September 2017

Feeling so much joy every time Ben smiles. 

Obsessing over using the One Second Everyday app. 

Watching the Baywatch movie and enjoying it as much as I knew I would. 

Rewatching Gossip Girl and The Gilmore Girls. There’s a lot of time for Netflix right now.

Visiting my aunt’s house (for maybe the last time before they knock it down and build an incredible new one!). 

Singing all sorts of silly songs. Alice the Camel is a current favourite… 

Surviving my first night solo with Benjamin. 

Booking a getaway in January on a whim with some of our best pals. 

Finding a rhythm to my days with Ben. We’re starting to get the hang of this… 

Learning to make pasta at Leeds Cookery School (more on this soon!). 

Packing away Benjamin’s 0-3 month clothes and…

Getting out all of his 3-6 months stuff, already! 

Going on some mammoth walks! Gotta get out of the house somehow… 

Closing my eyes whilst Ben had his first set of injections. He was a total champ, though.

Buying my first ever pair of Levi jeans. They’re worth every penny. 

Celebrating the wedding of two sweet friends in Newcastle.  

Planning to blog every day in October. Wish my luck! 

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