One Month with Benjamin

I think this is the part where I’m supposed to express surprise that Benjamin is one month old today, but in truth it feels as if he’s been with us forever. Whilst I know in my head that the random mish mash of genetic material could have given us any baby, my heart feels as though it was always him, as if he was just waiting in the wings for the right moment to join us. 

We have been blessed with a relatively easy and chilled out baby. He may not always be this way, but he has definitely eased our transition to parenthood for us. I am so proud of how he is adapting to the world; I can see every day how he is learning and progressing and it is so impressive to me. 

The first couple of weeks were overwhelming for sure, and there have been momentary wobbles since but overall I think we’re all doing pretty well, especially when you think that our whole world has changed so suddenly and completely. There are moments where I am frustrated and tired and daunted, but they are swiftly followed by moments where my heart could burst for the cuteness and sweetness of my little babe (for like all new mums, I am convinced that my son is the cutest and sweetest of all). 

In just one month I feel as though I know him inside out; his silly little faces, how he likes to be held, his squawks and gurgles. But at the same time I feel as though he is a stranger to me; there is still so much more to come and I really can’t wait… 

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