The Friday Five

[Photo by Brooke Lark]

Hey there! Hope you’ve been having a lovely week. I’ve been pretty busy with various bits and pieces, including a wonderful macrame class at Stitch Up on Tuesday night with my colleagues. It was easier than I thought (isn’t it always, when someone who knows what they’re doing shows you?) but it got me thinking a lot about my relationship with crafting and creativity. Which basically means, expect an introspective post about that soon! In pregnancy news (do I ever have any other kind nowadays?), I also had an appointment with the midwife – all healthy and fine for now – and my bump has popped out enough that I’ve just about grown out of all of my clothes (or at least, the important things like jeans and skirts and dresses – baggy jumpers I’ll probably be able to wear forever). As I write this, I’m having a bit of a nightmare finding an outfit for a wedding we’re going to next week – I’m too small for maternity and too big for ‘straight’ sizes, so I’ve ordered about a million things from ASOS in a variety of sizes in the hopes that one of them works for me. Pregnant pals (or previously pregnant pals) – how did you deal with this inbetweeny stage?! I’m surrendering to the leggings for the everyday, but that’s not always practical for work or events. Side note: maternity leggings are the best invention ever, and I will probably not go back to regular ones ever. Other than that, I’m looking forward to a lazy weekend with a pre-Valentine’s date night thrown in. How about you guys? 


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  • New look are pretty good for maternity clothing (online only annoyingly, most of the ranges are). They had a particular good set of extender clothing – a bump cover, long vest and maternity leggings (my son is 19 months and I still love my maternity leggings!) Personally I found it easier in the summer as Maxi dresses are fab for bumps, and any slightly looser dress still works. It was also kind of lovely wearing clothes that were supposed to show off your tummy, especially after years of hiding it!

    • Thanks lovely – I’ll have to check out New Look. I think most places only stock maternity clothes online, which is frustrating as part of the problem is not knowing what will fit. Definitely looking forward to the maxi dress stage – I plan on buying a whole bunch and then just living in them!