The Friday Five

[Photo by David Straight]

Do you know how some weeks you feel like you’re constantly chasing your tail? That is me, right now. But it’s all for good reasons – this weekend we attended the beautiful wedding of two of our wonderful friends in Sheffield, which was, as always, a lot of fun and, of course, I cried in the speeches (I wasn’t the only one!). However, I don’t think Pregnant Amy can do 1am bedtimes; I felt hungover all of Sunday even without touching a drop of delicious wine, which seems remarkably unfair to me. On Tuesday night we went to see the delightful Josie Long at The Wardrobe; I cried with laughter on more than one occasion. If you like leftie feminist comedy with a big dash of optimism and whimsy (which I certainly do), then you should definitely check out her work. On Wednesday it was down to London for a client meeting, and a little trip to Dishoom for dinner (oh my god, you guys, it was ruddy delicious). And then yesterday I convinced two colleagues to join me at The Blog Squad talk with Sara, all about Instagram. So, what I’m saying is that I’m very ready for a weekend of brunching and celebrating my baby sister’s 20th birthday! What have you got planned for your weekend days? 






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  • Thanks for sharing my post lovely lady! x

  • Joy’s new book comes out on my birthday. It’s like it is meant to be!

    • Perfect timing! Very excited to get my hands on it, for sure.