Neutral Nursery Inspiration

(Photo Source: Tarina Lyell)

Now that we’ve got past the 20 week scan, and also almost finished our boring DIY bits in the house (just need some new carpet on the stairs now!), I get to start thinking about the fun stuff – like the nursery! Baby will be in with us for the first few months (we’re leaning towards the Snuzpod for our room) but I still want to get the nursery set up as much as possible. Partly because I have time on my hands now – a luxury I’m sure won’t always apply – and partly because we’ll need somewhere to put his *stuff* so it makes sense to get it sorted now. 

Throughout the house, we’ve got fairly neutral decor and I’d like the nursery – smallest room though it may be – to be the same. The walls are white and the carpet is grey so that’ll stay the same, but I do want to add some little pops of personality. I always shoot for minimalist, Scandi decor, but my love of colour just gets in the way (remind me to show you our pink & yellow living room when it’s finished). I love Tarina’s teal and peach theme (above) – it feels like the perfect balance of neutral with a bit of personality so I’ll definitely be on the lookout for a few bits in those shades. 

(Photo Source – Clockwise from Top Left: Unknown / Sunshine & Vodka / Line Melbye / Penelope Home / Little Look / J for Jen)

We won’t have a lot of space for furniture – probably just a cot and a chest of drawers with a changing mat on top – so it’s down to accessories to bring some life into the room. I love the idea of a cloud theme, and that hot-air-balloon mobile is absolutely darling. There will, of course, need to be space for books and we’ve got quite a lot of wall space for prints to play with, so I’ve been merrily pinning away with things I’d like to fill the room with. Of course, it’s easy to carry away with baby things – everything is so cute – so balancing style with cost is definitely going to be a factor (those cloud cushions are £50, so that’s not going to happen…), but I’m up for the challenge! 


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