Welcoming Benjamin into the world (at last!).

Spending 60 hours in labour… but only 4 hours in hospital, which counts as a win to me. 

Crying more in one week than I have all year. 

Feeling a bit overwhelmed but so proud of my little man. 

Receiving so many messages and so much love.

Enjoying our last solo date night for a while at Roast + Conch

Finishing the blanket I started knitting in January – just in time! 

Deleting my work emails from my phone – and feeling a bit bereft. No more work in 2017! 

Trying my hand at some modern calligraphy, and totally getting the hype. 

Catching up on podcasts – I can’t keep up with all my favourites! 

Eating sushi for the first time in months. It tastes even better than I remember! 

Missing a lot of sleep but doing okay. 

Googling every little thing to do with pregnancy, birth and newborns. 

Staring at his face for hours, not really convinced that he is ours to keep. 

Reading some incredible books.

Taking a lot of deep breaths. 

How about you?

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  • Alexandra Louise

    I agree with everything you say the taste of foods you could not eat for 9 months taste amazing. The sleepless nights you really don’t mind because one look at your little human and all it right with the world as your love grows more and more every time you see them.