The Friday Five

[Photo by Kai Oberhäuser

I’ve been writing my Weekend Link Love posts for years now, so I’m thinking it might be time for a little shake up! So this year, I’ll be sharing much of the same stuff, with just five of my favourite posts from the previous week – all on a Friday (hence the name, of course!). We’ll see how it goes, shall we? 

I hope you’ve all had fantastic first weeks of the year! I started off with a rather nasty cold that left me useless for three days, but now I’m back to almost full health and getting ready to get stuck into all my good intentions. I haven’t eaten a vegetable in weeks (or at least, it feels like it) so I’m ready to get back into the kitchen, for sure. I’m quite glad all the Christmas decorations are down, and the presents are put away – it’s time to get back to a little bit of normalcy. And to start planning what I want to do for my birthday at the end of the month! 

  1. Gem’s Halloumi Rainbow Salad is exactly what I want to be eating right now. 
  2. 2016 might go down as the year that the feminist bubble burst. God, I hope not. 
  3. 10 blogger bedrooms to give you serious interiors inspo. 
  4. Ghosbusters ‘failed’ because of angry men. Passengers is failing because women are sick of misogynistic storylines. We need to talk about that
  5. As someone who has lived in Yorkshire for five years now, this list is pretty damn accurate

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  • That Slate article got me mad, sad and frustrated. I don’t even know where feminism goes in 2017. It’s going to be an interesting ride! x

  • Mmmmmm that halloumi salad is definitely what I want to eat for my lunch next week! x
    Sophie Cliff

  • I write these lists on my blog on Friday too, Amy, and I love doing them! It’s a good way to show some of the things that have stuck in your mind, isn’t it? And it’s nice to celebrate other people’s content too.

    🙂 Thank you for pointing me in the direction of the 10 blogger bedrooms post… I enjoyed the sneaky peak into other people’s rooms!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend,