarah has designed a life that she truly loves. Her archives are full of gold, so if you’ve got some free time then I would recommend a delve into them! 

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  • Ahhhh, Amy, thank you so much for including my blog and for the very lovely words! x

  • You are so kind! Thank you so much for featuring me in this list – these are some incredible people to be alongside. Also, you inspire me so much as a blogger that I have you to thank for my commitment to it / my desire to always return, so thank you for that. And thank you again, because the kind things you said about me here gave me the inspiration and motivation to come up with the final topics for blogtober, because I was really struggling to fill this last week! In conclusion, you’re the best. X

  • Ooh thanks for these suggestions. I love Hannah Gale and Sophie Cliff too – they are both daily reads for me. Some of these blogs are new to me so I’m off to have a read 🙂