The Friday Five

[Photo by Veronika Homchis]

Hey pals! Hasn’t this felt like a really long week? It is weird how time is stretchy; some weeks just fly past and then others draaaggg along. This week I’ve been hanging out with friends and their tiny babies (so fun!), watching Friends with Better Lives (I’m weirdly obsessed with shows with James Van Der Beek in at the moment) and reading a couple of romance novels by Tessa Dare (A Week to Be Wicked and Any Duchess Will Do – loved them both). So it’s been pretty quiet, which is maybe the reason for time slowing itself down for me.

I think it’s also messing with me because our scan is in 12 days and I am entirely impatient to find out the sex of our baby. It’s hard to not make all of these weekly updates about being pregnant, but that’s the thing that is most front and centre in my life right now. I thought I felt the baby moving for the first time this week (it was a lot like being poked from the inside, which is a bit trippy) but nothing since so maybe it was just wishful thinking and my body playing tricks on me. Just tell me to shut up if the baby stuff is annoying you – I know it’s only really super interesting to me, the actually pregnant one! 

Other than that, I’m just looking forward to a lovely wedding in Sheffield this weekend (I finally found a dress!) – weddings are my favourite. How about you? 

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